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The Cryogenator
Class: Pyro
Item Slot: Weapon
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Mar 6, 2012 @ 6:27am
Dec 22, 2012 @ 1:39pm
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In 1 collection by The Rare Aquatic Pyro
The Cold-Hearted Arsonist
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Freeze your enemies SOLID with the Cryogenator, new from Mann Co. Powered by just a refrigeration generator and water, it is guaranteed to freeze any H2O based lifeform in SECONDS!

Give your nemesis FROSTBITE! Burn your foe with ICE! Douse a burning teammate with WATER! You and your friends will be satisfied, and your enemies, FROZEN! Order now, and we will send a Polar Bear from Antarctica to your house for you to fight, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Possible stats: (Changed with some suggestions from comments)

- Causes Frostbite - Afterburn which cannot be extinguished with water (like bleed), but can be with healthkits, medic healing or friendly pyro fire. Burning effect could be a bluish icy looking "flame". Fire based weapons mini-crit on frostbitten enemy targets - to encourage Pyro teamwork. Slows enemy speed by 5%.

- Freezes enemies solid on kill

- Airblast replaced with a water blast which acts like airblast - aesthetic change. Still possible to reflect projectiles. Can cure frostbite. Enemies hit have a dripping effect similar to exiting from water.

- 20% Slower weapon switch

- No random crits
Before you complain about the poly count or the stats, please read the following:

Poly Count - This is not an issue, the Manmelter has 11238 polys and the Phlogistinator has 13716 for instance. There are also other weapons with a poly count around that range.

Stats - Valve can change them if they wish, I designed the Cryogenator with that in mind. The water container can be a fuel container instead, and just by adding a small flame at the end of the ignition pipe, it can be turned into a flamethrower.

Thanks for all the support! :D

Particles were made by FissionMetroid101:
Part of the The Not-So-Major MAJOR Rare Aquatic Pyro Workshop Update. (TNSMMRAPWSU)


The Cold-Hearted Arsonist Update page:
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