Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

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Game Content: Campaigns, Sounds
Game Modes: Single Player, Co-op
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18 Oca 2013 @ 12:43
9 Eyl 2013 @ 19:43
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Beldurra takes the survivors through three new maps, traversing the already-ruined city of Beldurra. They must fight their way to a river-side salvage yard to escape. Features multiple/alternate routes, new game mechanics (like building pipe bombs and molotovs), original textures and an original end-credits score.

Special thanks to: NowOrTrevor, Borkjop, Chainsaws Ahoy and Sean for playtesting and input, and Valve Software for making the development tools available for this fantastic game.
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31 Eki 2022 @ 11:59
Beldurra - Review by Endless
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369 Yorum
事茶文 2 Eki @ 7:05 
ToYou 2 Eki @ 7:02 
do not post and map again
Ñoñañiñoñu 27 Eyl @ 16:06 
unbalanced, lots of hordes...poor level desing, lazy creativity and is a shame due to the map having potential. RESPECT THE PLAYERS.
Dxrk55 26 Eyl @ 3:33 
This map has some problems:
First: It's very unbalanced not enough pills or medkits or ANYTHING I was playing with 8 survivors onhard difficulty and I barely made it (all off my bots died) because of too many hordes, they give you grenades sometimes

second: The map sucks at telling you where to go sometimes

4/10 playing it with non enhanced ai wihtout 8 survivors on realism expert would be impossible
Nep Was Eaten By Me 24 Eyl @ 4:45 
+ 1st and 2nd maps are very well designed and balanced
+ Picking locks is an interesting element. This adds realism

- So many medkits
- The bridge on the 3rd map works very incorrectly due to the game engine. Bots are stupid - you have to teleport them. Zombies get stuck under the floor.

:CyberdimensionNepgear:P.S. I don't understand why there are so many negative comments. There are much worse and unbalanced campaigns in the workshop
Ashkhân 17 Eyl @ 13:13 
Awesome_MAN79 30 Ağu @ 16:51 
This map doesn't respect the player. Not even worth a download, there are much better designed maps in the workshop
What an absolute load of crap. Doesn't hold up in the slightest. Absolutely no idea how this has 5 stars. Wish I read the comments.
Spicy Dan 5 Ağu @ 20:41 
chapter 1 & 2 are pretty good, finale is just bad
arrynchaos 5 Ağu @ 15:21 
Garbage Map, the finale gauntlet is unbearable and unbalanced. Mod makers out here be confusing unfair for difficult, they are not the same thing.