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Classic Flyers
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Update: Apr 25 @ 10:34pm


Updated CF to latest version of the DevKit, which included the core game's recent changes to kibble.

Update: Dec 20, 2018 @ 10:55am


  • Added full CF functionality to the Tek Quetzal.
  • Updated all CF creatures to be compatible with Taxidermy stands.
    • Extra poses have been added for all CF creatures!
  • Added PGD NPC override to allow for alpha wyverns to spawn naturally on maps which normally have them.
    • This was to correct the previous bug where remapping basic wyverns stopped alpha wyverns from spawning. This will not cause alpha wyverns to spawn on maps which do not have fire wyverns. Just like in vanilla, a small percentage of fire wyverns will now automatically spawn in as alpha wyverns.

Note: As stated in the FAQ, Snow Owls and Ice Wyverns will NOT be added to CF as their current state in the DevKit is not compatible with this mod. Please see the FAQ if you need more information on this.

Update: Oct 18, 2018 @ 5:23pm


The vanilla tek quetz now has a chance to spawn on CF servers.

NOTE: A CF-version tek quetz will not/can not be added to CF until the DevKit has caught up to the recent core-game changes. Please see the FAQ and the article Tek Quetzals and Classic Flyers for more information on this (keywords: tek quetz).

There is no ETA (read as "don't ask; you'll be informed when it happens").

Update: Sep 6, 2018 @ 10:00am


Removed the Argent Suet item and its engram from the mod, as they are no longer needed.

Update: Jul 5, 2018 @ 9:29am


  • New CF Argent changes:
    • Can now pick up the same dinos as the vanilla version.
    • Aligned the rest of the new CF Argent's stats to the new vanilla TLC argent's.

Update: Jun 28, 2018 @ 9:21am


Classic Argents are back!

  • Added back full CF support for the Argent!
  • Altered the Argent Suet so it swtiches between the Classic Argent and Classic Harpa (where previously it had switched between the Vanilla Argent and Classic Harpa).
    • This is to allow for players who had "prepped" their argents (by converting them to harpas) during the time leading up to TLC P2's release to convert them back to convert them back argents.
    • Be aware that eventually the Argent Suet will be removed from the mod. Once everyone who wishes to convert their argents back has done so, the item will be considered as having servered its purpose and will no longer be needed. Consider it as still being included for only the next couple of weeks.

Update: Mar 21, 2018 @ 9:55am


Note!: Please use the admin command DestroyWildDino in order to avoid any level-difference issues caused by the differences between core-game and CF flyers. This will only be necessary to do once.

  • Corrected the forced remap which was causing vanilla argents to convert back to CF argents after a server reboot. (Please be aware that the only way to do so was to remove all links to the old CF argent from the mod, meaning it won't even be available for admin-spawning until the TLC argents have been added to the DevKit and I can reconstruct it.)
  • Added the Harpagornis Saddle's engram to the list of available engrams for players to learn.

[NOTICE: There is no ETA as to when the TLC argent assets will be added to the DevKit, allowing CF to once again support the argent, so kindly don't ask. Only WC can answer that. It could be days, it could be months.]

Update: Mar 20, 2018 @ 3:13pm

(response patch for ARK patch 279, aka TLC Phase 2)

Note!: Please use the admin command DestroyWildDino in order to remove CF Argents from the wild as well as to avoid any level-difference issues caused by the differences between core-game and CF flyers.

  • Corrected for the physics asset that removed from the core-game argent files and which affected all dinos copied from the old argent. (This will correct all of the issues they had such as having no collision and not being able to access their inventories.)

  • CF support was removed for the argent. In other words, there is no CF argent at this time; argents cannot level speed. (Once the new assets for the core-game argent have been added to the DevKit, support will be re-added to CF.)
  • Classic Admin Argentavis has been renamed Classic Admin Harpagornis as it will be keeping the old-style appearance.
  • Classic Admin Argentavis and Harpagornis now use the dino tag Harpa instead of Argent. This was done both to properly set up their individual saddle, but also to standardize their setup to match other dinos.
  • Harpagornis and Argents can no longer use the same saddles.

Update: Mar 15, 2018 @ 9:38am


To prep for upcoming patch 279's TLC Phase 2 changes to the vanilla argent (ETA for which was given by WC as March 21st):

  • Argent Suet is now player-craftable, to allow them to switch between the vanilla argent and CF Harpagornis (old-style argent model).
    • If used on a CF Argent or Vanilla Argent, will turn into a Harpagornis (old-style argent model with CF features). [Note: once used on a CF Argent, it will be impossible to convert it back to a CF Argent using this item. Any vanilla argents will convert back to CF version after a server reset.]
    • If used on a Harpagornis, will turn into a Vanilla Argent.
    • The purpose of this is to allow those who wish to use the current CF argents to continue to do so, as well as allow those who wish to use the new core argent to also do so as soon as it is released. CF will not be able to affect the core-game argents until all of their new assets have been added to the DevKit.
    • Keeping in mind that core-game flyers do not include wild levels "wasted" on movement speed when calculating total dino level, players who do not want their current CF argents to lose some of their total dino levels will need to convert their argents into harpagornis before patch 279 comes down. Once it comes down, CF will temporarily drop support for argents, and it will be too late.
    • Note that this is only a temporary item to help with the transition from the new to old argents. Once it is no longer needed, it will be removed from this mod.

Argent Suet
cheat giveitem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/ClassicFlyers/Items/ArgentSuet/PrimalItemConsumable_ArgentSuet.PrimalItemConsumable_ArgentSuet'" 1 1 false

Note: Once ARK patch 279 is released, CF will release a response patch that will temporarily drop CF support for Argents. Only after the core-game changes to the argent are added to the DevKit will CF re-add support for argents.

If you wish to read more on CF's reaction plan to the TLC Phase 2 argent changes, it is posted in full here.

Update: Mar 1, 2018 @ 7:54am


  • Realigned CF dino stats with their vanilla versions. (If vanilla versions had a stat increase, CF matched it. If vanilla versions had a stat decrease, CF versions stayed as they were.)