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eco's Garden Decor
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Mar 10, 2017 @ 2:55pm
May 18 @ 8:51am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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eco's Garden Decor

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MOD ID: 880871931

Craft fountains, topiary, indoor/outdoor lighting, fences, and planters for your garden!

100% Stackable mod.

All items can be picked up. (Hold use key to pick up.)
If item is destroyed, after planting, it will return the exact amount of materials used to create it.
Engram cost: 0
Level needed to learn engram: 1
Items can be planted on the ground, in the water, on catwalks, foundations/ceilings, and rafts/platform saddles.
All items have HP

Mod includes:

Crafting Table with the following:

Gnome Skin (Can be worn over a Helmet)
Gnome Door (Snaps to Gnome Home)
Gnome Home (Can change the color of the house via the radial wheel. Can be painted)
2 Bonsai Trees
Hedge (Snaps to foundations)
6 Fences (Snaps to foundations)
6 Fence Gate Frames (Snaps to foundations)
6 Gates (Snaps to Fence Gate Frames)
3 Wall Fountains
3 Round Fountains
12 Planters
2 Wall Flower Boxes
17 Topiary Dinosaurs
6 Hanging Lights
19 Ground Lights
2 Wall Lanterns
Lamp Post
Small Bush
Wall Ivy (snaps on a wall)
Ivy Ceiling
Sloped Ivy Ceiling
Stone Snail Garden Statue
10 Stained Glass Building Pieces (Works like greenhouse glass and can be painted)


Decorative Grass Floors
Decorative Floors (with switchable textures - Hold "e" to change)
Decorative Water Floors
Things to know about the new Decorative Floors!




Server Hosting Provided by LogicServers[]
Use promo code eco for 20% off
I receive NO payment from this company I just really like them :)

Having issues installing or updating a mod?
Installing/Updating Mods Tutorial[] - Text instructions
Installing/Updating Mods Tutorial - Video instructions

MOD ID: 880871931

Missing items?
If you updated the mod and are missing items then your install is probably corrupt. You must follow the instructions specifically for your server host.

Can't place items or find the Landscape Crafting Table engram?
If you can't place an item from this mod then your server probably hasn't updated with the latest version. If you can't find the engram make sure the mod is copied over to the server completely and the mod ID is listed under active mods.

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Chief May 24 @ 3:31pm 

Nein, es gibt keine ini-Änderungen
Dori May 24 @ 1:30pm 
Gibt es nen ini Eintrag wo man das Gnome Haus wieder mit der S+ gun aufheben kann? Leider finde ich dazu nichts und die neue Änderung nervt einfach...
IssacWolves May 20 @ 3:27pm 
5 years, 5 years this mod has been on and off with its goods and bads. How out of my currently in use mods is this the one that always breaks. Its a nice mod, not needed but nice yet its costing me money because no matter what i try i can not update it, i can not get rid of all of it. Server keeps saying it needs updated, i don't even have the mod installed or any files of said mod anymore yet its still causing problems. The fix isn't worth the effort i just want rid. Please Help.
~Missy~ May 19 @ 3:07am 
"Transfer the folder and file to your server at \ShooterGame\Content\Mods" Where can I find the new folder? I deleted the old one on my server (G-Portal) and copied the newest .mod file into the general Mod folder. It does not create a new mod folder. Please help.
WolfDoc May 18 @ 8:44pm 
For clarification, G-portal issue is the just the.mod file. The Mod folder/file is up to date. G-portal uses the same client system to download the mods from steam, yes, to a repo on our side, Then to all servers. This allows faster updating speeds them steam would updating 1,000 of servers at once.
The same issue clients have with the .mod downloading on steam, seems to effect us. This is a steam related issue, And working to place a check on it. To correct this issue right away thou, Just FTP and upload the .mod file to the server from your pc.

Exactly what chief said:
Check location \Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\Mods (server or client) and make sure folder and the corresponding .mod file with matching number exist and have proper date/time for when your pc/server updated. If the .mod file is missing, her discord has a self help channel to download the file
Chief May 18 @ 5:25pm 
For G-Portal, eco has already commented in another thread:

"That is a G-portal issue. They update mods to their servers and have customers update from their servers instead of just allowing customers to update from Steam. This is exactly why I stopped using them to test my mods. They would not automatically update and I could not access my own test mods. Sadly, I have no control over this but I do understand how frustrating it is."
Chief May 18 @ 5:23pm 
In the FAQ there are steps to follow for clearing Steam cache

Anyone who cannot join and server should follow those directions if possible. In my experience, it's common the clients don't update properly

Check location \Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\Mods (server or client) and make sure folder and the corresponding .mod file with matching number exist and have proper date/time for when your pc/server updated. If the .mod file is missing, her discord has a self help channel to download the file

I urge clients to do more investigating rather than servers
TheLegendOfBlood May 18 @ 5:03pm 
Using Gportal to run a server and after the mod updated today those that update the mod cannot join the server and no matter how many times we uninstall the mod from the server and reinstall it, it will not allow people that have updated to the newest version into the server where as people with auto update off are able to freely join. We have taken the server down 30+ times, removed and re-added the mod to the server numerous times through gportal. Is this possibly an issue on gportals side? or is ark just being ark and it will fix itself within the next week?
JCELL May 18 @ 4:58pm 
Hi, game worked earlier today, then this mod updated... now the game doesn't work
sunwalker0347 May 18 @ 2:07pm 
Probably means the server needs to update to get the new mod update. Normally if the server is up to date and you are not, the server just makes you auto download the mod to match. If you've already tried updating server, try to see if you can "update and validate files" as it might not have properly installed the update. All issues I've had before.

If it DID mis-install the files, you might have to roll back to a previous save after you finally do get into the server if structures from mods are missing. If everything's there, you're good though.