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Update: May 17 @ 3:12pm

Update 2.2.8

### Added
- Added additional check to the Lanius as a army chief so he becomes available as soon as he is a general.
- Added bypass to Caesars Legion focus The Brotherhood of Steel so if you own their lands already it will bypass.

### Changed
- Made it so the Brotherhood of Mars can't join the Brotherhood of Steel faction.
- Added new Isolationist trait that makes the leader not wish to join any faction through diplomatic means.
- Renamed Brotherhood of Steel faction to Western Brotherhood of Steel.
- Previous dislikes_brotherhood_of_steel trait was renamed to dislikes_western_brotherhood_of_steel, and a new dislikes_brotherhood_of_steel' trait has been created that applies to ALL Brotherhood groups.
- Changed Utah Pantheon so countries can't select their goal till they have completed the second focus for the Pantheon.

### Fixed
- Fixed error in the Desert Rangers focus tree that have them wargoals on Caesars Legion instead of the Vipers.
- Fixed Vulpes not having the correct stats.
- Fixed Chichen Itza gamerule for Clara not having a description.
- Fixed The New Gods utah event options having a broken tooltip.
- Fixed event An offer from the Brotherhood description typos.
- Fixed typo in New California Republic focus Fortifying the Capital.
- Fixed Leonardo Mora field marshal stats from the Republic of the Rio Grande focus tree not being correct.
- Fixed power Armour units being so tiny.
- Fixed broken localization in the Utah Pantheon.

Update: May 11 @ 6:11am

Update 2.2.7

### Added
- Added a custom leader to the Two Suns.
- Added new flag for undesirable and Mutant recruitment laws so submods can turn off the generic ones.
- Added Huangdi (The Emperor) to the OST.
- Added new custom art for the New Canaan LMG fireteam technology/equipment.
- Added impassable checks to the New California Republic Mojave Brotherhood of Steel border war decisions so they can't happen in states that are impassable.
- Added a new scripted trigger all_core_land_controlled_by_prev_sphere works just like all_core_land_owned_by_prev_sphere but checks if you control all their land rather then own which means it can be used to see if you, your puppets, or your allies fully occupy a country but are still at war.
- Added a missing vanilla element to the mapicon gui for training will stop at max icon for Air wings.
- Added in dependency stuff to the OWB modding readme file.
- Added icons to many of the stats for units/equipment.
- Added bypasses to all wargoal focuses that didn't have them bypassing if you met the requirements of mainly you or your allies or puppets owning their land excluding a few focuses that needed more checks.
- Added enforcer tech to USA history file.
- Added several missing unlock techs to the scripted effect that transfer technologies between nations.
- Added support for generating submod faction tracking code.
- Added the Enduring trait to Tabitha so she has 2 on creation.
- Added dont_add_specials_loser to any event/focus unit leaders that are missing it.
- Added additional info on setting up the system for ignoring random special trait assignment for submodders/us in the OWB README.
- Added gamerule for Dismantle Faction with three options currently:
- Allowed
- All factions can be dismantled
- No Starter Factions
- All factions that exist on game start can not be dismantled but any other faction can be
- Blocked
- No factions can be dismantled.
- Added Automation tech to Dredgers.

### Changed
- Reworked the requirements to joining factions.
- Countries can no longer ask to join factions if that country's leader dislikes that faction; notably, this prevents House from joining the Legion.
- Many factions have new conditions for membership through diplomatic action - focus tree/event based actions ignore these restrictions.
- Brotherhood factions require prospects to be human, not raiders, and either advanced or civilized with an intellectuals government.
- Caesar's Legion requires prospects to be human, not advanced, and not have either a people or intellectuals government.
- Children of the Gate require prospects to be civilized.
- Enclave factions require prospects to be human and civilized.
- NCR and Phoenix Federation require prospects not to be raiders.
- Los Ninos de Mexico requires prospects to be Mexican nations.
- Northern League requires prospects not to be super mutants or have a people government.
- A trigger checking if a state is in the Greater Mojave Desert; this includes states in the starting setup of the following countries:
- Ashton
- Dam Busters
- The Fiends
- Great Khans
- Hopeville
- Mojave Raiders
- New Vegas
- Shady Sands
- Death Valley
- Northwestern Mojave
- Southwestern Mojave
- Randsburg
- Sky Reavers
- Area 6
- Area 51
- Coyote Springs
- Desert Pass
- Twisted Hairs
- Mojave Alliance can now accept countries as members that don't border a current faction member if they have a core state within the borders of the Greater Mojave Desert. This is mostly useful when using game rules that split up countries in the area on game start.
- Changed Beltran-Levyan, Paz Bandits, Valle Bandits, Free Fighters, Sinaloa Cartel, The Viceroyalty, Imperio Mexicano, Excan Tlahtoloyan, Tlalocan, and several cosmetic tags into their spanish equivalent.
- Changed the name of The Forum to El Foro.
- Changed los Ej�rcito Mexicano to el Ej�rcito Mexicano.
- Changed tooltip for second option in Terrible Tuesday to let you know you will play as Lanius.
- Removed the state flags for is_impassable and used the new 1.9.1 trigger to check if a state is impassable or not.
- Changed Crush Petro Chico focus for Chichen Itza to allow you to take it even if Petro Chico doesn't exist if you don't own all their core land but bypass if you do.
- Changed Enforce Military Rule focus for Chichen Itza to require you to own all their core land to take it.
- Changed Crush Ejercito Mexicano focus to not require them to exist but bypass if you own all their core land also made it give proper wargoals of Demand territory decisions if someone else owns their land.
- Changed the code for not applying random SPECIAL traits to use a trait assigned manually instead of using the ID's for better compatibility with submods. See OWB MODDING README in the OWB files for more info.
- Changed Police Protectron build cost from 11.7 to 22.
- Changed RNG so bankruptcy chance is lower.
- Changed a bunch of wargoal effects to use the scripted_effects and scripted_triggers we implemented some time ago.
- Changed check in New Reno focus The Klamath Deal to use new scripted triggers.
- Changed all allwaystransparent references to alwaystransparent.
- Changed the operative leader gui to match the vanilla version adding in dismissal buttons.
- Adjusted unitview.gui to match vanilla code.
- Adjusted base caps unit cost making units 33% cheaper.
- Adjusted bankruptcy event restarting economy to be 10% rarer and be less harsh.
- Updated the should_initiate_resistance to match new vanilla triggers.
- Reenabled the New California Republic civil war as the 1.9.1 official patch fixed the broken effects and change the Enclave faction for Dayglow.
- Changed Broken Coasts undesirable law to raiders.
- Changed unit leaders and admirals to use the new stat formula, skill*2+2.
- Changed base combat width on fights to be 60 and additional added combat width to be 20.
- Reduced how often aces are generated and killed by a factor of 10.
- Gave the Nations of the New California Republic civil war cores on all New California Republic land.
- Updated Operation files with the vanilla changes to effects.
- Buffed Kinckaid.
- Aztlans now receive advisors.
- Changed Tlaloc's on_daily to be specific to him so only his nation ever uses it.

### Fixed
- Fixed a broken tooltip in the Ranger Deployment focus.
- Fixed Hanlon misspelled in the Ranger Deployment focus.
- Fixed typos in the Crowd Control Gear technology description.
- Fixed a typo in the party description for the Constitutional Republic type of people ideology.
- Fixed typo in Glider tech description.
- Fixed typo in Retaking Rattletail focus description.
- Fixed typo in Construction Basics tech description.
- Fixed typo in Origin of the Gang event description.
- Fixed the use of in term of instead of in terms of in tech descriptions.
- Fixed typo in Ranger Unification Treaty idea description.
- Fixed typo in War Propaganda decisions description.
- Fixed typo in Work as Needed Technology description.
- Fixed error when Raising Militia against the Texas Arms Association as the Republic of the Rio Grande not granting you cores on the land you raised militia in.
- Fixed Spawning Militia for Paullus spawning them in the wrong state.
- Fixed Chichen Itza focus Enhanced Landing Forces and Increase Naval Capabilities not giving you the right techs if you don't own the Man the Guns DLC.
- Fixed Western Brotherhood of Steel focus Common Ground with Savages bypass to use the right effect so if you own all their land it will bypass.
- Fixed caps idea not having localization.
- Fixed 3D issues with older models.
- Fixed Sorrows having a manpower idea they can't start with in their history file.
- Fixed the fix that added a naval base to The Warren not actually doing that.
- Fixed the Silicon Valley Expedition event being spelled wrong.

This is all that fits here, if you want to see the rest, you can check our discord.

Update: Apr 10 @ 5:18pm

Update 2.2.6

### Fixed
- Fixed an issue with the new Legion changes accidentally giving Caesar a massive Power Armour tech bonus at game start. Legionclave is fucking DEAD!

Update: Apr 10 @ 1:17pm

Update 2.2.5

### Changed
- Heavily reduced stability bonuses related to the government rework.
- Rebalanced New Vegas. House now starts with a large conscriptable manpower malus. You can go through the Benny route to remove some of this malus and the kings route to remove it entirely.
- Rebalanced the NCR. Given a national spirit and a new focus related to Power Armour usage. They are now buffed in their spec ops research, but have worse power armour research to compensate.
- Changed Rejection of Automation idea to now reduce Power Armour research.
- Press Laws now have effects related to Compliance and Resistance.
- Mirelurk Tribe is buffed, they now gain 4 Dockyard's from one of their initial focuses.
- The Warren state now starts with a naval base.
- Moved the conversion icon for Heaven's Gate out of the resource grid to the top left of the state view.
- Commander K'Een threatened the development team with anal probing if we didn't buff him tremendously. Now Commander K'Een when spawned comes with a few "Cheese" supressant machines to help prevent him from being annexed early into his breakout war. Please don't hurt us oh sexy Zetan overlord

### Fixed
- Fixed a minor error involving CRA's country file.
- Fixed Lanius not being created for the Legion during the events/focuses that should spawn him.
- Fixed Bone Dancer focus tree still having a April Fools focus visible without the gamerules enabled.
- Fixed position of a few focuses for the April Fools tree.
- Fixed Equestria event being linked to the wrong focus due to how the New California Republic tree is coded.
- Fixed Reno Focus An Ode to Rats so Reno can properly invite Vault City.
- Fixed a Intelligence Agency icon being linked to the base game Sweden tag.
- Fixed Downfall events giving the original owner two options as you technically count as being in a faction with yourself.
- Fixed Bone Dancer focus tree still having a April Fools focus visible without the gamerules enabled.
- Fixed position of a few focuses for the April Fools tree.

### Removed
- Removed a Equestria related load screen.
- Removed the New California Civil war from firing due it being broken.
- Removed unused localization strings from the fallout_map_l_english file in a attempt to negate a strange localization issue a user was having.

Update: Apr 4 @ 7:17am

Update 2.2.4

### Added
- Added new art for the radio stations.
- Added Localisation to the Enforcer upgrade technologies.

### Changed
- Changed Equestria Event to fire 12 days after the third focus in the New California Republic's focus tree just like the Kaiser's event is setup.
- Changed the April Fools gamerules to be off by default.
- Changed The Doctor and Synthetic Dawn to be disabled by default again.
- Changed Main Menu background and Logo to Utah versions.

### Fixed
- Fixed Air Attack for Lasers from 108 to 10.

Update: Apr 1 @ 7:28am

Update 2.2.3

### Fixed
- Fixed Equestria game rule not disabling them appearing.
- Fixed broken texture on pony models.
- Fixed Lanius using settler laws.
- Fixed Lanius not using Legion portraits.

Update: Apr 1 @ 5:52am

Update 2.2.2

### Added
- Added Localization for several industry technologies.
- Added back in operative traits.
- Added bypasses to the Western Brotherhood Focuses that have to do with San Jose for the Shattered gamerule giving it to the Shi at start so it bypasses the one requiring that state if you don't own it.
- Added localization for flags for government checks.
- Added invite_to_FACTION series of effects; the AI will currently ALWAYS accept these. Intended for usage in focus trees; may add a bare minimum opinion check later but will likely always bypass strength ratio/distance checks.
- Added tooltips to ask_to_join_FACTION scripted effect.
- Added invite_to_[from,prev,root]_faction and ask_to_join_[from,prev,root] faction to allow dynamic use of invite_to_FACTION. The invite_to_[from,prev,root]_faction and ask_to_join_[from,prev,root] faction still show a tooltip if the target country isn't currently in a faction to make player focus tree planning less surprising; otherwise a focus might not list any effects at all.
- Added bypass to War in Heaven focus for High Chapel if you already own all Heaven's Gate territory.
- Added documentation on how to disable our government laws to the modding readme file.
- Added factions Whiet Sands Compact and Phoenix Republic for Red Sun Republic and Phoenix Republic respectively for shattered legion gamerule.
- Added in Broken gamerules for New Canaan, Eighties, and White Legs.
- Broken Eighties are replaced with Noemen Tribe, Protectron Scurity Hub, and Wendover Republic. The gamerule also gives Noement Tribe and Protectron Security Hub 2000 manpower and 3 slots/factories to their capitals.
- Broken White Legs gives half of the White Legs territory to Frisco city but keeps the White Legs around.
- Broken New Canaan sees them replaced with Brigham Barons and Farfield Warband.
- White Legs focus tree will adjust somewhat to a missing Eighties or New Canaan based on the gamerules you choose. Mainly wargoals are shifted to the new owners of those territories.
- Added Frisco City to the map as cores in White Legs territory and edited their color to stand out more.
- Added the Senator's Little Helpers faction to the faction system.
- Added bypasses to North Pole Enclaves focuses for a Naughty North Pole Enclave.
- Added some missing requirements for Nice/Naughty Idea for their respective branches.
- Added Enforcers mainly for use in Garrisons.
- Added music to the base mod. This includes the Teams OST for Old World blues, Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 1, Fallout 2, and the Fallout 3 OST's.
- Added in AI operation strategy stuff from vanilla.
- Added in operative on_actions from vanilla that triggers events and such when operatives are captured/killed.
- Added in the events for the operative on_actions for captured/killed.
- Added flags to the development projects so you can't run more then one at a time.
- Added trigger to the New California Republic Brotherhood of Steel war so it doesn't fire if you used the Shattered New California Republic game rule.
- Added flag to coring buttons to allow people to have their nations use the Tlaloc coring button instead of the base coring button. Doesn't change the name so it still says chico-net. Might be something we look into getting changed at a later date.
- Added compliance/resistance requirement to Tlaloc coring button as well.
- Added check to the effect that adds the sick trait for generals to allow us/modders to stop generals getting sick for specific nations.
- Added research bonus to Motorized tech for Wheelmother's Garage to match other companies.
- New Game Rule: The Zetan Invasion! Relive the original Old World Blues April Fools event easily from a simple game rule toggle.
- New Game Rule: The Kaiser's Return! How will the Wasteland react to Kaiser Wilhelm switching places with Caesar?
- New Game Rule: Harmony and Unity! Things get strange when magic enters the wasteland.
- The previous Area 51 game rule has been turned to 'disabled' by default, and a new secret option has been enabled in its place.

### Changed
- Changed New California Republic templates so there isn't several templates of the same units.
- Made it so Making Baja From the The Baja Integration Act focus gives them the custom New California Republic puppet tree.
- Republic of the Rio Grande now uses invite_to_root_faction to invite FFI, allowing players to reject the invitation. The news event now fires from on_add_rio_pact_effects.
- Republic of the Rio Grande now uses invite_to_root_faction for their focus pulling in Northern Mexico.
- Changed Attack the 80s decision to account for puppets and alliances.
- Changed Noemen Tribe to use Ghoul models.
- Changed Brigham Barons and Farfield Warband to both be Mormon nations. Even if that check is basically never used.
- Cleaned up many tooltips for North Pole Enclaves focuses and tightened up their war goals to account for alliances/puppet relations.
- Changed New Calfornia Republic focus Experimental Armour to no longer give Stripper Power Armor tech but give a research boost for it instead.
- Changed Rio Chapters map name from the Rio Chapter to just Rio Chapter to match the other Brotherhoods on the map.
- Technology balance 2.0. Reworked, reballanced and adjusted every single unit and equipment in mod.
- Increased Gecko and Vault City state populations.
- Changed our operation localization to be in the replace folder and only replace those we changed incase they do work on it we want to bring over so we don't need to check the file every time.
- Changed the Expel the Riff Raff decision to give you 14% stability instead of 7% after it's effect completes.
- Changed countries name file to overwrite vanilla countries loc file.
- The "Shi Chapter" has been renamed to the San Francisco chapter, otherwise unchanged.
- The Timelord and Synthetic Dawn Game Rules have been temporarily set to on by default.

### Fixed
- Fixed a issue with a wrongly named trigger in diplomacy triggers.
- Fixed description for Bunker Codes focus for the Republic of the Rio Grande.
- Fixed Troll Warren Betty, Pittman, and Bonesnarl advisor images being a blue tint.
- Fixed there being double declaration of some minister images.
- Fixed Wall of Jericho decision requiring a state from the Twisted Hairs.
- Fixed stats for laws, mainly conscription and trade, being in the wrong place.
- Fixed some instances of lower case OR's, AND's, and NOT's as that has proven to cause issues on Macs running the mod.
- Fixed Chichen Itza focus The Labor Lords of Puerto Vallaits having a typo in the description.
- Fixed Chichen Itza focus Resume Military Duties not creating the military leader as advertised.
- Fixed Mountain Hawk advisor for New Canaan requiring Tar Walkers to be a puppet of the Dead Horses instead of New Canaan.

### Removed
- Removed left over Legion troops if you enable the Legion Shattered gamerule.
- Removed Upgrade for the Spy Academy that boosts ideology and propaganda missions.

Update: Mar 8 @ 4:00pm

Update 2.2.1

### Added
- Added a Coring Cost Cap to the tooltip for coring so people don't get confused when it is lower then the math.
- Added is_not_chiconet_nation trigger.
- Added intelligence defense bonus to Brotherhood Bunker Blues idea.
- Added a Fallback section to the country alias tags just in case.
- Added a militia template to every nations starting templates for garrison.
- Added intel leaks to trade laws depending on how open you are.
- Added a buff to resistance squashing to tribal nations.
- Added extra information to the Coring Mechanic Tutorial to mention the Political Power cap and the compliance and resistance needs.
- Added trigger to the development decisions to make sure you have the factories for them.
- Added resistance and intel stuff to White Legs ideas.
- Added scripted_triggers for all the laws we currently have to allow submodders/us to disable them for certain nations and the like with a country flag.
- Added localization for cost_factor for the new types of advisors.

### Changed
- Changed Vertibird and Xian tech to longer be boostable by air experience and not receive bonuses from base air categories to bring them in line with the change to Gauss and Plasma Weaponry.
- Increase resource cost for Anti Tank slightly.
- Rebalanced Anti Tank stats to be less effective due to it being Superior to Fireteams.
- Moved followers stuff to the new on_monthly on_action.
- Moved caps monthly stuff to the on_monthly on_action.
- Tlaloc will now only check his enemies as potential deterrance targets for targeted decision purposes.
- Tlaloc's asset protection protocol is marked as a good thing so it looks less ominous when 'failed', as its the expected outcome 99.9% of the time.
- Updated the chiconet_nation trigger with tooltips.
- Switched Warrior and Militia training localization.
- Reduction to Planning bonuses.
- Increased costs of building fortifications.
- Additional work on AI use of occupation laws.
- More work on bring Resistance in line with how the developers want it to be.
- Changed the Legion focus War for Hoover Dam to be available if any member of the New California Republic owns the hoover dam and not just the New California Republic.
- Changed how the Brotherhood of Steel does the Umbra Annexation by adding compliance to the Umbra states when they peacefully accept the Annexation.

### Fixed
- Capitalized Eighties in the Thunderbird focus.
- Fixed Support Companies being added in the wrong way making them invisible on the division designer.
- Fixed compliance so it doesn't produce over 100% factories and resources.
- Fixed New Renos focuses so they can't get New Reno at 25 slots so quickly.
- Fixed support companies so they don't effect the division speed.
- Fixed the Legion keeping Joshua as a advisor when New Canaan falls.
- Minor fix for the units stats view having a view of the template and having support clip through the normal units.
- Fixed the state resource display grid not showing over 4 resources.
- Fixed a few localization issue with operative stuff due to how we replaced the strings.
- Fixed compliance level Voluntary Fighters having a typo.
- Fixed Tlaloc Protection Protocol having a button even though it's a mission.
- Fixed trait icons being off due to having a random declaration of the spriteType even when we don't edit it.
- Fixed Capitol Hill Downfall event using the wrong tags for it's triggers.

### Removed
- Removed the Collaboration operations for now.
- Removed duplicate prerequisite in Boulder City Salvage focus for the Legion.
- Removed Securitrons from the Protection Hub nation.
- Removed our fake on_monthly stuff.
- Removed two old useless ai strategies, resist_legion_imperialism, and resist_NCR_imperialism.
- Removed old volunteer AI files for AI.
- Removed is super mutant nation trigger from Vault City check in the New Reno focus An Ode to Rats since Vault City is no longer a super mutant nation when going The Brain.
- Removed logs from follower events.
- Removed Decisions for recruiting spys in continents not currently in use.

Update: Mar 3 @ 3:14pm

Update 2.2

### Added
- Added a new control to prevent Santa Anna from guaranteeing Rio if he is at war with them.
- Added generic advisors to Aztlan.
- Made Jacobstown releasable at game start with settler tree.
- Added checks to stop multiple AI peace plans from running at once and only apply in approriate wars.
- Added two new decisions for the White Legs, a wargoal against the eighties, and a way to boost people support.
- Added extra checks to New Canaan decisions so they don't appear if the nation it affects doesn't exist.
- Added custom localization for more, if not all, cosmetic weaponry in the tech tree.
- Added in the Custom Division Names submod allowing the divisions you create to have whatever name the template was instead of default names.
- Added a extra check to the Nation Supports the Rabble event so it only fires against nations with 5 or more slaves.
- Compatbility with 1.9 and La Resistance DLC.
- Custom Compliance, Resistance, and Occupation laws/levels.
- Added flags to Occupation/Compliance/Resistance stuff so submodders can turn off our generic ones if they wish to make custom ones for their speicifc nations.
- Added a new starting idea to the Shi to highlight their unique Air focus.
- Added flags to allow submodders to opt out of puppet events.

### Changed
- Changed trade law to free trade and Legalized drugs for CAF.
- Changed Press law for the New California Republic to Free Press.
- Reduced effects of corruption.
- Changed New Reno to start with Slavery.
- Houses's conquest path will now include Jacobstown, Utobitha, and the Boomers if they are released on game start. Focus names/descriptions should probably be changed accordingly in a future update.
- The King can invite Jacobstown and the Boomers to the Mojave Alliance alongside the Dam Busters.
- The 'Desert Paladins' event now grants claims to the Mojave Chapter for Utobitha if released on game start, and additionally grants Vegas claims on the Fiends to fully take the Mojave between them.
- Allow Normies for Jacobstown, No Normies for Utobitha.
- Both Jacobstown and Utobitha get Wasteland Training.
- Jacobstown has access to some new supermutant copies of settler laws.
- Jacobstown has access to Doctor Henry as a custom settler doctor advisor; while slightly worse than typical settler doctors he also increases special forces capacity.
- Jacobstown will no longer allow access to slavery laws.
- Jacobstown starts with Free Press, Utobitha with State Press.
- Utobitha added as exception to requiring civilized for State Press.
- Corrected Jacobstown adjective from 'settler' to 'Jacobstown'.
- Make BoS countries hate Jacobstown; otherwise they do not suffer from the super mutant opinion malus. Will polish later.
- Moved to new grant_claims_and_cores effect for some Vegas conquests.
- Moved to using the new ai wargoal availability trigger for some conquests.
- The King's focuses for improving West/North Vegas no longer require owning the relevant states; if unowned the focuses do the same as before but additionally add an opinion bonus with the current owner.
- Blocked countries from stealing ally's claims and cores in peace conferences.
- Changed bypasses to use new scripted trigger.
- Made trade a bit less harsh until we have a better fix.
- MAde gliders cheaper to research and produce.
- Made unlock techs for air cheaper.
- Made Protectron Security Hub a robot nation, Brigham Barons a settler nation, and Farfield Warband a raider nation.
- Adjusted tech slots for black Sun, Hualapai, Jicarilla.
- Gave Las Grangjas settler tech.
- Reduced tech slots for Mescalero, Ten Signs, Wester Apache.
- Changed Caesar's name to Sallow.
- Tweaked percentages for NCN puppet decision.
- Changed Lock and Load to only affect ballistic weapons.
- Changed Muzzles Pile of Guns to only affect infantry weapons and not all infantry techs.
- Rewrote the Localization for the popup event when someone demands territory from a country.
- Made Cannibal a flavor trait, added survivalist as replacement.
- Made ships easier to spot on rivers.
- Moved Recycling tech to be on the correct year line for it's research cost.
- Changed Scavenging decisions to not use PP anymore and adjusted caps costs.
- Changed the Crossing the Rubicon for non historical game play to make it so if the New California Republic owns the Dam it does nothing so you have to complete the next focuses.
- Revamped division designer to allow for more varied gameplay.
- Changed Plasma, and Gauss Weapons to no longer be boostable by standard research boosts or Experience.
- Changed Xian Fighters to require the Jet Engines technology.
- Swapped East and West Sonora names to actually be East and West.
- Changed Coring to require more then 95% compliance and less then 20% resistance in a state.
- Capped Coring cost to 300.
- Changed all leaders who are Female to actually be seen as Female by the game.
- Overhauled Suppression values for most units.
- Nerfed progression curve of Demolition and Fireteam equipment and made them more expensive.
- Reduced the organization penalty slightly for Demolition and Fireteam units.

### Fixed
- Fixed leader trigger for Mora not letting you do his focuses if he's a dictator.
- Fixed typos in Eighties, White Legs focus trees.
- Fixed a typo in a troll warren event.
- Fixed the Legion Puppet tree having focuse be mutually exclusive when they shouldn't have been.
- Fixed many spelling mistakes.
- Fixed the 80's peace AI overriding default peace AI.
- Fixed leader ID's being swapped in Chichen Itza leader checks.
- Fixed a few puppet events missing equal signs.
- Fixed Motorized hardness.
- Addressed some supply weirdness.
- Fixed AI not deploying air units. Hopefully for good!
- Fixed utah general focus The Tribal Confederation missing it's description.
- Fixed Brotherhood of Steel focus San-Francisco Harbour not adding the naval bases as it says it should.
- Fixed scavenging ideas not having localization.
- Fixed a few missing pieces of localization.
- Fixed several localization strings missing for equipment.
- Fixed the caps tooltip being displayed when hovering over things outside the caps box on the topbar.
- Fixed Sinaola Cartel having recon in their templates but not having recon technology unlocked.
- Fixed White Legs going into a double war due to the Betray the Eighties focus missing a trigger.
- Fixed Khan focus Enslave the West not having a description.
- Fixed the Broadcasts a Speech decisions for the Republic of the Rio Grande for Guerra increasing Roasado's opinion instead of his.
- Fixed being able to exploit non-existent subjects if you still have one subject.
- Fixed New Vegas being able to get robco from scavenging since they already start with it.
- Fixed White Legs Petition event missing it's title and description.
- Fixed the Baron's War triggering for the New California Republic, Shady Sands, if the Shattered game rule was taken for them.
- Fixed Raiders getting both Raider and Tribal market advisors.
- Fix several corps commanders using trait instead of traits causing errors.
- Attempt to fix the Blank is Fascist or Blank is Communist by replacing vanilla loc. Call it a attempt since I can't get the game to show which is which.
- Fixed several typos for Industry and Engineering technology descriptions.
- Fixed typo in Old Pete's leader description.
- Fixed Haida being a settler nation but not having civilized tech.
- Fixed a Brotherhood of Mars unit having a bad template.
- Fixed the Brotherhood of Mars possibly not having access to pre-war companies and manufacturers.
- Fixed variations of the Nuclear Powered Fighters not having the right speed values.
- Fixed Funded Militias using a wrong localization key.
- Fixed Heavy Machine Gun naval module being civilized tech when it was tribal tech.

There is more. Please check our discord for the remaining changelog!

Update: Jan 30 @ 10:58am

Update 2.1.5

### Added
- Added if any nation joins the Mormon Alliance they gain the Mormon Mission idea.
- Added localization for Mirelurk/Molerat units and their upgrades.
- Added missing tooltip for chem withdrawl.
- Added a bypasses to Deal with the Technocrats and Crush Petro Chico.
- Added the needed scripted triggers for each pre-made leader.
- Added extra checks to the Itza Enlarge Raiding Parties focus so if scavenging is disabled the check for scavenging isn't used and it doesn't add to scavenging variables.
- Added cost to faction actions.
- Added Vault-Tec Power Armor icon.
- Added more skill magazine focus icons: Get off my lawn, Wastelad.
- Added cleaned up version for Queen Victoria VI.
- Re-added the recent skill magazine based focuses.

### Changed
- Change the leaders of Itza to use ID's instead of their names for triggers.
- Adjusted the leader levelup skill gain. Now a levelup only gives 2 random skills. Also adjusted tooltips.
- Changed Elite Army Research time to Refined Warfare Research time to be inline with the doctrines actual name.
- Changed securitron vault from pre-war company to national idea.
- Changed improve relationship modifier to more trade opinion on Majorie advisor for vegas.
- Changed useless soft attack modifier on Wheelmother's Garage to more speed.
- Improved tooltip on market advisors.
- Reorganized massive pipboy localization file into several smaller files for organization/size.

### Fixed
- Fixed some economic laws having vanilla names/descriptions instead of our names/descriptions.
- Fixed several faction system boxes missiong localization.
- Fixed Chichen Itza not being able to pick Enlarge Raiding Parties due to a flag error.
- Fixed no state showing in the flower war events due to using a bad variable.
- Fixed several typo errors.
- Fixed issue with puppet ideas not being removed because the on_action for annexing a subject was misspelled.
- Fixed available for The Itza Reign Supreme focus so it requires either the nations to be puppets or not exist.
- Fixed Chemult Station having the wrong starting manpower law.
- Fixed Capitol Hill downfall event having the White Legs tag for the original owner option rather then the Washington Brotherhoods.
- Fixed the Brush Gun name being applied to the wrong technology for the Desert Rangers.
- Fixed the tooltip on the starting Followers event to make more sense.
- Fixed generic raider getting all the market advisors and tribal/settler getting none.
- Fixed caps not being applied to nations that appeared after the start of the game.

### Removed
- Removed Immersive terrain as the work needed to make it actually work is bad.
- Removed pp cost for removing companies.