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Epic Tf2 Weapons
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Scepter of Mmmphhs
Created by Linc
Replaces flamethrower. Is powered by magics.

- Team colored
- 3 LoD's...
Blue Steel
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Harpoon knife for Spy.
Calm waters might not be so calm after all.
Part of a set. Stay tuned.

The Beatnik Beater
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
Police baton for Demoman, perfect for riot control

* 4 lods
* Strap has jigglebones...
Stronghold Steadfast
This shield is only bestowed upon on the most exalted members of the Jaratist' order, When they're finally fed up of getting covered in piss.

WEAPON SUBMISSION (that would also work as a misc too..)
Sky-High Tops
And they said stapling bits of card in the shape of wings to your shoes would only slow you down!

Concept/design: Fudgie Wudgie
Model/rigging: The Heartsman
Texture/paint: Frying Dutchman
Idea/inspiration: Merczy...
Forward March
Created by AGStanley
For the front line Medic.

Medigun, "The Forward March."
4 LOD Models, RED and BLU team textures, SPEC and Normalmap.

Made with Maya 2011, Photoshop and Illustrator....
Created by Actual Trash

... and by that, I mean it's time to arm our favorite drunken demoltion man with a highly explosive and unstable bone smashing device guaranteed to turn your enemies into a juicy pulp.

It has 3 LODs and jigglebones....
Bulletproof Battery
Created by Astute
"They say the best defense is a good offense...

... but they never said you couldn't have both."

A remake of my previous submission, The "Soviet Sidekick". This is one of the first real weapon resubmissions I've done so far, after refining m...
Prompt Perforator V4
Created by Astute
"An innocent novelty that conceals a sinister intent. Now, it only dispenses a quick demise..."

This happened to be my first item that I made for TF2. It had a lot of rough around the edges, and I decided that it deserved a remake. It's seen a ...
Created by Astute
"Harm with impunity. Heal with precision."

A compact spring-based dart gun for the Medic. It utilizes the Crusader's Crossbow's rig, and operates much the same way. The design revolves around the idea that it was originally an actual crossbow, ...
Controller's Crux
Created by Astute
"Suitable for man-sized puppets."

A giant wooden marionette/puppet cross that's been patched together and fashioned into a makeshift weapon. There isn't much to be said about it. It's the first entry in a set of puppetry-themed items I've been ...
The "Counterfeat"
Created by AyesDyef
A pure platinum silver watch with poker chip face finish, valued by many, especially the mob, but instead of cutting his hand off for his watch, they cut the watch off his hand instead!
They didn't live very long afterwards.

It only acts like the Dead ...
Paladins Platebreaker
Created by AyesDyef
Armor. Feels great when it's on you but awful when it's on an enemy. Unless you have a weapon specifically designed to work as a giant can opener (with more smashing). Other uses include: Opening doors, crates and piggybanks, hammering nails, pulverizing b...
The "Calling Card"
Created by AyesDyef
"An ace in the hole is worth two in the back."

A knife based on old poker cheats, who use a hidden card attached to a metal arm under their sleeves, this blade compliments the Counterfeat with a boost of speed on each backstab, however all minicrits will ...
The Brute Force
Created by Bapaul
For when you really need to tear down that massive concrete wall, and the 6 people in front of it

Model/texures by Bapaul
Idea by Kibble
Der Schmerzschild
Created by Bapaul
Save yourself.
Click for my workshop page!

Vote here on the Arms Race competition!
La Coupe Cachée
Created by Bapaul
Hidden blade inside of your cane, efficient and stylish

Jiggleboned offhand cane.

Concept by Square
Model/Texture by Bapaul...
Lil' Sparky
Created by Batandy
Sometimes you just need a little less gun. If that happens, you'd better make sure that your gun packs a punch!...
Created by Benergy
Buy one, get two!...
Created by Arsonist
Made from real dragon!

(Disclaimer: Not made from real dragon)

Note: I've had a lot of comments about getting this thing gold star certified. Weapons can not be certified, the import/certification tool only works on misc items and hats....
Created by Arsonist
I have finally sorted the DMCA issue, and been given the name of the culprit. I wont name and shame here, but it was indeed a stupid troll.

The completely redesigned, completely upgradable, completely gunned and flying Radio Controlled Aerial Turret!
Surprise Sentry
Created by Arsonist
This one was a quickie.

Oh no, not yet another flying sentry? Whatever will we do?

The Surprise Sentry would allow the player to launch a small, low-powered flying sentry from a distance (similar to the distance of Demomans bombs). It would have a sm...
Big Bones
Created by Arsonist
Your regular miniguns just not intimidating enough? Use the Big Bones.

LODs are in development, and lightwarps are being tweaked , but the rest of this works perfect.

Jigglebones included for extra jiggly goodness.

Note: I've had a lot of comments...
Flaming Riff
Created by Arsonist
The hills are ablaze with the sound of music.

Inspired by the Coma Doof guitar in Fury Road.

Includes 3 LODs.

Models and textures by myself, images created in SFM by Milk O'War....
The 50K Volt
Created by CoBalt
Assault and Battery

- 4 LODs
- Charge meter dial moves back when firing.
- Batteries included

The Bolt Cutter
Created by CoBalt
"I could hit you in the head with a wrench, or I could stab you in the gut with a knife. Practical and Safe."

- Wrench
- Machete
- Wrenchete
- 3 LODs
The Crash Course
Created by CoBalt
Time for a lesson in getting blown up.

- 4 LODs!
- Durable!
- Reliable!
Created by ColonelBD
An Old timey flare gun, which is inspired by the Black Box.

Download link on Gamebanana and TF2mods....
The Depraved Defacer
Created by ColonelBD
A Kukri based off the Headtaker and a Caneknife/Club combination.

Download links will be up when NOTLU goes live....
The Crowd Controller
Created by Colteh
One of the finest pieces of equipment a demoman can own.

The Attitude Adjuster
Created by Colteh
A nailgun and pistol hybrid for engineer!

Mod release:

To install the mod you need to: take the vpk files and...
Ol' Snaggle's Tooth
Created by Colteh
Sharper than a crocodile's tooth.

Reuploaded because of some issues, please do revote if you voted for the old one!

Check out the other items!
The Beat Cop
Created by Colteh
The most lethal non-lethal weapon you'll ever see.

Li'l Mate
Created by Constructor


This mod is not going to be uploaded on Gamebanana because honestly, that site is a shithole. Also, NATKO, you DO NOT hav...
Created by Constructor
When a handgun just won't do the trick, an armgun is what you need. (Firing this beaut for twelve seconds costs an arm and a leg.)

Barrel spins, bandolier has jigglebones.

Created by Constructor
A (t)rusty sidekick....
The Backbiter
Created by Constructor
hunting's a good job mate

Picture of the closed version:
Created by CoreVixen
Useful for both contructing buildings and putting large holes in your enemies.

3 LODs...
The Compact Combustor
Created by CoreVixen
Out of options? Dig this antique out of the closet and hope to high hell it still works!

Thanks to Lev for the description
Video made by Karma Charger
Download on the collection page.
The Burner
Created by DANG21
Team colored

wallpapers by Kunoichi
Christmas Shield
Created by DANG21
When struck in the back, you will hear the ringing of the bell...
BOOMsday Calendar
Created by DANG21
DA.n.G21 Modeling/Texturing
VLEKᴬʳᵗꜟˢᵗ Texturing/Concept...
Anvilmann's Smithing Hammer
Created by DatGmann
Made by:
DatGmann And Rageguy -Model
Gadget -Texture
Has 2 LoDs.
Mod Download:
The Catacomb Cleanser
Created by DatGmann
2 LoDs
Self Illumination
Jiggleboned lamp

Due to popular demand i have made a special model which works for the soldier
Part of the Halloween 2013 community "update"
The Cocktail Surprise
Created by DeR‎osaJ
Should this item be utilized in-game, the molotov could be used as either a throwing item, or as an Ullapool Caber-type melee weapon (Valve's method of incorporation could vary).

Hope you like it :-)

If you wanna look pretty with some molotovs on you...
"Duckfoot" The 4-Barrel Flinklock
Created by Dennis G
How can you go wrong with 4 barrels!?

Thanks for all the comments, Sorry for posting on all the classes, I think it could fit any class depending on its actual function ingame. All of your ideas and suggestions are highly appriciated....
The Ba-Tzu-Ka
Created by Dewzie
If fighting is sure to result in victory then you must fight!...
The Circuit Breaker
Created by Dewzie
It's a new lap record!

Concept art by Metabolic....
Created by Dio Joestar
Repeated exposure may cause headache, hysterical pregnancy, and/or premature death.
Maniac's Maschinenpistole
Does it heal, or does it hurt?
Who knows what kind of gruesome liquid the Medic decided to stuff into his dad's old submachine gun?
Whatever it is, it's probably bad news for anyone on the opposing team.

- Unique MP40-inspired design!
- 4 ...
Danger Ranger (Iron Gauntlet)
Created by Donvius
UPDATE: Alright, if anyone wants to check it out for themselfs in the game, here is a download link for a mod that will replace the Direct Hit with Danger Ranger:

- - - - -

Because if you want to win wars and b...
ACTION HALE! series 3
Created by Ducksink
After several lawsuits and one restraining order against the ol...
The Destruction Worker
Created by Eedo Baba
Ever have trouble getting that perfect aim? Perhaps the demon drink has left you impaired? The Destruction Worker looks to remedy these issues with a little Scottish ingenuity, involving some cutting edge technology like magnets and tape. Your grenades wil...
The Bad Trip
Created by Eedo Baba
Defense is a tricky thing, especially if lasers aren't involved. Luckily for you, the Bad Trip does have lasers. Trip-bombs attach themselves to walls, and emit a security laser beam. Enemies crossing the beam will... Well, let's just say they won't have a...
Bird's Eye Bomber
Created by Eedo Baba
A specially designed rocket launcher that allows the user to alternatively shoot downward, without having to look down. This keeps line of sight when rocket jumping, allowing the user to have a strategic advantage for those first few moments in the air....
Ol' Satchmo's Backup:
Created by Eedo Baba
Because blasting spies in the face is just a tiny bit more fun when using a shotgun made out of a trumpet and a busted guitar.

New! Check out the model in 3D:
Margay Special
Created by Ertz™
"Six shots, more than enough to kill anything that moves."...
The Brew Blaster
Created by Ertz™
Comes with:

- 3 Lods
- Custom grenade (Team coloured) (not shown in the pictures, but there is one i promise :D)

Part of the "Rex Lusca" set.
Point Man's Carbine
Created by Ertz™
Unscoped sniper rifle.

- too many triangles (6141)
- modelled after the mauser98k

sorry for the straps in the second screenshot, they aren't jiggleboned.
update_v1: -jiggleboned now

Created by Ertz™
rocket launcher for soldier....
The Burst Shot
Created by Ertz™
Flare gun for pyro
part of the "Arms Race" contest.

Click picture to download mod ....

posters by cdjo, colteh and ertz...
The Combusting Chamber
Created by Ertz™
Flamethrower for le pyro
part of the "Arms Race" contest.

Click picture to download mod ....
High Noon
Created by Ertz™
"When a man with a rifle meets a man with a .45, you say the man with the pistol is a dead man. Let's see if thats true."


-1024x1024 texture
-Team colors
-Works with ...
High Noon
Created by Ertz™

When the Clock Strikes Twelve, One Bullet will End it All.

Part of The Bushman Bandit set.

-3 lods
-512x512 diffuse

Risky Razors
Created by Ertz™
"Item made as a possible Dead Island Riptide promo"

All class melee weapon (except spy and engineer)

Update: - changed the position of the razor guard
- managed to let the blade spin
- impro...
Created by Ertz™
Part of the "Scatterbrain Mundy" set.

Comes with Custom Animations !!

Mod Coming soon !...
The Celtic Cleaver
Created by Ertz™
Comes with:

- 2 Lods
- Normal map

Part of the "Rex Lusca" set.
Pocket Flamethrower
Created by Evil_Knevil
Stats suggestion:
On hit: + knocks back enemy at a distance equal to the stock flamethrower
+ Sets enemy on fire

Feel free to add your own stats suggestions in the comments below!

The video is meant to show off t...
Pigeon-fancier's Coop
Created by Evil_Knevil
Resubmitted, now with medigun!

Download it here:
Huntsman Requiem
Created by FiveEyes
"Will the arrow choose whether you live or die? Or will my awful aim be the deciding factor?"

- A bow and arrow awakend by the power of Australium
- Custom arrow projectile

Created by FiveEyes
Part of the Arms Race 2 contest!

"We were sent to hell, but went down even deeper. Emerging from the flames we've unchained hell itself. A demon with a thirst for revenge."

Bio Breaker
Created by FiveEyes
Part of the Arms Race 2 contest! (And Iron Gauntlet Showcase)

"My drill is the drill that will pierce your chest"

- Its a drill
- 3 LoDs
- Team colored
- Did I mention its a drill?

Spycy Chilli
Created by Flat Penguin
Whilst no one has ever eaten this and lived to tell the tale without internally combusting within seconds.. this disturbingly large chilli pepper makes a wonderfull stabbing device with a literally heart warming effect!

Back stabbing an enemy with this wi...
Tesla Shocker
Created by Folkye
Special thanks to Demi for amazing SFM shot!

Special thanks to Ciel Freeman and #trigger_hurt for inspiring to make this weapon and for their design suggestions.

FissionMetroid has made lightning spark ...
Rogue's Rapier
Created by Freyja
Any good spy knows that it's important to look stylish while killing someone.

With this fine dagger modelled after a Rapier, you'll be the talk of the town, or lack thereof, considering you will have stabbed this stylish weapon into their backs already....
Provocateur's Pocketwatch
Created by Frump
A pocketwatch for the Spy with discerning taste. Feel comfortable while cloaked knowing that for an entire TEN frames, you were more fashionable than your fellow Spy.

Additional Images:
Heavy Artillery
Created by Gadget
This is my submission for the Facepunch TF2 Arms Race design contest which has been voted as 1st place. Thanks to everybody who voted for it!

o Heavy primary weapon
o Jiggling handles on the ammo crate
o 4 LODs (6172/4608/2651/1340 tris)

Update 28t...
L.A.S.E.R. Pan
Created by Gadget
L.A.S.E.R. Pan

After spacelab scientists invented traveling at the speed of light they got hungry so they also invented cooking at the speed of light. This pan is going to roast your steak in just about 10^-42 seconds.

o All-class melee weapon
o Sel...
Created by Gadget

o Jiggling ale
o 3 LODs
Dragon Hunter
Created by Gadget
Dragon Hunter

Mod download (old version)[]
Royal Dynasty Dagger
Created by Gadget
Royal Dynasty Dagger

Mod download[]
Bonk! Sugar Frenzy
Created by Gadget
Bonk! Sugar Frenzy

This is a remake of my very first workshop item from 2012.

o Scout Lunch Box Item
o Tweaked mesh proportions
o Jiggle boned slush and straw
o New textures...
Bladesmith Hammer
Created by Gadget
Bladesmith Hammer

Concept by YeWelshTabby
Morning Star
Created by Gadget
Morning Star

o Multi-class melee weapon
o 5 LODs

Concept by YeWelshTabby
N.U.C.U.L.A.R. Core
Created by Gadget
N.U.C.U.L.A.R. Core

This high capacity nuclear energy cell is used to power outer space vehicles and also quite destructive on heavy impact.

o Throwable device for Sniper and Scout
o Self-illuminated texture
o Jiggling liquid inside
o Soft green glow par...
Battle Banana
Created by Gadget
Battle Banana

o Heavy secondary weapon
o Jiggle bones
o Bite bodygroup
o 2 LODs

Feel free to talk about stats in the discussions section.

Battlefield Backpack
Created by Gadget
Battlefield Backpack

Stats idea:

o Damage dealt fills meter (just like the other backpacks)
o When activated constantly refills ammo, increases attack speed and reload speed (applies to nearby teammates, too)

Battle Axe
Created by Gadget
Battle Axe

o Pyro melee weapon
o 4 LODs
Silent Sight [Obsolete]
Created by Goatking732
"Although the silencer is massive. It can put a hole through someone....eventually."

This is a entry for the Arms Race 3.

Go check out the newest version here
The Bigger Stick
Created by Grampa' Soldier
Thank you all for supporting this version! As of now we have made an improved version!
Here is the new version: UPDATED Item!

Listen up sonny! Your old man here is about...
The Bigger Stick (Revamped)
Created by Grampa' Soldier
"Son, back before rockets even existed, men used GIANT BULLETS fired out of GIANT GUNS for fighting wars! Now take what your old man's Old Man here used to crush maggots with and make me PROUD!"
-Soldier's Grandfather probably.

Updated version of our [url...
Merlin's Malady
Created by HellJumper
This is a medieval sniper item featured in the community medieval update.

To download this weapon as a mod, click here[]....
Space Cowboy
Created by Hideous
It's about gorram time you showed up, Captain Reynolds.

A pistol for the Engineer....
Firkin Flamer
Created by Hideous
Everyone said I shouldn't use wood to build my flamethrower, but I did it anyway! Who's laughing now?!

A completely redone and much improved version of the Firkin Flamer that we created for the Medieval Update.

YES, the original version was in...
Primordial Pike
Created by Hools [3229]
Primordial Pike - Sniper - Weapon

"Ya bloody pikers!" - Sniper

[This weapon is intended to be throwable]

You are the ultimate combatant. You don't need fancy weapons...
Ragin' Bull
Created by Hools [3229]
Ragin' Bull - Demoman - Weapon

The bull skull motif was inspired by the Demoman's shield "charge" attack....
The Bushman's Butterfly
Don't butterfly swords come in pairs? Where's the other one?

"Buried in the back of some bloke's skull."

A big choppy butterfly sword for the Sniper!

- 2 LoDs
- 2 Styles
- Jigglebones!

Edit: Reduced the overall size of the sword and altered the propor...
The Cosmic Cleaver
Created by InfectedPotato
The finest in astro-cutlery....
Merasmus' Private Stash
Created by JPRAS
Merasmus' Private Stash - A cabinet + potion buff styled weapon for Soldier.

Suggested stats:

On use: Random attribute for 5 seconds (roll the dice style)

[Feel free to suggest your own stats]

JPRAS - Model
Texman - Concept, Texture
Ququmannz's Wrath
Created by JPRAS
A Mayann themed minigun for Heavy...
Spur of The Moment
Created by Jal
Whack the crap out of people with this convenient pistol....
The Defensive Engie Pack
Created by Jal
The concept is to have a building that generates shield similar to the one around the sentries when you are using Wrangler. There should be a special effect applied to the generator ring similar to the rotating light ring above the center control point in ...
Prototype S-8
Created by Joey90
Using the power of electromagnetism to seperate people from their heads.

Bigger Pic -

Download - (Replaces the Machina)

This was made for the Fa...
Signal Hacker
Created by Joshimon
Signal Hacker (Spy)
Level 0-100 Ray gun

Thanks for viewing!...
Master Blaster
Created by Jukebox
We don't know what you keep in your briefcase; documents, genophage serums, undies, whatever. We do know that the best way to keep people from stealing it is lasers. Lots of Lasers. And that's where this beauty comes in. It'll fill your enemies full of hol...
The Blitzstorm
Created by Jukebox
50,000 unstoppable watts.

-Includes backpack
-Custom particles
-Custom sounds

Thanks to Karma Charger for the demon...
Melf's Magic Poison
Created by Jukebox
Deals 1d4 damage for 1d3 rounds

-Custom particles

Jukebox - Item
Dilly Dong - SFM

Havoc Attack
Created by Jukebox
Go big or go home.

Includes custom rocket model

Models - Jukebox
Textures - Gadget

Mod Downloads![]

Double Beheader
Created by Jukebox
Ye olde head remover.

Throwing Axe for Scout, replaces Flying Guillotine.

2 Styles
The Circuit Breaker
Created by Jukebox
You might feel a slight sting.

Medic melee weapon

-Custom sounds
-Animated lightning

Thanks to Karma Charger f...
Beam Bat
Created by Jukebox
Originally we used this thing to remove things such as solder or pickle jar lids. Until one of our techs found it removes other stuff, like limbs. Don't worry, he's fine, we gave him $50 and a slightly used brand new leg.

Melee for Scout.

SFM video comin...
The Critical Transmission
Created by KaLS
Shocking, isn't it?

Comes with custom particles.
Thanks to Karma Charger for the demonstration video!
Rum Gunner
Created by KingPooChicken
"They may take our lives, but they wont take our bottles of scrumpy!!!"

Weapon - Grenade Launcher

3 LODs

Next Update - None at the moment......
The Carved Cutter
Created by Kirillian
A Knife created for Mayann Project.

Please check out Sketchfab link outside of steam to get a better view. You can find it here:
Or by clicking the 3D icon on the sketchfab preview on Steam p...
The Burst Beacon
Created by Kowalo
A flare gun that delivers distress rather than preventing it....
Berserker's Brew
Created by Kowalo
To drink it responsibly would be to not drink it at all.

Check out the taunt here


Double Jaw
Created by Kowalo
Two-sided, for twice the bludgeoning....
M61 Vulcan
Created by Lejean
Back protection and ultra mobile!

Update 4:
Added specular map for metal shine

Update 3:
Added more detail to barrel and changed texture
Added shoulder straps
Moved/changed parts of the gun

Update 2:
Reduced size of barrel
Increased bullet count on chai...
Created by Mad Turret
" PEACE-pipe, guy!!!... " (Chieftain)

Melee weapon for the Scout.
Alternative Sandman in the Indian style.

3080 polygon....
The Case In Point
Created by Manolo Legendre
The good ol' Rocketlauncher properly concealed in a hardshell guitar case. Essential for the musician on the go, particularly at border crossings.

This item is part of The One Man Band Set.
Green Punisher
Created by Manuca
It's a cruel way to punish your enemies!...
Rustler's Revolver
Created by Merczy
Model and Textures by Merczy
Rigging and Materials by Taco...
Frenchman's Forfeit
Created by Mister Yadaization
You're done playing fair.

Three times the bullets means three times the chance to actually hit something.

Download on Gamebanana:

3 LODs!

Gallery to be expanded on soon.

Based on the Pistola con Car...
Fountain Pain
Created by Mother
Based off a novelty nudity pen. When the pen is flipped (upon backstab) her clothes come off.

Since the image isn't uploading, the animation can be seen here:
(NOTE: Old iteration)...
Geneva Protokill
Created by Mother
Say 'NO' to conventional weapons.

Say 'YES' to chemical warfare!...
Ethereal Extremity
Created by Mr. Tinder
"Maybe we are all holograms...or I guess just your dominant hand is."

-Team colored
-Hologram and emitter glows in the dark
-3 LODs

-Mr. Tinder: Modeling,Texturing, and Promo Images
-Metabolic: Texturing and Concepting...
Created by NeoDement
Primary weapon for the Airborne Arsonist set.

Huge thanks to Hideous for the promo picture!

Now available for download as a mod here:
Condiment Cannon
Created by NeoDement
Adds excitement to any snack!

A handgun condiment dispenser weapon for Scout, which uses the Shortstop animations.
Crocketeer's Cloak v2
Created by NeoDement
A resubmission of the old Crocketeer's Cloak.

-Reduced jigglebones to be importer friendly
-Reduced size for silhouette readabilty reasons
-Modified paintability for team readability reasons from the back

(tagged as a weapon and a misc, as I think ...
Heart Beater [without particles]
Created by NeoDement
Halloween themed bat n ball. Includes heart beat animation, jigglebones and custom fleshy sound effects.
All the sound effects are 100% original audio.

Modelling, Texturing, Animation, Killicons and promotional media by NeoDement
Initial Item Concept, Sou...
Heart Beater [with particles]
Created by NeoDement
New version of the Heart Beater (previously known as Heart Breaker). Resubmission was necessary as a new author had been added, who made the particles.

Valentines Day themed bat n ball. Includes heart beat animation, jigglebones, custom fleshy sound effec...
Created by Orko
Save time, labor and fuel,
with the Iron Maid tool....
The Backrack
Created by Orko
" what a good Soldier calls a "Nice Rack""...
Created by Orko
"If the enemy wants a peace offering, offer them a piece of this."

Demonstration video made by:
(Many thanks for the upload!)...
Created by Orko
"When the cannons fall silent, it's just because you can't hear them over the sound of this baby!"

Demonstration video made by:
(Many thanks for the upload!)...
Created by Orko
Hey, hey, hey ich war so hoch auf Rejuvenator
(Doch dann fiel ich ab..)...
Little Dasha
Created by Orko
"When big shots make improper advances toward her,
she'll defend her honor with great success!"

Demonstration video made by:
(Many thanks for the upload!)...
Created by Orko
Brought to you by Schucker & Sons.
Skull Saw
Created by Orko
Strike first, ask questions later.

EDIT: moved crank and added clean and blood styles...
Created by Orko
STOP! Stabber time....
Created by Orko
"You see a crazed, mumbling enemy rushing towards you, carrying one of these? You're hosed."...
Tanya 9000
Created by Orko
Cuts sandviches -precisely- in half.
Also shoots laser beams....
Created by Orko
"Builds it up, tears you down."...
Created by Orko
Say goodbye to all those bugs with the Decontaminator: the delightfully fragant way!...
Lunar Launcher
Created by Pappa Bells
Join the space race and fly to the Moon! Reach orbital heights with this lunar themed launcher!

Comes in team colours (at no extra charge)....
Hell in the Shell
Created by Piascyk
Portable pyrotechnics for the Pyro.

- 2 LODs (3730 tris, 1616 tris)
- Team colors...
Outback Initiative
Created by Pixenal
Melee weapon for sniper...
Burning Billy
Created by Pixenal
Douse you foe's in only the highest quality fuel.

[Updated Lightwarp in VMT, is brighter now and has better shading]

o Replaces Sniper's Jarate
o 2 LODs (Levels Of Detail)
o Team Colored

Submission for Iron Gauntlet...
Created by Pixenal

• Replaces Secondary Slot
• 4 LODs (Levels Of Detail)
• A...
Auto Matilda
Created by Pixenal

• Replaces Primary Slot
• 4 LODs (Levels Of Detail)

Created by Pogo
Tasty and Terrifying!

Also part of the "Morsel Combat" Pack:
Sandy & Claws
Melanie's Melon Cap
The Botany Bay Butcher
Created by Pogo
Here comes the scary part...
Survivalist's Slugger
Created by Populus
The Survivalist's Slugger....
The Cold Front
Created by Populus

The Cold Front - Sniper rifle based on a Dragunov.

Lods included.

Don't forget to comment, vote, favorite and post your stat ideas! :)

Penalty Shooter
Created by Populus
A hockey themed gun for the Scout.

Part of a set.

Essendon Eliminator
Created by Populus
A sniper rifle entry for the Arms Race!

Mod Download![]
Cross Checker
Created by Populus
A hockey stick weapon for the scou.

Part of a set.

Explosive Festivities
Created by Pow!
** Update: New textures! Simplified & less busy!

"What?! Who left him in charge of the pyrotechnics?"

Demoman has been out celebrating the festive season! Celebrate with him, the festivities are sure to go off with a bang!

- Works like the Ull...
Plan B
Created by Primrose
Quick! Your attempted Puff'n'Sting ambush on that heavy failed miserably on account of the fact that you don't have the Axtinguisher even equipped! Hide! In the nearby 50 foot deep pool that is. They'll never expect a pyro to be in the water next time they...
The Bonnet-Buster
Created by Psyke
Tired of the endless flow of rocket and grenade related hate that gets slung your way on a daily basis?

Well why not give this little custom number a whirl.

or if you're feeling extra nice you could always hand it over to the eager yet quite delusion...
AU-42 Space Modulator
Created by Psyke
To think the intergalactic war all started over medic an' his damn doves.

Comes with Team Colours + Lods!...
Texas Chainsaw Modification
Created by Psyke

Who needs the use of a hand when you have all the might and power of this wood cuttin' beast of a machine at your disposal.

We ain't going to blab if you use it for slicin' up the undead either.

Comes with an Animated Chain

And Team-co...
Flying Saucer
It came from outer space. It crashed into your dumb head.


-Team Colored
-1 LOD

Uberchain - Idea, concept art, thumbnail borders
Py-Bun - Model, Texture, SFM Posters

Mods download:
Assassin's Artifact
Sharp obsidian spine intruder for the Mayann Project

includes 3 LODs and volcanic glass in your spine

LOD 0 2092 tris
LOD 1 954 tris
LOD 2 542 tris

Mod download for Conniver's Kunai, Your Eternal Reward and Wanga Prick:
Reclaimed Glory
"There can be only one!!!"


Warhammer 40k inspired because I have a friend who's into that and he's been commissioning me to draw WH40K characters and so t...
The Cooldown
"What to do in a hot summer day: Go to the beach, have some cold drinks and watch people turn their heads as they realize what you're holding."

-Team Colored
-2 LODs

Contest entry for The $1,000 TF2 "Rain, Hail, or Shine" Skinning Contest
Sceptre of Smashing
When your magic wand don't work - smash it in their face.


-Team Colored
-1 LOD

Uberchain - Idea, concept art, thumbnail borders
Py-Bun - Model, Texture, SFM Posters

Mods download:
Dam Destroyer
That's not how you use a torpedo

this is the longest workshop item backstory I've made yet, I even made a quick backstory of its name *facepalm
as for the textures, the original doesn't really have the team logos, I just ad...
Subjugated Saboteur
This is a follow up on The Reclaimed Glory I made last year. The team colors is for valve to decide whether to follow the opposing bot colors (RED Spy with BLU Spy bot sapper, BLU S...
Railroad Roaster (Update texture)
update: added some lighter gray on some parts

-2 lods
-team colored

and thanks to AAC| Comfort Eagle for the help

for reskin (flamethrower and degreaser)


here's the old te...
Battering Bronco
Sugarcoated twice
Bludgeoning you trice

inpsired by Alice: Madness Returns

you can get the mod/s here []


I'm seei...
Poacher's Pride V2
Created by QuestionablyInsane

-4 LODs
-Custom animations including a KillTaunt
-Premade kill Icons.
-Jiggle boned sling

Menacing Mandible
Created by Quiet_Spark
Hit 'em in the jaw bone with a jaw bone.

Update: Added collision mesh...
Prankster's Pin
Created by RetroMike
This pin and ball will leave your enemies dumbfounded. Was it your impressive skill as a juggler or the blunt force trauma?

*Ball and pin use one texture
*Improved texture
*Improved material
*Added kill icon texture

SFM contents credits
Brigand's Blunderbuss
Created by RetroMike
A Blunderbuss? What is this, 1850?

*Improved textures
*Improved materials
*Added kill icon texture

SFM contents credits

Clown Heavy "Bolshevik Bozo" Created by psyke, ryan, zwappa and donhonk
Vote for it here! [url]http://...
Knave's Knife
Created by RetroMike
Stick around.

*Improved texture
*Improved material
*Added kill icon texture

SFM contents credits

Clown Heavy "Bolshevik Bozo" Created by psyke, ryan, zwappa and donhonk
Vote for it here! [url]
Created by RetroMike
Get it? Pestle-ence? Eh?! Eh?! Ahhh you don't care......
Bushman's Blowgun
Created by RetroMike
Blow away the competition with this rustic weapon. Just don't forget to put it to your mouth before trying to fire.

-Custom sounds
Holo Stunner
Created by Rotzlöffel
Yes i know, the name isnt very creativ. Try to find word which rythmes to buff....
Corkscrew v.2
Created by Rotzlöffel
This weapon is usualy used by robots which don't have feelings or pain. So don't cry like a baby when you just touched the 4000 degrees kelvin ammo.

I have realy no idea why everyone want that I edit the textures. They are the last things wh...
Created by Rotzlöffel
Well this time, I realy had no idea what I should gonna write here.


- 3 LOD
- 2 Jinglebones

Because of an error, the axe wont jiggle in the movie. This is only happens in the movie, ingame in TF2 it does jiggle!

Lua Tool Buster
Created by Rotzlöffel
A sober person would run away from it!

I think im gonna make more robot weapons in the next time!!! This is somehow funyy =D...
Hunting Shotgun
Created by Rozzy
For shooting things in the woods.
Flour Power
Created by Rozzy
Nothing strikes more fear into the enemies eyes than a man wielding a bag of Flour. Can be used as a smoke bomb or to make cakes and bread.

Comes in two variaties:-

All-Purpose (Plain)
Created by S-02
Australian ingenuity at its best: a bomb that comes back to you!

Bombs should be thrown away from you, and not come back, but if you're Australian, strapping a live mortar to a boomerang makes perfect sense (this in no way makes sense for anyone)! Austr...
Little Tommy
Created by
The perfect gift to Sniper in this season!
Do you sometimes find yourself running from a pyromaniac with a muffled voice?

Then try Little Tommy!
Created by top staff engineers (nerds) at Mann.CO.

Fit perfect for self defense when your personal bubble has...
The Battering Ram
Created by Segab
Our stats idea #1 (as featured in the video):

• +50% increase in charge impact damage
• Charge impact will knockback and damage nearby enemies
• Increased charge impact knockback
• No damage resistance

Our stats idea #2:
• +50% increase in c...
The Beatophone
Created by Segab
This gramophone emits hot beats that strangely makes anyone facing it dance furiously....
Created by Sims_doc
"Sometimes the most primitive weapon is the most OOK OOK AH AH!"

- Pyro Melee
- 3 LoDs


Sims_Doc: Model
FiveEyes: Texture/SFM...
The Cremator's Touch
Created by Pyro
Since Star's april fool video I've been asked a lot to upload this model to the workshop. So here it is, hope you guys enjoy it.

Download it :
BB & Flamethrower version
Degreaser version
Le Fantôme
Created by Pyro

A new cloak meter merged with the dial, check thoses screens out :
Video : (The video doesn't have the new cloak meter, I can't make another video at...
Created by Snow
Compound bow with knives taped to the front. Shoot and stab without changing weapon.

Coffin Dodger
Created by Sparkwire
This cane can support a man up to 250 pounds and can knock out someone twice that....
Space Operator
Created by Sparkwire
This revolver is made using a top secret australium-based alloy that lets it fire the most concentrated energy beams on the market.
However unlike those measly other energy weapons out there you wont be able to just crank a lever to charge this up, but rat...
Cosmic Cuisine
Created by Sparkwire
Take a faster-than-light trip through your bowels with this gelatinous sandvich-flavored space paste....
Terminal Killocity
Created by Sparkwire
Prepare for a Fist Encounter of the Four-Knuckled Kind with these comfy gold-foil lined spacegloves.

UPDATE: added better team colors...
Bursting Betty
Created by Sparkwire
A burst fire SMG for engineer.

"From the time when automatic weapons were new, this rare little number was designed to fire in bursts. It did so moderately well, but it did tend to overheat and fall apart every now and then which is why only collector...
The Affair (v2)
Created by Statyk
A knife I made for the Spy. The design is based around the elegance of a rose and its symbol for love. But ironically wrapped around a knife. When backstabbing, I see it as symbolic for "cheating", "having an affair", or more bluntly, "backstabbing".

Project 22: Experimental Augmented Tube Fed Pump Shotgun

When most people have a week off, they sit around, drink and pretend they have better things to do. Dell Conagher on the other hand, designs, fabricates and tests a shotgun from scratch, just to see...
Sticky Sweeper (Updated!)
If you want it done right, do it yourself.

And if that blows up in your face, get Dell in to troubleshoot it before you lose another working shed.

Really Late Mod!
Boom Cylinder
Created by Svdl
I guess it's a nail gun of sorts.



Maybe not.
Created by Svdl
You press trigger, people on the other side of the gun get hurt and die screaming and alone.
It is very simple.

Modified nail gun.
Single texture. 3 LODs....
Siberian Tiger
Created by Svdl
Painted in only the most effective of natural jungle camoflages.

There is also a plain version.

See also the r...
Finishing Touch
Created by Svdl
Even urban environments need sizable knives....
Created by Svdl
Shhh! Scout's got something to say, so silence both your enemies and your guns.

Download as a scattergun type weapon mod here[]

Single texture. Includes LODs.
Weapon sound in the video is not included in t...
Biowaste Pump
Created by Svdl
The beneficial properties of biohazardous waste are not yet fully understood, so grab a barrel and start spraying it all over your loved ones.

Backpack - 2 Textures. 3 LODs.
Gun - 2 Textures. 3 LODs....
Created by Svdl
A syringe gun....
Hand-held Howitzer
Created by Svdl
Self-propelled artillery for the Demoman. Includes projectiles....
Created by Svdl
Steal a grenade launcher from the Demoman, saw it down to size in front of his weeping eye and use it to shoot all sorts of grenades, chemical canisters, tear gas or the Pyro's favourite, anything flammable.
Flare gun, includes own projectile....
Ninja Star
Created by Svdl
Strike like a ninja!

Throwable ninja star for the Scout.
Download as a Flying Guillotine replacement here.[]...
Shooting Star
Created by Svdl
One shot from this and it's see you, space cowboy.

See also the rest of the set!...
Portable AA cannon
Created by Svdl
Years ago, around before the Heavy update, a concept for the "Portable Bofors Cannon" was spreading around

Original, by Fishbus:

Here's a weapon based on that concept.

Larger pictures:
Created by Svdl
A shotgun just for the Pyro, with a head similar to the backburner on it.

3 lods, 2 textures.
Magic Wand
Created by Svdl
Pyro's gonna put a spell on you.
You might not enjoy the spell.

Gas welding torch for the Primary slot.
4 LODs. Includes jigglebones.

Be sure to check out the rest of the set![/ur...
Created by Svdl
A weapon for the Heavy's shotgun animations. Barrels spin on their own.

Made to be a secondary, but could be a fun primary slot weapon.
In the video the weapon is replacing the Family Business, but it also could be a weapon that is not a shotgun.

Crop Killer
Created by Svdl
Caution, dangerous chemicals! Contact with skin may cause severe blistering, allergic dermatitis and death.
May also be set on fire and spread around by a dangerous lunatic....
Assault Cannon
Created by Svdl
A (very slightly) TFC inspired Minigun for the heavy.
Four LODs, single texture.

Sounds taken from Team Fortress Classic, and have been made louder since the video was taken.

Video has no first person footage due to replay bugs.

Created by Svdl
Rest in pieces, dear victim.

Heavy duty handheld buzzsaw for the Melee slot.
Includes spinning blade and possible/optional bloodied textures.
4 LODs.

Be sure to check out the rest...
The Conventional (Silenced)
Created by Svdl
This thing is sometimes known as a "gun", you might have heard of one before.
This one isn't quite as loud.
See also the unsilenced version for something a little more noisy![/...
Created by Svdl
Fill it with any of your favorite infectious diseases and start up a good old fashioned epidemic, or just fill it with bad intentions and poke holes into things.

Modified caulk gun.
Single texture. 3 LODs....
Created by Svdl
Despite what your knowledge of guns is currently telling you, this is not actually a submachinegun or a nailgun.

4 LODs.

Downloadable as a mod for the Baby Face's Blaster here[]....
Super Syringe Gun
Created by Svdl
Medic primary.
Barrels rotate when firing.
Team colors.

Be sure to check out the rest of the set!
Created by Svdl
T-they are using DOORS to avoid a horrible death? Tear it down with an axe that can break anything! Note: there are things this axe cannot break....
Meteor Shower
Created by Svdl
Powerful enough to wipe out the dinosaurs. Feeling lucky, punk?

See also the rest of the set!...
Created by Fruit
Modeler: TheFORBIDDENFruit

Concept Artist: VernoGuy

Model adjustments: Alaxe

The Banana Bar
Introducing the newest addition to the Mann co Monkeynautics line of space products "The Banana Bar!" This space snack is perfect for any Monkeynaut in need of high amounts of potassium. In fact this bar has the same amount of potassium as 1,253 bananas. Y...
Little Ivan
Created by Tim
This one of a kind weapon was once attached to an experimental combat aircraft....that was until it was discovered that it could be used to “SHOOT LITTLE MAN!”.

See more @ {LINK REMOVED}...
The Buckshot Backup
Created by CyanPlastic
Two shotguns are better than one, even if one's a pistol!

Click here to vote for it! (note: you need a facepunch account to vote, but its easy to register!)
Lil' Slugger
Created by CyanPlastic
Use this to gross out your enemies and also kill them slowly!

- Model by Uncle Grumpskin
- Texture/Concept by Metabolic
- Video by KarmaCharger...
First catch
1 First catch of The Whaleman
2 Half of the Sawfish

-50% dmg
+30% attack rate when in water
+70% speed of movement when in water
+On hit, causes bleed for 5 seconds
+ restores 3 health points when in water...
Shark smile
+ Under water, the shield is charged to ...% faster (also bonus works under jarate and madmilk)
+ ...% resistance to melee damage
+ ...% resistance to bullet damage
+ Bleeding (duration of bleeding depends on the distance of collision)
- Can only u...
Maxim GUN v2
new model. new textures
has styles
has lodes...
Kelvin Coolidge
Created by Vensteel
The heat of battle too much? Bring this with you to deliver a high speed chilling projectile at your foe's face....
The Aberdeen Armament
Created by Vomitrocious
The first item to protect your precious hand as well while you charge through walls of people.

Model n' stuff: Verkister
Textures: Constructor
Name: Roo

Includes 3 LODs and 1024x1024 textures.
LOD 0: 2341 faces.
LOD 1: 1170 faces.
LOD 2: 564 fac...
The Backbiter
Created by Wowza
A stylish knife for the Spy.

Created for Facepunch's Arms Race competition.

SFM promo by DatDrunkenSoldier.

Skin download:

Murder He Wrote, Vol. 2
Created by Wowza
Edward Bulwer-Lytton said the pen is mightier than the sword. Why not have both?

A remake of one of my previous items, with a lower polycount, fixed smoothing, new texture, and various tweaks.

1 LOD.

Concept by A trained chimpanzee.

Special tha...
ARM Core Annihilator
Created by Wowza
So nice of that Spy-bot to lend an arm...


If you liked this item, follow the creators![url={LINK REMOVED}...
Explorer's Beacon
Created by Wowza
Light the way (and other people) with this fancy torch.

If you like this item, follow the creators!

Iron Impactor
Created by Wrench N Rockets
Arm-mounted high-powered metal delivery device....
Moon Shot
Created by Wrench N Rockets
No air? No Problem!

Use the mysterious and probably magical properties of magnets to hurl rocket-shaped projectiles at your enemies!

Attached reflector sight insures your rockets hit their targets.

Requires one (1) car battery, Included.

The Ammo Rezerv
Created by ZOAG
For when you run out of Boolets.

Uncle Dane - Original Idea, Promotion
ZOAG - Project Lead, Initial Model, LODs, Uploader, Promo Posters
Dio Joestar - Model Adjustments
Mr. 3nygma - Rigging, Animations
Folkye - UV Unwrap, Texture Adjustmen...
Orange Submarine
Created by Zipfinator
Packs an explosively salty punch.

Part of the SEAFARING SOLDIER set!...
Hypodermic Injector
Created by Zoey
Hold still, this will only sting for a moment.

Vote on the rest of the set![url=
Bass Dropper
Created by Zoey
That's a paddlin'.


512x Diffuse
LODs 0-1-2
Magical things...
The Doombringer
Created by Zoey
Can O'Worms
Created by Zoey
Gone fishin'


512x Diffuse
256x Normal
Particle Effects
Sleeper Agent
Created by Zoey
Knock out the competition, permanently.
The Backup Plan
Created by Zoey
The Double Claymore
Created by ZombiePlasticClock

Two claymores from two different forms of warfare, put together into one fun package.

The Courier's Caffeine
Created by ZombiePlasticClock
ANOTHER UPDATE: More LOD's, and a proper Particle effect! Now you don't have to complain about sickening green coffee anymore!

Why grab a cold drink for Summer, when this piping-hot brew gives you all the power (and burns) you need!

Model: ZombiePlasticC...
The Desk FaN
Created by ZombiePlasticClock
This weapon is great for those moments you need more gun, but don't want to tote around 20lbs of more gun.

Try this mod on Gamebanana:

Rocket Wrist
Created by ZoraKirby
Sometimes ya just need a whole lotta rocket in your punch!

This thing was a lot of work and I'm happy to finally be uploading this. This is planned to be part of an item set but there might not be enough time to finish those.

Edit: I dont want this to eq...
Astral Assassin
Created by ZoraKirby
Assasinate your target from over a planet away with these rocket-propelled energy arrows!

Part of the Snipin' Space Man set.

(ALSO check out the animated gif of the energy effect!)

Update: Fixed the "string" of the bow looking crazy in lower LODs. Also...
Scottish Anchor [Updated!]
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Arms Race III[] entry.

Custom skin for Scotsman's Skullcutter.

2017/06/22: model & texture upda...
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
No more pain....
Bone to Kill
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
Halloween weapon.
Backstab turns victim to skeleton...

Workshop of Horrors II[]...
Russian Roulette [resubmitted]
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
This is a re-submission of Russian Roulette that you created in the past.
I have greatly improved the model and texture.
Corvalho gave me advice. He is the creator of some [url=http...
Spanking Paddle
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
new melee weapon for demoman...
Drunken Floater
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
new shield weapon for demoman...
Scottish Wargear
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
new shield

Custom skin for Tide Turner
Air Lock
Created by [RMF]RIKUSYO
New shield for Demoman

Set item?

Custom skin for Festive Chargin' Targe
Merc's Crutch
Created by [] patteh
"Kill them with overwhelming underpower"

A literal play on the term 'a crutch weapon'. It started as an all class melee weapon, but I thought it suited the scout the best.

Special thanks to KRosen for SDK helpfulness...
The Assault and Battering Ram
Created by [m00] Elbagast
People gather in large numbers in public places for all sorts of reasons, but it's probably because they like causing trouble. "Free hats" must be code for something illegal.

A riot shield.

Mod Version[]...
Sandman 2000
Created by bazooka
Inspired by Griff Tannen's "Slugger 2000" bat from Back to the Future II.

Check out the Back to the Future II collection!

Also pictured:

The Arms Racer
Created by boomsta
"You cannot run from me, my gun is faster!" - The Soldier

Has 2 LOD's and is team colored!...
The Ancestor's Antique
Created by boomsta
A weapon used by Degroot Demomen of the past, handed down through the ages.
Has 2 LODs and a single texture.

Mod for Loose Cannon, Loch N Load, and Grenade Launcher

Killa Kan v2
Created by boomsta
Added a new texture that was better than the last.

Model by: boomsta
Texture by: Nassim0

Reupped since I added Nassim0 to the list of contributers. I am not trying to whore votes, but it was necessary to add him to the list. :3

Yes the name is ...
The Big Sister's Sting
Created by boomsta
Pokey pokey, the medic's gonna steal your Adam. Mostly just made solely as a mod, which can be obtained here:

Model by me
Texture by Sparkwire...
The Bombard
Created by boomsta
A real gun for a real Demoman. Lob bombs over walls and trenches and hope you hit something! Part of the Bombardier set!

UPDATE!: LODs have now been added to the whole pack! Each weapon now has 2 LODs each....
The Bomber's Bulwark
Created by boomsta
All that bomb lobbing is going to piss somebody off. This piece is to make sure you can safely continue your job. Part of the Bombardier Set!

I made the shield because I had a neat idea in my head, it wasn't so much because I wanted it to be included. I w...
Scallywags Slasher
Created by boomsta
epic stuff...
Stealer's Seal Stamp
Created by bulka96
Approval, disapproval - those are just words. And what if the man you are checking cannot read, or you don't want to carve these words on the stamp? How could he understand the decision?
This special stamp is the answer. If you approve someone's creation,...
The Bloody Huge Knife
Created by levi
Sure, a gigantic blade roughly the same height as yourself might be a bit on the heavy side to use. But it sure does sound ominous when you scrape it along the floor! And that's what counts....
The Battering Cannon
Created by crazy-g
A medieval battering ram and cannon combined and repurposed into a shoulder-mounted launcher.

Part of Arms Race 2
Created by donhonk
Stopping Power and Rugged Style, this gun has it all! Inspired by the Nosorog AEK-906 revolver.

Kill Icon
Speed Reloader
Handsome good looks.
Airburst Rifle
Created by donhonk
Launch the sticky with the underbarrel launcher and hit it with the Rifle mid air for massive damage!

Like skeet shooting, but louder!...
Knuckle Knife
Created by donhonk
For all your slashing, stabbing, and punching needs!

Frontline! Melee Weapon for Sniper:
Blast from the Past
Created by donhonk
This old number was only ever capable of burst fire, and may seem redundant in this modern day and age, but no modern gun has made its way through 4 world wars with nothing but a few scars i'll tell you that!

The Broomhandle Backup
Created by donhonk
This Broomhandle goes boom. Not brush.

Frontline! Secondary for Sniper:
Heavy Bat
Created by
Heavy Bat...
Graphite Perisher
Created by goldenjohnson
"Your death is written"

Item is created for "2016 GameServers TF2 Design Contest"

You can download it as a mod here
Iron Boarder
Created by goldenjohnson
"Has been tearing up robolubbers for decades"...
Ash M
Created by goldenjohnson
Only ash is left behind, also some melted ice cream.

You can download it as mod here
Putt Dispenser
Created by heinous
Includes golf ball w_model in case projectile-based stats are desired.

Demonstration video by Karma Charger.

Vote for it here for the Arms Race 2 contest:

Mod download:
Makeshift Mutilator
Created by heinous
Special thanks to Karma Charger for the demonstration video!

Mod download version:

Alternate link for mod download versio...
Created by heinous
Created for the Arms Race modeling contest.

Facepunch account required to vote (that's not up to me! sorry!)

Moving components.
Uses stock animati...
"SANDY" (spy clock)
Created by henaro
Incredible "SANDY Time Treveller" clock.

Charging is not needed!
For the re-activation of invisibility, simply turn the clock
(at this point you are visible).


Невероятные часы,
марки "Сэнди-Времялаз".

Подзарядка не нужна!
Для повторной ...
Machinist's Mallet
Created by invisibleStuff
Technically it is a ball peen hammer, not a mallet.
That aside, it has a battery pack hooked up to it; everything needs an upgrade.

This is a Melee Weapon for my Analytic Attack set....
Embedded Encounter
Created by invisibleStuff
The Embedded Encounter is a retractable arm/laser cannon.

This is a Secondary Weapon for my Analytic Attack set....
Common Cold V2
Created by invisibleStuff
Thought this weapon was cool before? Well now it's now 20% colder!

Changes Made:
*Improved UV
*Improved Textures
*Fixed Bone Issues
*Minor Model Changes

With all the winter themed items being uploaded recently, I figured I should update this....
Spanner Sword
Created by invisibleStuff
"The man who believes that the sword is mightier than the wrench has yet to use this beaut."

*1024x256 Texture
*2008 Triangles

I'm gonna be honest here, I got lazy with the name on this one. I tried using homophones, portmanteaus, and Olde English. ...
Researcher's Relay
Created by juiceböx
Receive, intercept or disrupt all of those fancy electromagnetic signals flying through the air with this marvel of modern science. Created with cutting edge technology (and some old radio parts).

A secondary replacement for the Engineer's Energy Pack!...
Imperial Dragon - Flamethrower
Created by lmtlss.
The Imperial Dragon Collection, produced by Luke Millanta, is a collection of Team Fortress 2 game items designed specifically for the Pyro class. The collection has taken elements from Imperial China, the Japanese Samurai, and the modern day, to create a ...
Memorial barrage
Created by lucarioaaron
This is a request from other item i made...
BOOnk! Halloween Punch
Created by maniac™
Drink to become invulnerable and spooky for 8 seconds.
Scare the hell out of everybody just like Zepheniah does.
Cannot attack during this time.
Backdoor Protection
Created by multitrip
To be considered as either a cosmetic item or a passive weapon in the secondary slot (similar to the Razorback or the Cozy Camper).

Download it as a cosmetic mod![]
Download it as a wea[]...
Glasgow Greaves
Created by multitrip
A knight's worst knightmare: a scraped knee.

Download it as a mod![]...
The Bitter End
Created by multitrip
Give me a bottle in my hand. I want to be a drunken man....
The Carte blanche
Created by nano393
"A watch for many uses. You can give it to your favorite damsel, you can give it to your favorite enemy while pleading for mercy, or simply show everyone your most precious gadget, that by the way, can make you invisible."...
The Director's Movie
Created by nano393
"I'm gonna deliver this movie to receive a saxxy, and no one is gonna get in my way!"

3 LODs...
The Dead Frame II
Created by nano393
"Win a Saxxy? Yeah yeah, but, How about a fantastic recruitment movie to show everyone how REAL men beat REAL hippies? How about that private?"

2 LODs...
The Director's Cut
Created by nano393
"Ha! Thank you my friend! With your pathetic death and my glorious victory, that saxxy will be mine! Hahahaha!"

2 LODs

Resubmitted and fixed many things from the old version....
The Cardiac Arrest
Created by MonkeyBug
Defibrillating teamates!?
Shock and burn the bodily fluids of your enemies instead!

Comes with battery and capacitor.
3 LODs 50% efficiency

Get big posters of the items here:
The Brute Force Fix
Created by MonkeyBug
When nothing works, hit it hard.
100% Guaranteed repair efficiency on cathode monitors.


3 LODs
Collision model included
Backpack icon included

The Blaze Blast
Created by perrryz
The kind of heat your enemies don't expect you to be packing.

-team colored
-custom projectile!
-projectile glows in the dark!
The Brawlers Bulwark
Created by runglance
Sick of crazed, murderous DemoKnights trying to slice your face off with a "one hit crit" and charge?

Steady your defences, and watch your confused assailants faces, as you pummel those over confident cowards into tomato soup....
Moon Bar
Created by SMaestros
The Heavy's new favorite chocolatey treat that provides all the fuel he needs....
The Burping Blaster
Created by (_)wilverb
Due to the sounds it produced when firing sounded like burping, this gun was nicknamed to be the "BURP GUN" or Burping Blaster if you wanted some extra flair....

*Based on the MP40, dubbed the "Burp Gun" by many*

-6 LODs
-Stattrack Support
The Call To Arms
Created by (_)wilverb
Help your allies (and yourself) with this state of the art walkie talkie!

This is Radio that functions similarly to the Buff Banner/Battalions Backup/Concheror, each part of the weapon has 6 lods and 512px texture.

-now with custom anims-

Please n...
The Cogged Cleaner
Created by (_)wilverb
Woo the ladies with this mildly annoying yet loud cannon!

*1024x1024 Texture with Spec Map

SFM Promo by Toonaholic.

*UPDATE* Removed PSD in favor of Texture alternates. One being Teamcolored bands. Fixed File paths. *UPDATE*...
The Chilean Cutthroat
Created by void~
"Well? Get back to work."

Level 52 Box-opening Utility Knife

Special Thanks to Frying Dutchman, BANG!, NeoDement, mexican and sauce....
OL' Shelly
Good OL' Shelly
Shelly was a longtime companion to The Sniper, so when she had passed he could not bear to leave her behind. She now protects him from blasts, stabs, and many other perils on the battlements.

Includes Shelly’s skull Jiggleboned to the sh...
Comrade's Comb
Created by Rain↯
- This sticky honey comb snack really is the bee's knees! (warning may contain bee's knees)

name/desc creds:
- Square
- Shadoxa...
Stargazer's Scrambler
Created by Rain↯
This item was removed from all test programs but strangely disappeared after a visit from an unknown french investor to our facility.

- Sphere moves by jigglebone

Special thanks to Grandzeit for the item name....
Necrotic Nailgun
Suitable for dealing with repairs, DIY projects and home intruders.

The Calamitous Carbine
Uses a heavily modified version of the Sten animations that were added into the game a while ago and removed.

Thanks to Karma Charger for the video!
Sulfate Star Spangler
Make constellations out of your enemies! Bright, sparkly, short-lived constellations.

Suggested Stats:

+25% firing speed
Shells arc
-50% damage to buildings
Impacted enemies cannot hear Spy decloaks
Impacted buildings act more slowly

Created by 「Reagy」ー❤
Its a jar, with ants. Stop looking at me like that.

Weaponised version, misc version coming soon.

FAQ because too many daft questions D:

Q) Are the ants animated?
A) No, I'm no animator so it never got done, plus I'd find it a little distracting ...
Hadrian's Handbow
A crossbow from antiquity... For your hand! Created in 125 AD

- Paintable stripe
- LODs 0, 1...
The Dreaded Backstitch
Created by Sparkwire
Let's stitch you up real good, partner.

Thanks to Trey for the fabulously frightful facial flexes, and BANG! for the prodigiously pretty Source Filmmaker promos!

Vote for the other two items in the Stuffed Saboteur set!
The Ragdoll's...
The Drive By
Created by Ducksink
Nothing like the fresh feel of scratched steel and burnt tyres.....
The Drunk Grail
Created by Dio Joestar
"...yer arses ass and I'm the grass man, punk yeah ya havin' heathen." *BURP*...
The Drunkard's Wrath
Created by FiveEyes
"These 100mm explosive rounds will make short work of any outlaws, go get 'em bounty hunter..."

- Revolver themed grenade launcher

- Custom Projectiles

- 3 LODS

Model: FiveEyes
The Duplequation
Created by Batandy
A Double-Barrelled Pump action shotgun
for our Texan buddy.
Take 'em out with this double firing action!...
The EX-Vermin 8R
Created by Sparkwire
"It takes 80 hours of training to get an exterminator license, but only $70 to get a gun permit. Cost effective killing for anything bigger than a rat."

***the download is gone because i ran out of bandwidth for my public dropbox folder and it got dis...
The Easter Island Threat Blocker
No silly old, dinky little shield is going to save you from a knife. Oh no. Be protected by this 500kg ancient deity, from sharp and/or very fast things heading your way! This fella's always got your back.


For the doubters who thought this would bre...
The Efficient Eliminator
Created by Colteh
For when snipin' just ain't good enough.

Reuploaded because of some issues, please do revote if you voted for the old one!

Check out the other items!
The Electroalgesic V2
Created by Napy Da Wise
Melee for the Enlightenment Pack

The mod :

Follow my work !
The Emergency Button [PDA]
Created by Rotzlöffel
*What ever the Button says is a lie.

The Button wont...
-launch a giant rocket.
-win the next round.
-open a giant door.
-activates a loud Emergency Alernt.
-deactivate all robots.
-activates a sound file with "Nooooo...".
-teleports you to every...
The Energizer
Created by juiceböx
Overcharge your technology with this device and admire the sudden performance increase (or sudden explosions)!

Melee for the Engineer's Energy Pack!...
The Ex-Extinguisher
Created by Kask Daxxe
Alternate name: The Pyro-ny

Ever thought the Pyro was deranged enough to turn a benevolent tool used for putting out fires into a malevolent weapon for making people be on fire? I sure did.
This is my first TF2 submission so hopefully you will like it ...
The Festive Furnace
Created by Segab
This minigun was made to punish tiny baby men that were mean this year. Load it up with coal and give them the gift they deserve!

Edit: updated the texture, and compiled using itemtest....
The Fever Heater
Created by CoBalt
Only you can start accidental rainforest fires. Also Pyro.

- Hot
- Animated Pilotlight
- Team Colored
- 4 LODs

The Figure-8
Created by levi
Do you find yourself plagued by enemies who keep moving around when you're trying to shoot them? Well, never fear, because the Pyro has the answer to your problem!

Meet the Figure-8. A double barreled, under-and-over, 12 gauge shotgun that comes with a...
The Fire And Forget
Created by Jukebox
Sticky Launcher for Demoman

Part of the Arms Race competition, come back later this week to vote!

Weapon: Jukebox
SFM Promos: CDJO

Mod Download:
The Fire Hose
Created by CoreVixen
tfc inspired flamethrower
Mod download:
The mod doesn't include the tank as no pyro primaries use the tank bodygroup so if you want to use the tfc tank with the tfc flamethrower you will h...
The Follower
Created by Svdl
More or less.

Includes an animated screen.
Single texture. 5 LODs.

Downloadable as a replacement for various rocket launchers here[]....
The Forest Fire
Created by Yikes
Nothing is counter-intuitive with enough imagination! (and fire-retardant chemicals)
(don't breathe those)

Model; Spacedad
Concept/Texture; IJCT
Compiling/Specular help; Spike Nitros
SFM; Hotrod McCoolguy

The Foxhound
Created by KaLS
A Hippie from France describes this revolver as "the greatest handgun ever made".

SFM by macwithavengence, check him out!
The Freezer Burn
"Gives a BURNING sensation with a COLD touch!" Well, that's what it says on its advertising. We don't think so though, but we DO believe that it can freeze... and burn... and kill......... Alright, the advertising was right all along.

Using an advanced ec...
The Frontal Lobe
Created by Napy Da Wise
The frontal lobe (and a bit more) of a deranged and previously harmless welshman, mounted ontop of a quite dangerous and seemingly high tech shotgun.Follow my work on Tumblr !
The Fry Daddy
Created by SNIPA
After being fired from the local burger joint, Scout is back with a greasy vendetta. Forged in a scalding hot fryer, this weapon is ready for all kinds of hotheads, and is not an easily forgotten weapon.

Comes with 3 LODs, spec map, and just look at it, ...
The Full Throttle
Created by CyanPlastic
I'm not puttin' my lips on that.

Click here to vote for it! (note: you need a facepunch account to vote, but its easy to register!)

Made for the Arm...
The G.Ü.P. Gun
Created by crazy-g
A gun that launches goop. What is the goop? What does G.Ü.P. stand for? Could the Ü possibly stand for Übercharge? Answers: redacted fluid; something German; maybe.

Second place in the [url=
The Gamin Texan
Created by Jal
Play games while you build your sentry!
2 LOD's
Rate the collection!
The Gardener's Fourden
The Gardener's Fourdent
To rule the seven gardens.
The Gas Basher
Created by E-Arkham
Why smack someone in the head with a fuel can full of gas when you can smack someone in the head with TWO fuel cans full of gas?

Dangling cap is jiggleboned.

Part of a Pyro "Duality" set I'm working on:

Flamethrower - [url={LINK REMOVED}...