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Team Fortress 2

Class: Demoman
Item Slot: Weapon
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Feb 4, 2012 @ 2:25am
Feb 7, 2012 @ 9:00pm
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Dead Men Tell no Tales.
With this sword, you can be sure that your enemies will no longer be telling anymore stories. Get your revenge against that horrible storyteller or movie director! Or maybe just someone who dominated you.
Kraken and Nessie engravings included.

Possible stats:
+10% damage bonus
+10% attack speed
Crits on third hit

No Charge (Unable to charge with Shields, shields only provide passive bonuses) OR 50% Slower recharge rate for charging.
+10% damage vulnerability from enemy melee weapons

Name change suggestion by Captain Peelz - 'The Cut Lacerator'

Name change suggestion by Comrade Creeper - 'The Cut Lass'


Possible Stats - Jakeom12

Damage vulnarbility with 10% attack speed increase and crits on third hit

OR 10% dmg increase and crits on third hit, with no or slower charge

Possible Stats - dat engie

+25% faster firing speed
+5% faster move speed
-can not be crit boosted
-10% less health gained from healers/health packs

Miscellaneous - JaGGsaW
on kill: demoman shouts RELEASE THE KRAKEN!! (On crit maybe, because it might be too repetitive if he keeps repeating the line)

Reskin files:

Prepare for some bad clipping with the Eyelander one, since its meant to be a one handed weapon. Enjoy!
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