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Update: Jul 7 @ 8:29am

Update 1.3.7:

### Added
- Added an alliance script for Renoclave (when controlled by a player) and the NCRclave (when controlled by an AI)
- Added a check to ensure the Brotherhood of Mars loses Rejection of Automation

### Changed

- Made changes to Fortifications to make them less powerful
- Changed cosmetic tags to not be 3 letters

### Fixed

- Fixed the "ghoul in the vault" event to say 20 years rather than 200
- Fixed a bug in which NCRclave wouldn't be annexed by Renoclave
- Fixed a legion focus pointing to the wrong mutually exclusive focus
- Fixed the Washington BOS alliance event refusal options (previously due to an error you couldn't refuse unless you were a puppet)
- **Fixed terrain errors are Bridgeepoin which caused MP desyncs**
- Fixed New Vegas losing their focus tree when you declare the civil war as The King

Update: Jun 4 @ 11:36am

Update 1.3.6:

# Changed
- Change New Vegas NCR Statehood focus to give all NCR owned Mojave territories, excluding the Dam, to New Vegas and claim all non-NCR Mojave Territories as well as bring New Vegas into the NCR faction.

### Fixed
- Fixed NCR game rule Localization errors
- Fixed Mojave focus path game rule Localization errors
- Fixed The Legion not being able to take Lucius advisors ever
- Fixed state gui not showing all resources in a state
- Fixed AI New Canaan to form Deseret if they can
- Fixed party popularities, they now use system introduced in 1.7 patch
- Fixed base game music's lack of music station inroduced in 1.7 patch

Update: May 5 @ 3:55am

Update 1.3.5:

### Added
- Flag for submodders to disable the BOS-NCR War.
- Localization to several Vault City decisions.
- Leader scripted triggers for both having them lead a nation or not lead a nation.

### Changed
- Change The Legion's and the NCR's startup events to be game rules as well. The default game rule brings the event up so players don't need to mess with this unless they want but we added several options to how you can have this idea work.
- Change New Vegas's Mojave alliance focus to allow you to invite the Mojave BOS if you are in a faction with no one else.
- Overhauled leader ID's. Gave every nation a set range of ID's to use so we know who is using what ID's.
- Changed The Legion's cores for conquering nations via Focus tree has been moved to require you to have conquered them and won the war first.
- Changed advisor scripted triggers to be hidden so they don't show in advisor tooltips.
- Changed compressed focus icon textures to uncompressed ones.

### Fixed
- Fixed The Legion's research time for robots being 1 day in the tooltip.
- Fixed New Canaan Unit being named Povo instead of Provo.
- Fixed Two Suns having divisions in other nations lands on startup.
- Fixed ghouls ability to get negative supply usage.
- Fixed several settler, tribal, and raider ideas having ``?`` icon instead of a actual icon.
- Fixed the Broken Coast's and Heaven Gate's historical AI path being labeled as the NCR's path.
- Fixed Front end gui throwing errors.

Update: Apr 4 @ 7:29am

Update 1.3.4:

### Changed
- Updated to 1.6.2

### Fixed
- Added icons to Troll Warren's national spirits to replace the `?` icons they had.
- The naval deployment screen didn't show taskforces and theatre titles: this has been fixed.
- Fixed the Legion mistakenly telling the player robots only took a day to research (cheeky Caesar).
- Fixed continent errors introduced by 1.6.2

Update: Apr 1 @ 4:06pm

Update 1.3.3:

### Added
- Added outposts to BOS, VEG, FIE, and NEW

### Changed
- Redistributed some of NCN's state population to represent the population density of Utah more accurately
- Subterranean Subjugation is now mutually exclusive with "Diagnose their Condition" instead of "Share Our Goggles"

### Fixed
- NCRclave spawning without being considered Advanced
- NCRclave having base game advisors instead of Settler advisors

### Removed
- Removed the East Coast after critical community feedback, we'll likely look to incorporate it again after 5.0 or beyond.

Update: Mar 31 @ 11:54pm

Update 1.3.2:

### Added
- Added a decision category icon for HEA conversion decisions
- Added a new territorial dispiute system, which takes the target's cores ad tries to add decisions to demand all of their former land.
- Added the East Coast
- Added a TCA core in Ft/ Williamette for edge-cases where The Cause don't lose
- Added two new global flags for submodders, `legionsplosion_disabled` and `legion_civil_war_disabled`

### Changed
- Deleted static modifiers from their old location
- Merged more 1.6 files
- Changed Undisturbed Isolation's description to fit the setting more
- Vegas must border the NCR for their treaty

### Fixed
- Fixed laser weapon localisation
- Fixed the numerous spelling mistakes where "corps" was written as "core"

Update: Mar 13 @ 8:00pm

Update 1.3.1:

### Added
- Added custom tooltip for Heaven's Gate and New Canaanites conversion decisions to clarify that impassable states are not a part of calculation.
- Added module unlocks for carriers and other ships.
- Added scrollbar to focus description.
- Added new game icon.
- Added robot versions of unit leader getting sick and wounded events.
- Added NCR_civil_war_disabled global flag to prevent NCR civil war for modders.

### Changed
- Changed mod's supported version to 1.6.* from 1.6.0.
- Capital icons disappear at closer distances now.
- Capital icons are render above other victory point icons.
- NCR break away states now use the new inherit_technology effect from 1.6.
- Added has_war_with checks to NCR's civil war.
- Buffed NCR's Colonel Moore skill level and rebalanced Lieutenant Gorobets skills.

### Fixed
- Fixed raider's Gang Ambitions focus description not showing up due to type on the localization key.
- Fixed missing idea localization for raider's Road Hogs idea.
- Fixed leader event GUI looking cropped.
- Fixed date format error in NCR's focus tree.
- Reordered Great Khans focuses in the file to get rid of the relative focus warning.
- Fixed Caesar's Legion getting NCR-Great Khans alliance event.
- Fixed Brotherhood of Steel Steel Rain focus having the ability to give you massive manpower due to it giving cores on every state the SHI owns regardless of the SHI's cores.
- Fixed duplicate event ID error for Great Khans.
- Fixed errors introduced in 1.6.1 naval GUI update.
- Fixed Caesar's Legion being able to take the White Leg Petition even when they are at war with them.
- Fixed localization for NCR's Gamma Core focus description having moral instead of morale.

Update: Mar 8 @ 10:05am

Update 1.3.0:

### Added
- Made the mod compatible with HOI4 1.6 patch. Updated UI, naval tech, OOBs and many other things. Fuel mechanic is not implemented yet.
- Added new Old World Blues specific customizable gameplay rules.
- Added new AI strategies plans for New Reno, Mojave Chapter, Broken Coast, Vault City.
- Added strengthen settings for all major countries.
- Major tweaks and changes to Unbroken Resistance Pact against the Broken Coast.
- New Vegas' Mr. House now has Robotics Genius idea that reduces production cost of robots.
- Added custom tooltips to is nation type triggers: `is_tribal_nation`, `is_raider_nation` and so on.
- Added inverted versions of is nation type triggers: `is_not_brotherhood_nation`, `is_not_ghoul_nation` and so on.
- Added Pale Folk 'Photophobia' national spirit.
- Added Navajo Nation namelist for randomly generated leaders.
- Added securitron voices for New Vegas.
- Added New Vegas' family national spirit icons.
- Added country flags to hide default manpower and economic laws `manpower_laws_hidden`, `economic_laws_hidden` for submodders.
- Unit leaders can now become sick, wounded or recently_promoted.
- Added new technology icons and localisation, including some country unique ones.

### Changed
- Added scrollbar to declare war window.
- Sorrows now starts with Disarm Nation manpower law.
- Grant New Vegas claims on parts of the Mojave the NCR cannot give when Vegas takes the NCR statehood focus.
- Reworked peace conference AI to produce less border gore.
- Vault City will now puppet their first four expansions, as long as the Brain is not in charge, they've completed the relevant focus, and they don't have an annex war goal against the targets.
- Navajo Nation, Tohono Nation, Shoshone Nation and Yakama Nation now start as civilized nations.
- Navajo Nation, Tohono Nation, Shoshone Nation and Yakama Nation now start with conventional war doctrine.
- Vault City and Mojave Chapter now start with outposts and bunkers built in their states.
- Vault City, Great Khans and New Canaan AI should not pick focuses that lead to war if they are already in one.
- AI should annex states that it has annex war goals for.
- Tweaked Vault City peace AI. Push the Brain to always annex, and make it more likely that everyone else will puppet regardless of whether or not they had a puppet war goal.
- State of Utobitha now has super mutant voices and relations modifiers.
- Embargo super mutant countries. Normie countries receive negative modifier to trade with super mutants and vice-versa.
- NCR and Mojave chapter guarantee event option is now mutual.
- Lots of tweaks to New Reno national focus AI and rules.
- Changed map fonts for nation and victory point names.
- Changed victory point icons.

### Removed
- Removed New Vegas' `Command From Afar` idea.
- Remove leftover Phoenix Republic cores from Tohono Nation and Cowboy Country states.

### Fixed
- Fixed typos in New Vegas's event localisation (reported by @kennelly3).
- Fixed NCR's General Drummond's surname being spelled differently.
- Fixed spelling mistake in Regis/Papa Khan leader description.
- Prevent New Vegas from stealing AI Great Khans from other factions.
- Fixed New Vegas' focus that spawns Securitron Mark I OOBs instead of spawning Mark II.
- Fixed spelling error in Great Khans `A New Silk Road` focus description.
- Corrected Pale Folk capitalization in Vault City focus localisation.
- Fixed advisors not giving proper division attack and defense due to wrong modifiers being used.
- Fixed tooltip for vault_festus OOB.
- Fixed Great Khans' "Join the Legion" focus not bypassing if already in a faction with the Legion.
- Fixed Legion's AI going down the NCR war focus path early due to mistyped date format in ai modifier.
- Added available scopes to minister instead of just visible to prevent AI from picking them.
- Prevent Mojave Chapter from double declaring war on NCR in event if their already have a war going.
- Fixed New Vegas AI not building robots by adding new production template.

Update: Feb 8 @ 8:16am

Update 1.2.2:

### Added
- Added military_theorist trait to WBH and BOS theorists
- Added all generic raider advisors to Broken Coast
- Added generic raider theorist to Great Khans
- Added generic tribal theorist to the Legion
- Added generic settler advisors to Heavens Gate and Vault City
- Added generic settler theorists to New Canaan, Mojave Brotherhood, New Reno, Desert Rangers, and New Vegas.
- Added a land theorist and air chief for Reno Enclave
- Added a tooltip to the NCR's Scouring the Old City event option that gives you Old World Armour: Gain a technology that increases your armies attack and defence in Urban terrain by 10%.

### Changed
- Changed the way The Withered Dogs are assigned the ghoul nation type. Added to country_triggers file instead of having a country flag.
- Changed the way our custom generic advisors are assigned. New triggers are now in /common/scripted_triggers/advisor_scripted_triggers.txt. This allows submodders to give their nation access to other types of generic advisors instead of the ones assigned to the country type.
- New Vegas's "Burying the Hatchet" focus can now be bypassed if Great Khans do not exist.
- Each type of generic vanilla ministers now have a separate visibility flag. This way submodders can enable only certain types of advisors for each type of countries (e.g., have raider high command while having settler political advisors).
- Moved some NCR minsters from the NCR ideas file into the NCR ministers file.
- Renamed /common/ideas/_scavenging_ideas.txt to /common/ideas/zzz_scavenging_ideas.txt to fix error caused by the load order.
- Heaven's Gate and New Canaanites can no longer do the conversion decisions as puppets.

### Fixed
- Fixed the Legion's Siege division tooltip saying it has 3 explosive companies instead of one.
- Fixed Thradd's party using a local string instead of a localization key to be localized in a loc file (NEW_thradd_party_long and NEW_thradd_party).
- Fixed ghoul_paratrooper not having a localized string (ghoul_paratroopers, ghoul_paratroopers_short and ghoul_paratroopers_desc).
- Fixed Power Armour tech not giving a template. Template is now 6 PA units instead of 6 PA support units is was previously.
- Fixed Air Company Ideas. They were referencing incorrect equipment names, non-existent equipment is removed from those ideas.
- Fixed leader triggers. They use ROOT now instead of predefined TAGs as it should only be used in a country scope fixing the leader focuses always using original TAGs instead of newly formed ones.
- Fixed the issue with Unit Leader cost factor adding up to over -100% for AI countries starting as AI, generating free PP. New Cannan's and Great Khans's ideas now give -0.4 and -0.3 military_leader_cost_factor respectively instead of -0.5 and -0.4. AI starting buff to military_leader_cost_factor nerfed from -0.9 to -0.5.

Update: Jan 27 @ 9:27am

Update 1.2.1:

### Added
- Added USA country as the producer of scavenged equipment.
- Added a country flags for submodders to remove nations types from a country `set_country_flag = not_a_settler_nation` and others. More info in OWB_MODDING_README.txt.
- Added custom trigger tooltips to several focuses so it's not just an `X is current country leader` and actually tells you who needs to be the leader. Some tooltips are left as they are, since those leaders already exist.
- Added Iron Alliance's country leader as a general.
- Added custom division namelist for the Iron Alliance.
- Added a new VEG militia template, reduced divisions in securitron, protectron, and infantry templates. Gave templates unique, fitting names. Added a new starting division. Changed starting division names, experience, and starting equipment. Removed "priority" from one of the divisions. Hopefully this helps the Vegas AI make more units, or at the very least stand a better chance against its opponents.
- Added securitron portraits for generic New Vegas's generals.
- Added namelist for generic New Vegas's generals.

### Changed
- Raider, Settler and Tribal disallowed generic advisors are no longer visible.
- Country triggers now use variables instead of tag lists.
- Two states of Tohono Nation now belong to Caesar's Legion.
- Changed Twisted Hairs and Caesar's Legion starting troops locations.
- Increased equipment capture ratio from 0 to 0.3.
- Renamed Super mutant and Mormon scripted triggers to be more in line with the others: `is_mormon_nation` and `is_super_mutant_nation`.
- Cleaned up some of the generic ministers having extra flag checks.
- Removed Dam Busters from tribal nations and added to raider nations.
- Vault City now uses the `set_supermutant_nation` effect.
- Changed Junk City Gladiators OOB to be only light robots and made the focus give the worst light robot tech if not researched yet.
- Changed the "The Great Khans" Caesar's Legion focus to send the Great Khans an event with options instead of just pulling them into faction. Removed bypass if Great Khans picked Regis.
- Great Khans AI will call White Legs into Sorrows war.
- Iron Alliance starts with power armor tech and OOBs.
- Iron Alliance's country leader now has all ideologies to prevent him from disappearing.
- Changed the number of New Canaan's research slots from 4 to 3.

### Fixed
- Lots of localisation fixes for Great Khan's (Thanks to Shadow and everyone else who reported them!).
- Immediate effects of NCR-Legion war event (ncr_tribe_rebellion_news.9) are now hidden from the description.
- Added missing `Infantry Research Time` to the localisation files.
- Fixed Mauds Muggers OOB for Vegas missing the `units = {` line.
- Fixed map buildings errors, locations were outdated.
- Fixed New Vegas Securitron starting general not having a portrait.
- Fixed Thradd's Legion and Troll Warren hatting each other, removed opinion modifier.
- Fixed the Troll Warren national focus giving two wargoals against either the Washington Brotherhood or Cause due to them killing each other.
- Fixed Reno Enclave ministers not showing up.
- Fixed New Vegas not being able to open the Luck 38 if they choose Fiends.
- Added additional checks if NCR exists for Great Khans joining NCR focuses.
- The Broken Coast no longer starts as civilized.
- Fixed NCR's Nevada Agreements event including Desert Rangers twice instead of New Vegas.
- Fixed New Vegas's `Secure The North` focus not bypassing when allied with the Great Khans.
- Fixed Motor Runner focus having broken loc string in description.
- Fixed Heaven's Gate's and New Canaan's conversion logic.
- Fixed Polyphemus for VLT having no portrait
- Fixed Soda Springs's victory point location
- Fixed the name of Manitou Springs
- Fixed an issue where Vault City and the I-80 shared the same Supply Area, despite being numerous states apart.

### Removed
- Removed Vertibirds from New Reno's Old Allies OOB causing errors.