Left 4 Dead 2
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Game Content: Campaigns, Sounds
Game Modes: Single Player, Co-op
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18 січ 2013 о 12:43
9 вер 2013 о 19:43

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Beldurra takes the survivors through three new maps, traversing the already-ruined city of Beldurra. They must fight their way to a river-side salvage yard to escape. Features multiple/alternate routes, new game mechanics (like building pipe bombs and molotovs), original textures and an original end-credits score.

Special thanks to: NowOrTrevor, Borkjop, Chainsaws Ahoy and Sean for playtesting and input, and Valve Software for making the development tools available for this fantastic game.
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Коментарів: 193
Iliyana 2 лип о 22:24 
I love it so bad, good job!
𝓚𝓪𝓪𝓻𝓪𝓼 6 чер о 23:32 
Crashes My Game Everytime I Launch The Map
Gaming_Bigfoot 30 тра о 14:39 
Quickly went from interesting to immesurably frustrating.
Astrikz 14 тра о 5:30 
Its make me Hot Head now!! FIX THIS MOD
WinterX 17 кві о 1:01 
nice, good job
Jamba! "Sparabo 33333" 18 бер о 14:34 
[ℛℬ] ▶Ò Ř Ó◀ (Տρ) 10 бер о 7:56 
PANACHE 10 лют о 23:12 
Do you think the ending is a bit over the fucking top?
romulord 3 лют о 15:30 
In my opinion, the beginning is good. It has some cool ideas like lockpick and als rewards the player for exploring the map. The number of zombies is menageable, but there are still some problems with the spaws of special infected. Also there are spawns in some safehouses, in the end and in the beginning, The first maps would be 8/10, but the finale ruins the fun.
romulord 3 лют о 14:57 
Cool ideas but not well executed. The map is interesting but the spawns are horrible. It just throws tons of hordes at you, sometimes without any pause. The special infected come all the time, no pause either. Must also say that in many parts you can get out of the map, just bad design. The final fase is ridiculous with endless waves. I finished it with my friend, but just because we played long enough for the map to bug out and stop sending hordes with endless special infected. No instructions whatsoever for what you have to do in the end. Just rush and more rush.