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Classic Flyers
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Ertosi  [developer] Apr 21, 2017 @ 3:36am
FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
Common Questions
Please read the common questions below before posting any questions or bug reports. Yes, its long, but know that you can search for keywords by pressing "control + f". Answers posted here for these common questions will not be repeated.

Patch 3.0 has changed how CF's overspawn culling system works.

With CF's new culling system, do the old server settings need to be changed?
You do not need to change your [ClassicFlyers] server settings. Remove them or don't, it should work perfectly fine either way. However, if you would like to fine tune them, feel free to compare what yours currently are to the new defaults posted here.

Where did all the pinned discussions go?
They're still around and used, but that was getting really cluttered so I unpinned those of lesser import and now list them all on the new Everything You Need To Know About CF discussion. When looking for anything, that's your new first stop to go. Everything is linked there.

Can this mod be used with Aberration?
Actually, yes! CF now supports the Rock drake. Additionally, you can use this mod to spawn exotic species of flyers, meaning if you choose to enable the related settings you could easily spawn Rock Drakes on other maps. Please see the Spawning Exotic Flyers discussion for more details.

Can a server option be added to disable "Classic"-style Rock Drakes?
No. There's simply no way to do so. Any dino added to this mod must be hard-coded in, affecting all users or none at all. As this change would affect all users, I posted a Community Vote as to if Rock Drakes should be added to CF, and the community overwhelmingly voted "Yes!"

Don't like the change? Its the easiest change to avoid. Rock Drakes are the closest thing to flyers on Aberration and this mod doesn't affect anything else native to that map. Don't want it there, don't use it there. Don't want Rock Drakes to spawn on other maps, then don't enable it! All Exotic Species spawning is turned off by default, making it entirely optional. This mod merely give you the option to do so, if you wish to and only if you manually enable the settings.

Why add a CF-Version of the Rock Drake Tek Saddle?
Because that's the only way to correct the CF Rock Drake's crosshair issue when using tek saddles. Why does CF forcibly remap all vanilla RD Tek Saddles into CF versions? To avoid all future reports of the crosshairs issue from players using the wrong saddle. That means removing this mod will also remove all RD Tek Saddles? Yup. Will you change this? Nope.

Will this mod add aberrant versions of standard flyers?
No. That is well beyond the purpose of this mod.

Will this mod be adding/modifying any additional Aberration dinos?
No. Other than the Rock Drake, Aberration has no other dinos which would fit the theme of this mod.

Want wild phoenix to always be visible?
Want wild phoenix to always be visible, even when there is no heatwave? Place the following code in your GameUserSettings.ini:


Keep in mind, this server setting only affects Classic Phoenix; it will not affect vanilla ones or those from other mods. It will not make them magically spawn on maps which don't normally spawn them; they are still only on Scorched Earth. Using this code and spawning in invisible phoenix? Stop using vanilla spawn codes and use the proper classic spawn codes.

Will you make Griffins and/or Phoenix breedable?
No. There is no baby griffin or phoenix data in the PGD file. Adding it in manually would invalidate this mod whenever the DevKit is behind core-game updates. Specifically, it would break any and all babies for new dino species during those times. (There are some other recent mods which have chosen to add griffin and/or phoenix breeding, but I will not add that level of future instability to this mod.)

Griffins and Phoenix now have genders?
Yes. That was added in a recent CF update. As already stated, they still can't breed. I'm just trying to make them as forwards compatible as possible in case I'm ever able to add breeding as a server option.

All Griffins/Phoenix are now showing N/A for gender?
Then this mod is no longer enabled on your server. Reboot your server. Don't save before rebooting unless you want them all to come back as males.

All female Griffins/Phoenix just turned male?
Your server rebooted and saved while this mod wasn't enabled. Nothing you can do now except either roll back the server or live with the griffin/phoenix sausage fest. Always double check all mods are enabled after every reboot and keep good saves.

Will you make Phoenix able to land?
No. There is no landing or walking animation for them in the DevKit. Even if there was, letting them land would disable their dash abilty.

Does this mod worth with Ragnarok map?
This mod is compatible with Ragnarok's core-game fliers: pterie, quetz, argent, tape, pela, and now griffin.

This mod will have no affect on Ragnarok's ice wyvern as that creature was not included in the DevKit. Can't mod what's not there.

Do not ask for updates as to when ice wyverns will be added; only WC knows when they will be fully included in the DevKit. I will announce their inclusion when and if it happens.

Does this mod affect Ice Wyverns?
No. Ice Wyverns are not fully included in the DevKit. Parts of the ice wyvern have been added to the DevKit, but not enough to allow the creature to be properly modded. Specifically, the main blueprint still needs to be added; instead they have a placeholder in the DevKit which is merely a copy of the standard Fire Wyvern.

I am aware of Rag's complete files being available via public svn, but that's not the DevKit. I will not add future instability to this mod by making it reliant on keeping up with multiple sources for asset changes. Anything that WC doesn't consider important enough to fully include in the DevKit will not be included in CF.

Do not ask for updates as to when ice wyverns will be added; only WC knows when and if they will ever be fully included in the main DevKit. I will announce their inclusion when and if it happens.

Alpha wyverns not spawning?
The act of creating Classic Wyverns also disables alpha wyverns from being able to spawn. This is not by design but is a direct and unavoidable side of effect remapping wyverns in such a way that you don't lose them if the mod were removed. Luckily this mod's exotic flyer species functionality can force alpha wyvern spawning on any map, including maps in which they are already supposed to spawn. Please see the Exotic Flyer Species Spawning discussion for details on how to set this up.

What is a Harpagornis?
It is an orginal-style argent provided for those that preferred it over the new TLC Argent, or for those who would like both. It does not spawn on its own with the default settings, but you can use vanilla server codes to add any dino class to a particular spawner; there is a working example posted in the Server Options discussion OP. Please see the TLC Argent discussion for more information on them and their history with this mod.
Please note:
  • A Harpagornis is not an Argent; consider it a new species that will always stay as it is now and will not be affected by any TLC or Post-TLC changes to the Argent.
  • As it was designed to be a truly classic argent in every way it will not have any of the TLC argent's abilities, nor will it ever.
    • For those that need it spelled out, this includes not having the ability to pick up creatures in its beak or being able to use its saddle like a smithy.
  • They are a permanent feature of CF.

A Harpagornis can't do X that an Argent can?
For those that failed to read the last question and answer well, a Harpagornis is not an Argent. It was made to forever be a truly original-style argent and will never see any of the changes made to the TLC Argent. From the moment it was made, it became its own species and is completely indifferent of any changes to the vanilla or CF argents.

What happened to the Argent Suet?
It is no longer needed so it was removed. From its first proposal as a possible tool to help us transition from the old style argents to new, I stated it would only be a temporary item. With CF v3.32, it has been permanently removed from this mod.

I'm sure there will be some who never got around to finalizing which version they wanted their argents to be so I'll state it clearly here once: You had more than enough time and your window has closed. With v3.30, on Jun 28th, it was clearly stated in the Change Notes: "Consider it as still being included for only the next couple of weeks." That was mirrored in Comments (Jun 24th). Its been over two full months since then.

Will I be willing to re-add it back to this mod? No. As a reminder of this mod's stated policy: "Consider this mod as-is and exactly how I want it." I wouldn't have removed it unless that was exactly how I wanted it. So please be respectful and do not ask, as you already have your answer.

v259 nerfed speed again? Speed per level only increasing by 1%?
Classic Flyers patch v2.4 corrected this. All core flyers included in this mod are back to their old amounts of speed gain per tamed level put into it:
  • Argent: +2.5% per level
  • Moth: +3.0% per level
  • Pela: +2.5% per level
  • Ptero: +2.5% per level
  • Quetz: +3.0% per level
  • Rock Drake: +2.5% per level
  • Tapejara: +2.5% per level
  • SE Wyvern (Fire, Lightning, Poison): +2.5% per level
  • Note: Griffins have been set to match the average classic flyers at approx. +2.5% per level

Why do moths and quetzes have +3.0%/level when the others have +2.5%/level? Because that's where each species was set before all of the flyer nerfs and that's where they'll stay.

I would like to give a huge thank you to players Rossini and Fredox! They were the only two community members who stepped up to assit in untangling the changes WC made to flyer speed in patch 259. Without their asstance, it would have taken much longer to get out a response patch. Thank you both again for your help getting everyone back to having their fun as usual! :D

Mod order?
As this mod shouldn't be used with other mods that alter vanilla flyer or flyer egg files, mod load order shouldn't matter. Most users have said they get best results by keeping this mod first in their mod order, but this would be due to having broken mods before it in their load order. Remember that anytime you have a broken mod, even those that seem fine but have corruptions, they will cause issues with any mods below them in load order. I keep it towards the bottom of my server's mod list and haven't had any trouble with it working properly.

This mod doesn't work with X mod?
X mod either also directly edits the same dino files or X mod requires vanilla versions of these dinos to function. Either way, stop trying to use more than one mod that change the same files - you'll get all sorts of strange results.

Mods which add completely new flyers would also be incompatible with this mod. Technically most of said mods would still function independently of this mod, but there is no way this mod would be able to affect their new flyers.

I do not consider one mod not working with another a bug. Mod bugs can only be defined within the context of that one mod and its interaction with vanilla assets and gameplay. See the Compatible/Incompatible Mods discussion page for more specific info on using this mod with other mods.

Is this mod clean? Can it be removed without causing trouble or losing flyers?
As stated on the mod's Description, this mod is clean. It adds and removes cleanly without causing any trouble. You will not lose any of your flyers by removing this mod, they will merely return to their nerfed stats and any levels spent in speed will be refunded. Please note WC could remove the speed refund at any time, in which case no mod would be able to correct for that change. Please note that levels may seem off when adding/removing this mod; see below for more information on this.

Removing this mod would also revert tamed griffins and phoenix back to being genderless (N/A).

Will you lose your tamed flyers when adding this mod?
No. As stated on the mod's main Description and Features page: This mod "adds cleanly and removes cleanly, without losing any of your tamed flyers."

Can Wyverns breed with this mod?
Yes, supported species of wyvern (fire, lightning and poison) can breed, if the following server option is enabled. This option is disabled by default.

To enable wyvern breeding, insert the following code in your GameUserSettings.ini:


Can they mutate? Yes. Mutation is built into breeding; if they can breed they can mutate. What's the mutation percentage chance? Can you see the breeding completion bar? Or any other even-slightly-related breeding question? Same as any other vanilla dino.

Note: It will not affect Ice Wyverns as they still have not been fully added to the DevKit, and therefore are not yet supported by Classic Flyers.

Note: Options like this one will not be added for griffins or phoenix, as they do not have baby data in the main game's PGD file.

Can Rock Drakes breed with this mod?
Yes, classic rock drakes can breed, if the following server option is enabled. This option is disabled by default.

To enable rock drake breeding, insert the following code in your GameUserSettings.ini:


Is there a server setting to allow Classic Wyverns to turn faster?
Yes. Place the following code in your GameUserSettings.ini:


  • 5 is just a suggested setting; 1.2 is the default setting, but alter as you see fit.
  • Not using this option defaults to the standard setting of 1.2 (aka don't want it, don't use it).
  • Cannot be set to less than 1; will return to default.
  • Only affects tamed Classic Wyverns, and only while they are being ridden.

Note: It will not affect Ice Wyverns as they still have not been fully added to the DevKit, and therefore are not yet supported by Classic Flyers.

Note: Options like this will not be added for other CF Flyers.

Are there any server settings to alter flyer stats?
Yes. This mod has an assortment of server settings which allow each server to customize flyer stats to best fit their server. This can be done on a per species basis or on all flyers included in this mod as a group. A full list of server ini variables as well as detailed instructions on how to use them can be found in the Server Options discussion.

What are their base stats?
Exactly the same as their vanilla counterparts were post patch 259. What's changed compared to vanilla? They can level speed (the point of the mod). Feel free to review the ARK wiki or core game patch notes is you still need more information.

Where are the Admin Spawn Codes?
They are posted in their own pinned discussion named Admin Spawn Codes.

Are there Summon or GMSummon versions of the Admin Spawn Codes?
No. Classic Flyers are can only be manually spawned through the posted BP codes. Summon and GMSummon bypass active remaps and only use class names and not the file path, therefore they will always summon in the Vanilla versions of flyers. Any Vanilla flyers spawned in through these commands will automatically convert to the Classic versions after the next server reboot.

Note: Before the ARK Aberration release patch, Summon and GMSummon would spawn in whichever version of the class was currently active, which means they did used work for spawning in Classic Flyers. As that release changed how ARK handles remapping, this is no longer the case. I have sent an inquiry to a contact on ARK's team to see if they can assist with this, but its up to them to determine if changing it back would be possible/feasible.

Pathless Admin commands don't work?
No. Please see the previous question for the full explaination.
This includes, but isn't limited to:
  • Summon
  • GMSummon
  • DestroyAll

Is there an option to edit speed per level in this mod's ini settings?
No. The DevKit doesn't have a built-in function for cleanly adjusting speed per level. The closest possible is a base speed multiplier setting which is included in this mod. See the Server Options discussion for instructions on how to use these codes.

Will you add more server ini variables? Can you add X as a custom server variable?
No. All server options which can be added cleanly to this mod have already been added. That means the following ini options will never, can never be added:
  • Griffin or Phoenix breeding toggles
  • Altering speed gain per level
  • Disabling speed bonus from imprinting
  • Change what can be carried by individual flyer species
  • Altering rate baby wyverns consume wyvern milk
  • Options to disable specific species from being included in this mod.
  • The option to turn off being able to level speed at all (I know, leveling speed is the entire point of this mod, but people keep asking. If you don't want to level speed, its as simple as removing the mod.)
  • Anything even remotely similar to anything listed here.
Again, these options will never be added, so kindly don't ask.

Does this mod add wyverns, griffins or phoenix to maps which do not normally have them?
No. This mod will only modify wyverns, griffins and phoenix. It will not add them to a map in which they don't already normally spawn. If you wish for them to spawn on a map which doesn't normally have them, you can always switch something else's class for theirs in your ini files; Google for instructions on how to do this.

Wyverns/Pelas/Quetzals/Griffins/Other flyers overspawning all over the place?
This is what we've termed the overspawn issue. Particular species of dinos overspawning on a map is an issue that can happen when any remap mod, like this one, is used. This is caused by a bug in the core game, specifically with how the core game handles any remap mod, and is not caused by a bug on the mod's side. Some servers will always see it, others never will, sometimes it'll strike without warning where it hadn't before.

Note: Woeful Macabre, author of ACM (Admin Command Menu), kindly got with me concerning the overspawning we're seeing. Both forms of it - when a remapped dino increases in pop each time the server resest, and the less frequent moments when their population starts to skyrocket with no apparent trigger while a server is continually running - are both errors in the core programming of ARK with regard to handling remaps. This cannot be truly corrected by anyone but WC; they are aware of the issue but seem to be leaving "fixes" to the individual modders.

Why keep this mod as a remap when it causes this overspawn issue? Because a remap is the only way to revert flyers to their pre-nerf stats while allowing players to keep their current tames. It also allows this mod to be removed cleanly at any point should server owners not want it any more.

Until this issue is properly resolved by WC, I've created an automated culling system which will correct the issue as a work-around. This culling system is on by default and requires no admin action to enable. Please see the Changes to CF's Culling System discussion for more information on the overspawn issue and how CF corrects for it.

Does this mod work with Scorched Earth? Does this mod work with The Center?
This mod works on all core maps: The Island, The Center, and Scorched Earth.

Flyers can level speed but the amount of speed and stamina seem off?
Yup, they are off. This mod puts flyer stats for individual dinos back exactly where they were about a month before the nerf, but the Devs also altered the base multipliers for how flyer Speed and Stamina are calculated in the core game; please see the full vanilla patch notes for 256 and 259[] for more info. This can be altered to best suit each server's individual preference by customizing the server ini variables included in this mod. A full list of the server ini variables included as well as detailed directions on how to use them are posted in the Server Options discussion page.

A player has asked that I repost this helpful info as to another reason levels can seem off:
Originally posted by Gaia Callisto:
Hey guys/gals..
I have seen many Q's that your flyers don't get their stats back...
If you already put the lvls to other things after the nerf then those will not be reset..
Also WC stole lvls when they made that nerf.. That has nothing to do with this mod..
This mod helps you get stamina and speed back to your flyers if you didn't
use the lvls on other things..
If you did that mistake, then either backup your server to the nerf time and then install this mod
or breed your flyers and get your stamina and speed on new flyers

Flyer levels aren't calculating correctly?
This is the same issue as the previous one. Levels are now calculated differently for flyers in the core game. Essentially, wild levels "wasted" on speed do not count towards a flyer's total levels. Please see the full vanilla patch notes 256[] for more info.

Are you spawning in flyers that are not able to level speed?
Then you are using vanilla spawn codes and are summoning in vanilla ones. Please use the proper spawn codes for this mod: Admin Spawn Codes. Resetting the server will also correct any flyers spawned in with vanilla spawn codes.

Are fresh tames not able to level speed?/Are previous tames not able to level speed?
Then either 1. You don't have this mod installed. 2. You have another mod which alters vanilla tames installed and its overwriting this mod. or 3. You have another mod which adds new flyers; this mod cannot affect other mods. or 4. Your version of the mod is corrupted and you need to do a full reinstall. Whichever it is, know the problem is on your side; Google for more info as there are plenty of guides out there for how to properly install mods and solve user/server-side issues.

Flyers can't pick up wild dinos? Flyers can't pick up tame dinos?
That is caused by your server settings and has nothing to do with this mod; Google for more information. This can also be caused by trying to pick up something which weighs more than your flyer can lift which also has nothing to do with this mod.

Flyers can't be riden in caves?
That is caused by your server settings and has nothing to do with this mod; Google for more information.

Do you have a single species which cannot level speed and/or pickup wild dinos?
You most certainly have something wrong on your side. A simple server reboot usually fixes it. If this mod is properly installed on your side and you don't have other mods which alter flyer files running with it, it would be working for all species of standard flyers.

Flyers eating too much?
This can be caused by 1 of 3 things: 1. Other mods; check for incompatible mods which may be the issue. 2. Server settings can modify dino hunger and the rate at which they eat. Google for more information. 3. Setting the FlyerStaminaMultiplier higher than 1.0 (100% normal stam) will result in a loss of stam each time the server reboots which will cause them to eat more as they try to get their stamina up to their new max. This will also cause more food loss when pooping. NOTE: This also used to be caused by having the FlyerHealthMultiplier higher than 1.0 but that option has been disabled; setting it higher than 1.0 will result in it defaulting back down to 1.0; I will most likely do the same to the FlyerStaminaMultiplier.

Flyers pooping too much?
This can be caused by all of the previous things that cause the previous question. When flyers land, they regen their stamina which causes their food to go down which causing pooping. This has nothing to do with this mod and also happens in vanilla, both classic and current. If you think yours are pooping too much, check your server settings. Seriously, the questions some of you ask.

This mod has all of the new flyer sounds? Will you ever add the old flyer sounds?
It does have the new sounds. A good many people wanted me to add all of the original sound FX back when the mod was new. As that would significantly increase this mod's file size, and some people have been pretty vocal about it already being "too big", I have chosen not to add the old sound FX. I have no plans on adding in the old sound FX and I will not be making a seperate mod to do so, at least not unless someone is willing to generously commission the work involved.

Not getting any wyvern eggs?/Getting way too many wyvern eggs?
This problem is due to people using this mod with other mods which also affect wyverns and wyvern eggs which is directly causing the issue. A lack of wyvern eggs can also be caused by the next issue.

Not getting fertilized eggs when breeding dinos? Not finding wyvern eggs in nests?
That's a known vanilla issue caused by bad server settings. If your server has too much poop and regular eggs spawning, it can't spawn fertlized eggs. Reduce your server settings to compensate; Google for more information on this.

Wyvern eggs have a spoil time of zero when picked up?
Again, this is a well known vanilla issue even on completely unmodded Scorched Earth servers. Wyvern eggs don't disappear on their own when they time out. As player mjainc kindly posted "Collect all wyvern eggs once and clean up the scar. Wait four hours. Come back and collect the eggs."

Will this mod allow wyverns or rock drakes to lay eggs on non-native maps?
No. Spawning exotic wyverns and rock drakes does not magically allow them to lay eggs on non-native maps. That ability will never be added to this mod. Please see the Spawning Exotic Flyers discussion for more details.

Downloading/Transferring flyers through the obelisk and they're messed up/disappearing/not transferring?
Never, ever transfer any dinos between ARKs which do not have the exact same mods installed. Never, ever download any dinos from saved upload files which were created when you had different mods installed. This goes for any mod which alters dino files or adds new dinos. The results are unpredictable and usually bad. If you've done so without issue before, you got lucky.

As long as both servers have the same mod list, in the same order, and no other mods are being used which affect flyer dinos, you can successfully transfer flyers through the obelisks while using this mod just fine. Many users/servers do so regularly, including myself. If you are having issues doing so, see the previous paragraph, as the issue is most certainly on your side.

This issue has been increased by WC's recent anti-duping system. Their anti-duping system will often block downloads, an issue which is not mod specific. Sadly nothing to do about it except roll back the affected server and try again.

Aberration update: Aberration adds its own issues concerning downloads. It doesn't allow for modded dinos to be added to its download approved list, which includes the Classic Rock Drakes as they are modded. Transferring to an Aberration server with blacklisted dinos uploaded will also cause them to remain blacklisted when returning to other maps. You can force-allow all dinos to be downloadable to Aberration by using the ?CrossARKAllowForeignDinoDownloads=true server setting (hit Google or the Forums if you need help with that one).

Can you post a code to hide the Wyvern Stone or Emote: Pet! engrams?
No. As a firm rule, I never give out codes to turn off engrams for my mods. Too often have I found servers which had turned off item engrams to sell items from my mods to their players for real money. Don't ask for it; don't post it; I don't make exceptions.

Will you alter the Wyvern Stone to allow passengers on Griffins? Will you make a new stone for Griffins to allow passengers?
No. If you wish to have passengers on a griffin, its a simple enough matter to remove its Wyvern Stone. Consider Wyvern Stones to be a 1-person saddle. I have no interest in spending the time to change this.

Why is the mod so big?
This mod is designed to be as future friendly as possible. This makes it a very robust mod size-wise, but this is very necessary to ensure as good of a chance as possible that future vanilla changes won't affect it.

Some users have asked for a "lite" version of this mod without the extra features. Know that those features were added because they dealt with the same files which are already needed for this mod to function, in addition to the great quality-of-life benefits they give. Removing them would free up less than 1 MB of space.

Ran this mod alone and it didn't work?
That doesn't mean this mod is broken. Besides the many other causes listed in previous questions that can cause this, there's also a well known issue with any remap/1st-load order mod requiring at least 1 other mod after it in order for it to initialize properly.

Babies have inflated stats? Babies have super high speed?
That is a user-side issue and has nothing to do with this mod. I've tested this multiple times on my own servers and have never been able to replicate the issue. What could be causing it? The most likely suspects would be your server settings or using other mods which are incompatible with this mod.

All/some stats on dinos are resetting after a server reboot?
Nothing to do with this mod. Its a well-known core-game issue commonly found on high-level servers since the game first came out. Feel free to Google "ARK 255 Stat Bug"[] for more info.

Server crashing?
There is nothing in this mod which can cause a server crash. Read up on the recent Vanilla patch notes; they have many fixes listed for server crashes. That's where your problem is coming from.

Getting a mod mismatch error?/Getting a missing mod map error?/Unable to log into a friend's local game?/Unable to see server while this mod is on?
The problem is on your end as the mod itself is working perfectly fine. Google the error message you are seeing as well as how to perform a clean mod reinstall and try again. If you're still having troubles, try again. Rinse and repeat till you get it.

Do not post asking me to help with client-side issues; as I've clearly stated in this mod's policy, client-side issues have nothing to do with this mod and I will not assist with them. There is already an over abundance of guides out there explaining on how to correct the various client-side issues that can pop up for any mod.

Mod/Core-game just updated and now your server's not working?
See the previous question as its the same thing: The problem is on your end as the mod is working perfectly fine.

With my small mods that only have about 1k subscribers, there's always a few that think everything in a mod is broke after an update cause something went wrong on their side.

This mod has 250k+ subscribers. Its no surprise that several people have trouble with updating the mod on their side whenever a new update is rolled out. Doesn't mean the mod is broke. Just means some people need to try reinstalling on their side.

Most player troubles seem to be from them trusting their auto-updaters; if you are one, try performing a manual update. Here's a player repost of how someone corrected their issue:

Originally posted by AdiNoob:
1. I realised 895711211.mod vanished from my server content/mods
2. I made a quck copy/paste from my game/content/mods to server but didn't help
3. Did a manual mod upgrade/recheck in ark server manager
4. Everything is back to normal , I got my stats back and I can level up speed again
5. I have auto manage mods enabled but that didn't help to auto fix it on server startup

The next most common cause is when a completely different mod higher in the load order is broken. It'll give the false impression that some mods lower in the load order are broken.

The mod is working perfectly fine; I always immediately test it on my server after each update. If you are having troubles - kindly Google how to perform a clean mod reinstall and try again. Try tinkering with your mod load order. If you're still having troubles, try again. Rinse and repeat till you get it.

Imprinting is only working for Health?
Several players have reported this, but players who have dug in deeper said its just not showing in the initial description but if you level the other stats, you'll see the increase from imprinting reflected in how much they gain.

Can't regen stamina while standing on my quetz?
That was a vanila change, and it has to be corrected on the server's side. To still be able to stand on a quetz back and have it regain stam add the following:

Add to GameUserSettings.ini


Add to command line:

Argie, Ptera, and Quetz "Moonwalk" when walking backwards?
Update 2.10 gave this mod's flyers the ability to walk backwards. These three still appear to be walking forward even when walking backwards. The community voted and agreed they would rather them "Moonwalk" backwards than not be able to walk backwards at all. Will this change? Not unless you're an animator and are volunteering your time.

Can only some of the flyer species be enabled with this mod and the others left normal?
No. Its all or nothing. Will I/Can I change this? No.

Is it possible to change or remove the emotes added to the various flyers?
No. And I'm not going to remove the emotes from the mod or bind them to different keys. A few people have complained about this because it interferes with their personal keybindings, but my reply will always be the same if they ask - that personal keybindings are a personal choice and I'll not be changing any of this mod's features to suit any one individual's personal choice.

Does this mod include X?
Its easy enough to read this mod's listed Features to see what's included. If its listed there, then "Yes", if not then "No".

Now if you've already done that and are still asking anyways, then what you're really asking is "Can this mod include X?" which is already answered by this mod's policy of no requests with a firm "No".

Would you be willing to make a separate version of this mod with different features?
No. Its simply not something I'd be willing to do unless someone were to very generously and specifically commission the large amount of work involved. This mod alone has already taken up a massive amount of my time and has received relatively very little community support so I wouldn't be willing to effectively double my time already put into it.
This includes, but is not limited to, the following often-asked variants:
  • A seperate version that doesn't have all the "extras".
  • Versions that include dinos from other mods, or even including them in this mod. (Its just not possible, anyways.)
  • A version that allows you to edit speed gain per level. (again, not possbile anyways)
  • A version that disables speed bonus from imprinting.
  • A similar mod which returns non-flyer dinos back to their old settings.
  • A separate mod for certain species, to make them optional (ie Phoenix and Wyverns from Scorched Earth or Rock Drakes from Aberration) [Not an option, wouldn't integrate with CF features.]
Unless you're offering to finance the time and work invovled, please do not ask. I consider it very tacky for one person approach another and ask them for free stuff. Would that be appropriate behavior at your local grocery store? Car mechanic? Doctor's office? No, absolutely not. Which is why I don't understand why so many here think its ok to do so. Its not.

Do I post older versions of this mod?
No. Mod just updated and you want to use an earlier version? You're out of luck. I suggest updating like everyone else.

Will you make separate spawners for the different flyer species?

Is there anyway to revert to a previous version of the mod?

Will this/Can this mod be posted elsewhere for download?

Will you/Can you add functionality from another mod to this one?
No. As per this mod's stated Policy: "Consider this mod as-is and exactly how I want it."

Want to know more specifically when updates to this mod are incoming?
As stated clearly on the main Description, this mod updates on Thursdays and may have multiple updates each Thursday. Critical bug fixes or responses to Vanilla changes may alter this schedule.

For those who would like a reminder when its Thursday, feel free to subscribe to this Updates thread.

Why won't you answer my question?
Most likely because because the question failed to follow this mod's stated Policy (as posted on the main Description page) and/or the answer is already clearly posted above in this FAQ and I'm done with repeating myself. Besides those common reasons, then its cause the issue sounds like its on your side (again, please refer to this mod's stated Policy).

TLDR? Don't like how its organized?
Not my prob. Want help? RTFM. Using "control + f" to search for keywords is very helpful.

Why did you delete my comments?
Because they did not follow this mod's stated Policy (as posted on the main Description page) and/or the answer is already clearly posted above in this FAQ. My policy directly states that if any questions/issues are already answerd/addressed in this FAQ, they will be deleted. This is especially true for issues which are obviously user-side issues which have nothing to do with this mod. Leaving them there only confuses other users new to this mod.

[Insert Random Issue Here]?
Chances are if you have some random issue that no one else has reported then the issue is on your side. What are the odds that you found some huge issue that the other 1mil+ subs missed? Pretty small.

Please help me out by also performing at least a basic search in the official ARK Patch Notes thread, main ARK forums and official Bug Reports forum before posting bug reports. Many of the posts to this mod's Bug Reports are vanilla issues which have nothing to do with this mod and I've got more important :repoop: to do than repeating what's already been posted. Thanks!

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