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eco's Primordial Saddles
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May 15, 2019 @ 8:22am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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eco's Primordial Saddles

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Craft primeval saddles for your Tribe's best creatures to help survive the unforgiving lands.

Upgrade your Primitive Tribe Saddles to Ascendant by collecting trophies from other dinos!

Saddle Crafting Table with the following:
Arid Tribe Scorpion Saddle (Buff)
Arid Tribe Thylacoleo Saddle (Buff)
Arid Tribe Morellatops Saddle (Buff)
Everglades Tribe Sarco Saddle (Buff and Passenger Seat)
Everglades Tribe Iguanodon Saddle (Buff)
Everglades Tribe Karkinos Saddle (Buff and 2 Passenger Seats)
Forest Tribe Dodo Saddle Bags (Weight Reduction when carrying items)
Forest Tribe Bear Saddle (Buff)
Forest Tribe Bronto Saddle (Buff and Passenger Seat)
Forest Tribe Owl Saddle (Buff)
Forest Tribe Pachyrhinosaurus (Buff and Passenger Seat)
Forest Tribe Deinonychus Saddle (Buff)
Subterrane Tribe Trike Saddle (Buff)
Subterrane Tribe Carnotaurus Saddle (Buff)
Subterrane Roll Rat Saddle (Buff and 3 Passenger Seats)
Tundra Tribe Mammoth Saddle (Buff and Passenger Seat - Drummer)
Tundra Tribe Wolf Saddle (Buff)
Tundra Tribe Managarmr Saddle (Buff and Passenger Seat)
Tundra Tribe Ice Golem Saddle (Buff)
Troposphere Tribe Ptero Saddle (Buff)
Troposphere Tribe Quetzal Saddle (Glow Buff and Passenger)
Troposphere Tribe Petro Saddle (Glow Buff)
Troposphere Tribe Moth Saddle (Buff)
Brine Tribe Megalodon Saddle (Buff)
Brine Tribe Ichthyosaurus Saddle (Buff)
Brine Tribe Mosasaurus (Buff and 5 Passenger Seats)
Volcanic Tribe Argy Saddle (Buff)
Volcanic Tribe Sheep Saddle (Buff)
Volcanic Tribe Mantis Saddle (Buff)
Volcanic Tribe Sword Skin

Missing textures on the DLC saddles? Those saddles require you owning the ARK DLCs. This allows the mod to be smaller in size while adding more content!

Cave Camo List for Subterrane Trike Saddle:
Araneo (plus Aberrant version)
Arthropleura (plus Aberrant and Corrupt version)
Dung Beetle (plus Aberrant version)
Megalania (plus Aberrant version)
Megalosaurus (plus Aberrant version)
Scorpion (plus Aberrant version)
Titanoboa (plus Aberrant version)




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EvilNecroid 3 hours ago 
im loving that sheep!
can u do a pack that makes everything look demonic?
Grexo Feb 28 @ 6:27am 
That worked! Thank you very much.
Nun Ya Feb 27 @ 5:26pm 
@Grexo Had the same problem.

just had to unsub, delete and redownload on my end. worked fine after.

@eco Awesome mods! love em. I use too many of them... hahaha. Thank you!
Grexo Feb 27 @ 3:40pm 
Ok thanks for the response I´ll try to update it.
eco  [author] Feb 27 @ 3:01pm 
@Grexo Sounds like your server didn't update correctly
Grexo Feb 27 @ 2:33pm 
After the new update I can´t use your mod on my server. Do you know how to fix it?
eco  [author] Feb 27 @ 11:26am 
Admin Spawn Codes have been updated
Squamata Feb 17 @ 7:55pm 
I would love a costume version of this mod. The saddles are so cool, but the server I play on is a stickler for balance.
G A R E T X Feb 1 @ 10:46pm 
Is it somehow possible to deactivate the buffs or change the saddles to be only skins?
sometime_inlove Jan 11 @ 11:22pm 
ชอบมากครับ ...I like it...:cozyrealmroyale: