Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

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Game Content: Campaigns, Sounds
Game Modes: Single Player, Co-op
178.081 MB
18.1.2013 klo 12.43
9.9.2013 klo 19.43
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Beldurra takes the survivors through three new maps, traversing the already-ruined city of Beldurra. They must fight their way to a river-side salvage yard to escape. Features multiple/alternate routes, new game mechanics (like building pipe bombs and molotovs), original textures and an original end-credits score.

Special thanks to: NowOrTrevor, Borkjop, Chainsaws Ahoy and Sean for playtesting and input, and Valve Software for making the development tools available for this fantastic game.
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31.10.2022 klo 11.59
Beldurra - Review by Endless
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352 kommenttia
Bandit 28.5. klo 10.07 
기믹많고 불합리한 기믹도 있었지만 집집마다 보급 많아서 할만했었는데 피날레가 어려워서 고급하다가 보통했음
목욕하는 마시멜로 27.5. klo 20.22 
We lasted about 10 minutes on the finale cuz of the bug
solpaca 14.5. klo 19.32 
FYI, there's an RNG softlock in the first level with the car that you need to shoot the gas to move. If a tank spawns behind it and hits it, it will disappear but still have an invisible wall.
raydamnt 18.4. klo 5.59 
you must be smoking crack when you think that finale was good
Ame 9.4. klo 1.11 
nope I can't take it, first chapter Saferoom Horde Spam, second chapter confusing path, third chapter weirdly lake bridge with a long rushing path, and then there it is the SI spam

The only good thing about this map was generous resources, and that's it, Realism Expert this map with 4 people, final(fucking)ly

2/10, unenjoyable
Goofyahhballs 21.3. klo 12.36 
3/10, unbalance, broken final, the rest are normal
| ° ° | 20.3. klo 18.00 
had a great experience on the first 2 chapters, and then there is a finale........
long infinite horde + stuck SI spot = bad
hold E to spawn 19.3. klo 22.38 
not bad
but the problem is where is the fucking rescue after opening the gate
검은콩두유 6.3. klo 11.44 
불닭님 글 보고 2편 해봄ㅋㅋ
millie 6.3. klo 6.25 
total shit bug bug and bug no medik kit and no guns in safehouse total shit:missing: