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Update: May 5 @ 4:05pm

Chernarus Redux 0.65 Update

* Added CHR Official Ambient Soundtrack as module
* Added Pusta Redux (contribution by Thomas)
* Added small survivor camp site somewhere
* Reworked Mask
* Reworked Satmap
* Reworked Road Textures
* Reworked Ground Texture
* Reworked Terrain Clutter
* Reworked Coastline Height*map
* Reworked global tree/bush height values phase 1
* Reverted Ponds (Due to BI Ponds fix)
* Optimized Mogilevka
* Optimized Msta
* Optimized Dolina
* Optimized Shakhovka
* Optimized Staroye
* Potential fix to Mogilevka fps drop
* Fixed Land_ds_HouseV_3I4 ladder action
* Fixed Shopping Cart object collision
* Fixed reducing bird sounds in forest during day
* Fixed Tree growing on road on eastern coastline
* Fixed several ponds able to enter under water
* Fixed bus stop in the middle of the woods
* Fixed tent interior looking weird when observing through window
* Fixed wrongly placed poly*line type road in Staroye
* Fixed several warping metal walls in Staroye
* Fixed road slope north of Chernogorsk
* Fixed floating plant in Chernogorsk
* Fixed floor object gap in Chernogorsk
* Fixed vegetation library left in middle of nowhere
* Fixed decals existing east of Dolina
* Fixed gap in build at Pobeda Dam
* Fixed warping walls in Guglovo
* Fixed shack missing at comms tower in Chernogorsk
* Fixed industrial building missing in Chernogorsk
* Fixed gap in fake land on Kamenka Cliffs
* Fixed rocks missing in Underground Trainstation
* Fixed warping side*walks at Gorka Petrol Station
* Fixed terrain surface uneven at Zub Castle
* Fixed several object clipping in to hangar at Balota AF
* Fixed bush in the middle of road in Dubrovka
* Fixed one dam object higher compared with others in Pobeda Dam
* Fixed bush inside house on coastline of Chernogorsk
* Fixed fallen tree inside house north of Chernogrosk
* Fixed truck clipping in to house in Kamenka
* Fixed bus clipping in to concrete wall in Chernogorsk

Update: Mar 20 @ 2:48pm

*Night time lighting fix

Update: Mar 18 @ 12:36pm

  • Moved cba to optional folder

Update: Mar 18 @ 12:25pm

Small fix

Update: Mar 18 @ 11:22am

0.596 Hotfix

  • Fixed DSHouses not able to see objects outside window
  • Fixed Weapon Attachment Flash lights comparability with CBA
  • Fixed Night Crickets Sounds
  • Fixed Sat Map in Elektro
  • Fixed Underground Train Station missing a rock
  • Fixed Kamenka Caves missing several rocks
  • Fixed floating houses in Kozlovka
  • Fixed missing construction site building in Chernogorsk
  • Fixed log object effecting view brightness in Msta
  • Fixed missing building in Gvozdno
  • Fixed missing rocks in quarry
  • Fixed Floating Industrial building in Elektro
  • Fixed Floating Barn in Elektro
  • Fixed Dam and several clutter objects floating in Topolka Dam
  • Fixed random house missing in the middle of nowhere

Update: Mar 8 @ 4:08pm

Added DS Houses in to Mod (DS Houses will no longer be required)
- Server Owners see
Added map wide missing trees in forests/mountains
Added Kozlovka Redux
Added Shavhovka Redux
Added Guglovo Redux
Added Staroye Redux
Added Novy Sobor Redux
Added Mogilevka Redux
Added Bor Redux
Added Msta Redux
Added Dolina Redux
Added Kamenka Cliffs Rework
Added Chernogorsk Elektro tunnel Rework
Added Kamenka River Rework
Added Car Park to Altar Bunker
Added darkness effect inside Altar Bunker (initial implementation)
Added New Models (some still WIP)
Hand-held Flash-light "CHR_FlashLight" (works in Altar)
Lamp Posts
Lamp Posts (Bent)
Arma2 Wrecks
Arma2 Vehicle Parts
Barricade Boards
Trash Clutter
Paper Cutter
Brick Clutter
Added New Decals (some still WIP)
Bullet Casings
Glass Shards
Road Cracks
Pot Holes
Added Custom Sound
Sound Loops: Day Meadow
Sound Loops: Day Forest
Sound Loops: Night Meadow
Sound Loops: Night Forest
Animals: Birds
Animals: Crickets
Environment: Rain (Weak)
Environment: Rain (Strong)
Environment: Rain (Near Some Tents)
Environment: Rain (Near Some Buildings)
Environment: Wind
Environment: Cave
Environment: Water Drops (In Sewers)
Replace all building classnames in your server config (CfgBuildings_Chernarus.h) -

Updated map internal structure to new layout
Updated pond objects to address screen darkening as a workaround
Updated around Chernogorsk Helicopter Extraction Point
Reverted Elektro back to Arma2 original to prepare for Rebuild
Optimization for Altar Hill Bunker Build
Optimization for Underground Train Station Build
Optimization for Pobeda Dam Build
Optimization for Fake Land Models
Optimization for Ivy Models
Optimization for Sewer Models
Optimization for DS Houses
Fix for certain tents not spawning loot (Potential)
Fix for boats acting weird on water (Potential)
Fixed where sometimes sewer objects topple over when player dies on top
Fixed several missing class names
Fixed floating military tower
Fixed town name not showing on map with correct weight in Balota
Fixed random tree on road in Balota
Fixed car clipping through terrain at south west road block
Fixed stop gate misaligned at south west road block
Fixed camo tents missing poles at south west road block
Fixed several roads not socializing across map
Fixed road not flat near Topolka Dam
Fixed weird gleaming texture near Kamenka
Fixed Dam near Kamenka has no name
Fixed Dam water near Kamenka
Fixed boat kind of floating in Kamenka
Fixed hanging man misaligned (yet again) at Kamenka Port
Fixed road miss placed in Chernogorsk
Fixed road missing in Chernogorsk
Fixed road uneven in Chernogorsk
Fixed road class weight in Chernogorsk
Fixed height of ladder in Chernogorsk
Fixed ground object having gap in Chernogorsk
Fixed floating plank in Chernogorsk
Fixed Bus clipping in to building in Chernogorsk
Fixed industrial pipe looking weirdly placed at Chernogorsk Industrial
Fixed misaligned bridge south of Vybor
Fixed trees growing from road in Balota
Fixed tree and Hay Bail clipping and such near Gorka
Fixed floating bush inside Underground Train Station Cave
Fixed warping grass on Underground Train Station
Fixed misaligned rail road at Underground Train Station
Fixed field tent missing poles at NWAF
Fixed several side walk not making sense in NWAF
Fixed unevenly placed side walk in NWAF
Fixed building clipping through wall in NWAF
Fixed bush on road near Krutoy Cap
Fixed trees on road near Krutoy Cap
Fixed unused power line towers north of Elektro
Fixed road not even west of Elektro
Fixed sign in middle of road north of Elektro
Fixed tree in the middle of road in the middle of nowhere
Fixed random house existing in the middle of field for no good reason
Fixed somewhere north west, road suddenly downgrading class
Fixed weird alignment of wreck object in field
Fixed tree growing through building object somewhere north east
Fixed sewers where object flips when someone dies on top of it
Fixed random tree growing from road near Pusta
Fixed tree growing through house just because in middle of nowhere
Fixed shack sunk on port on east coast
Fixed Log pile floating in Gvozdno
Fixed random container placed in middle of field in NEAF
Fixed not being able to get out of certain area in NEAF quarantine
Fixed road bump north of Orlovets
Fixed Road height weird in Duboravka
Fixed lamp post going through bus stop in Duboravka
Fixed missing trees near Duboravka
Fixed terrain level being weird in Myshkino

Update: Mar 8 @ 3:58pm

Update: Dec 16, 2017 @ 4:03pm

Update: Dec 16, 2017 @ 3:54pm

Added Altar Hill Bunker Structure
Added Pobeda Dam Industrial Structure
Added Balota AirField Rework
Added North Berezino Underground Train Station Rework
Added Kabanino Update
Added NorthEast Airfield Update
Added Military Checkpoint Minor Update
Modified water parameters a bit
Modified sea shoreline parameters a bit
(Potential) Fix for Land_Tent_East and loot spawns for certain game modes
Fixed random houses missing across map
Fixed building type housev_1t shifted or too high off ground map wide
Fixed building type housev_2i shifted or too high off ground map wide
Fixed building type housev_2t1 shifted or too high off ground map wide
Fixed building type housev_3i1 shifted or too high off ground map wide
Fixed building type housev_3i2 shifted or too high off ground map wide
Fixed building type housev_3i3 shifted or too high off ground map wide
Fixed building type housev2_01A shifted or too high off ground map wide
Fixed building type housev2_01B shifted or too high off ground map wide
Fixed office building floating bug (changed from Land_A_Office01 to Land_A_Office01_EP1)
Fixed some bridges on coastline a bit more
Fixed some lakes and ponds acting weird
Fixed Supermarket in Elektro being able to pass through walls
(Potential) Fixed floating houses if in case using CUP Maps while CHR is loaded
Fixed rain going through ceiling of Underground Train Station
Fixed several floating items in Underground Train Station
Fixed wall detached in Underground Train Station
Fixed graffiti at east coast Factory
Fixed floating ivy at east coast Factory
Fixed missing body bags from south west road block
Fixed Chimny clipping through wall at east coast Berezino Industrial
Fixed pipe not connected correctly at east coast Berezino Industrial
Fixed Gas Tank clipping through building at east coast Berezino Industrial
Fixed something embedded in to terrain at Shakhovka
Fixed garbage bags clipping through metal wall in Chernogorsk
Fixed some sidewalls floating in NWAF
Fixed floating signs and ivy at Kamenka
Fixed floating trailers at Kamenka Port
Fixed trees growing inside train station at Komarovo
Fixed electric pole in the middle of road north of Elektro
Fixed several of hay bails duplicated and clipping in to each other around map
Fixed lamp post placed in front of hangar in NWAF
Fixed gate pole placed in the middle of the road at NWAF
Fixed tree clipping through terminal building at NWAF
Fixed tank wreck turret duplicated at NWAF
Fixed road overlapping showing weird in Chernogorsk
Fixed bushes floating in air at International Hotel in Chernogorsk
Fixed old toilet clipping in to barn east of Chernogorsk
Fixed duplicated heli crashes in Klen Hill

Update: Nov 6, 2017 @ 2:10pm

Fixed Missing P3Ds
Fixed Incorrect Spelling
Fixed ChernarusRedux_Buildings
Fixed Floating Buildings
Added Kamenka Update
Added Komarovo Update
Added Komarovo Industrial Update

Sorry For Major Inconveniences, One problem Followed By Another