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Chernarus Redux
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Sep 4, 2017 @ 3:31pm
Sep 8, 2018 @ 6:11am
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Chernarus Redux


In the post-Soviet country of Chernarus. Several years has passed since the insurgency conflict and viral outbreak. The russian oriented country is now desolate and overgrown. The few that remain and inhabit the surrounding cities have chosen to bare arms and scavenge the land for supplies which is difficult to come by. Some may chose to believe Chernarus is hopeless, however there is a growing movement of survivors trying to take back the very cities they lost 26 years ago.

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All Donations will be funded straight back into the project, buy buying new models and textures we can then use on the the map

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Axios -No Dot- exe
Mar 31 @ 3:07am
chernarus redux cbacompatible.pbo ...what does it do?
< >
TheDude Jun 8 @ 10:21am 
I would love to replace the models to open ones, but they will have to be thoroughly tested first when the DLC is out.

There are few buildings that have scale differences, possibly center point shifted , etc... this means all replaced models must be not only mass replaced , but also adjusted properly. So we dont have floating stuff.

There are few more considerations, to take into account ...
BeastFucker Jun 7 @ 6:30am 
Will you replace some old assets with the New Contact assets? They're looking really great and are free for everybody
Maui May 29 @ 4:20am 
I Hope your are allowed, too use the new buldings and objekts from Contact DLC.
HeroicLarvy May 28 @ 8:15am 
Fucking excellent map, well done so far lads :lunar2019wavingpig: .
TheDude May 18 @ 5:17am 
@SF~Gagi2~ , it is a known issue. Already fixed in the next patch.
SF~Gagi2~ May 17 @ 10:45am 
it gives me an error in the logfile
19:35:30 Error in expression < rain) * ((daytime factor [0.79, 0.88]) , (daytime factor [0.25, 0.17]))>
19:35:30 Error position: <, (daytime factor [0.25, 0.17]))>
19:35:30 Error Missing )
which is located in the config file in chernarusredux_c.pbo
Wizard {Doggo clan} May 15 @ 6:20pm 
great map
TheDude May 11 @ 6:32am 

First , ChernarusRedux is still in development , so working on additional project is not possible, until we finish with this one.

Second, no one likes to fix "other people's shit". We prefer working on optimizing our map first.

So, in the near future don't think anyone would take it for fixing.
Donnie_Plays May 10 @ 11:46pm 
Here is a version of New Haven, which is straight from the open sourced mod for reference.
Donnie_Plays May 10 @ 11:44pm 
@developers of Chernarus Redux. Would anyone be interested in checking out the New Haven map from Breaking Point mod? The mod was open sourced APL-SA in 2017. New Haven is a great apocalyptic map for Arma 3... with broken bridges, gated communities and a real apocalyptic feeling. However the map has several optimization issues. FPS drops in places. FPS drops when you face a certain direction. I'm trying to find someone in the community who may be able to fix the map.