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Coh2 Realism Mod Normandie 44/Ostfront 44-45
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Apr 13, 2017 @ 8:05am
Jul 16 @ 3:45pm
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Coh2 Realism Mod Normandie 44/Ostfront 44-45

This is the Original Realism Mod!

- With Realism Gamemode: Completly new fuel and ammo system!
- All fractions are playable
- Only balanced for USA/British vs Westgermans or Eastgermans vs Soviets!!!
- Several new doktrines with historic background
- Most real damage system of all Coh2 mods.
- Realistic squadsizes
- Diverse new tactics and abilities
- Totally reworked HUD
- New rescource income
- Extremly enhanced AI
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May 9 @ 9:25pm
Bug Reports
[IT]Archaon The Never-Chosen
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Space Monkey Jul 14 @ 3:26pm 
Thanks for the mod, it's probably the most fun I've ever had with CoH2
Trapper(MM)  [author] Jul 5 @ 2:40pm 

Not really probably you should play vs easy or normal ai?
Expert or hard is for normally vanilla players a whole new game.
stormarmy Jul 5 @ 1:21pm 
I played a match as OKW vs Brits and by the time I had 2 units of SS Sturmgrenadiers the British had untold infantry and light vehicles.

not sure how thats supposed to happen really given that its supposedly balanced but the german build times are far too long to make a match viable
Trapper(MM)  [author] Jul 5 @ 1:03am 
You should at least usw cover or lay down your troops. It helps cuz mod is more realistic than basic game.
[IT]Archaon The Never-Chosen  [author] Jul 4 @ 6:44pm 
british infantry is extremely powerful but their armored options are generally lacking and underwhelming. so while they can beat you at long range infantry engagments they will lose armored ones. also brits have a similiar economy and unit cost to the germans in this mod so no they don't really outnumber them
stormarmy Jul 4 @ 6:05pm 
Played a few matches and not massively realistic tbh

German SS troops with STG44s getting mowed down by British troops with SMLEs 100% did not happen.
Also trying to build troops is virtually impossible, by the time I had 2 standard SS grenadier squads the British had 5 lots of engineers, 8 infantry sections and 4 squads of commandos?

The british and german troops were fairly equal in terms of skill but the amount of troops turned the tide, but if thats what you're going for then its pointless playing as the germans because you'll always lose.

When people look for realism mods they look for realistic damage, unit sizes etc not "well the allies won so we'll gut the germans" in an RTS that doesn't make for balanced gameplay in the slightest.
Trapper(MM)  [author] Jun 9 @ 10:43am 

No more realism mod available this is only mod from myself now, realism mod has been closed.
Additionally i shit on the opinion of the fanbase, if some people like it, play it, if not, do not play it, in affect coh2 will have no full mod support and is for mods dead.
whitewolfmxc Jun 9 @ 9:28am 
by doing this your losing fan base and its not doing yourself any favours , i dont see how seperating two mods will ease your workload
Jagadhie May 23 @ 7:30am 
this is company of heroes 2, game that main front is the eastern front. yet this new version of the mod cut that off.. what? why?
whitewolfmxc May 23 @ 5:29am 
What i dont understand is why this new version deiced to cut soviets and eastern front all together without any communications first ? what a waste of the original mode