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eco's Primordial Saddles
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May 15, 2019 @ 8:22am
Sep 22, 2021 @ 7:19am
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You need DLC to use this item.

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eco's Primordial Saddles

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MOD ID: 1741916864

Craft primeval saddles for your Tribe's best creatures to help survive the unforgiving lands.

Upgrade your Primitive Tribe Saddles to Ascendant by collecting trophies from other dinos!

Saddle Crafting Table with the following:
Arid Tribe Scorpion Saddle (Buff)
Arid Tribe Thylacoleo Saddle (Buff)
Arid Tribe Morellatops Saddle (Buff)
Everglades Tribe Sarco Saddle (Buff and Passenger Seat)
Everglades Tribe Iguanodon Saddle (Buff)
Everglades Tribe Karkinos Saddle (Buff and 2 Passenger Seats)
Forest Tribe Dodo Saddle Bags (Weight Reduction when carrying items)
Forest Tribe Bear Saddle (Buff)
Forest Tribe Bronto Saddle (Buff and Passenger Seat)
Forest Tribe Owl Saddle (Buff)
Forest Tribe Pachyrhinosaurus (Buff and Passenger Seat)
Forest Tribe Deinonychus Saddle (Buff)
Subterrane Tribe Trike Saddle (Buff)
Subterrane Tribe Carnotaurus Saddle (Buff)
Subterrane Roll Rat Saddle (Buff and 3 Passenger Seats)
Tundra Tribe Mammoth Saddle (Buff and Passenger Seat - Drummer)
Tundra Tribe Wolf Saddle (Buff)
Tundra Tribe Managarmr Saddle (Buff and Passenger Seat)
Tundra Tribe Ice Golem Saddle (Buff)
Tundra Tribe Rhino Saddle (Buff)
Troposphere Tribe Ptero Saddle (Buff)
Troposphere Tribe Quetzal Saddle (Glow Buff and Passenger)
Troposphere Tribe Petro Saddle (Glow Buff)
Troposphere Tribe Moth Saddle (Buff)
Brine Tribe Megalodon Saddle (Buff)
Brine Tribe Ichthyosaurus Saddle (Buff)
Brine Tribe Mosasaurus (Buff and 5 Passenger Seats)
Volcanic Tribe Argy Saddle (Buff)
Volcanic Tribe Sheep Saddle (Buff)
Volcanic Tribe Mantis Saddle (Buff)
Volcanic Tribe Sword Skin

Missing textures on the DLC saddles? Those saddles require you owning the ARK DLCs. This allows the mod to be smaller in size while adding more content!

Cave Camo List for Subterrane Trike Saddle:
Araneo (plus Aberrant version)
Arthropleura (plus Aberrant and Corrupt version)
Dung Beetle (plus Aberrant version)
Megalania (plus Aberrant version)
Megalosaurus (plus Aberrant version)
Scorpion (plus Aberrant version)
Titanoboa (plus Aberrant version)


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BranTuna Jun 16 @ 7:45pm 
I just want to take a moment to point out the elephant in the room... THIS IS IMPORTANT: eco has been with us a long time. The MODS ARE A CREATIVE OUTLET FOR ECO, and the MORE TIME eco spends ANSWERING QUESTIONS (already discussed in the FAQ's), the LESS TIME and PATIENCE eco has in general. And let me tell you, as an artist, when someone comments on your art and tells you that it's trash - THAT S*** IS VERY HURTFUL, and UNCALLED FOR. There's NOTHING CONSTRUCTIVE ABOUT COMPLAINING, but POLITE SUGGESTIONS and IN-DEPTH BUG REPORTS are MORE THAN CONSTRUCTIVE. Most of you get me, and I salute you for being good little humanlings, but there are SOME ARSE-MUNCHERS out there who need to LEARN THEMSELVES A LESSON or two: JUST BE CONSIDERATE. The whole world changes around you when you are. Thank you for reading, everyone. :steamthumbsup:
Joshgreymaster Jun 16 @ 12:11pm 
Hi, Eco, first off, still using nearly alot your mods in my play throughs. I actually had to decide which were the most important after I found using most of them was causing my crashes. Turns out my pc can't handle all the goodies you've made.

I'm posting here, mainly because I'm unsure where else to post it. Or message it. Or PM it, or whatever.

Will you in the future be considering doing something like THIS mod, but for the new critters in Fjodur? Like the Andrewsarchus? I'd love to see your take on this critter in a new mod sorta like this one. I'm not a modder, so I have no clue as to what it takes to make a mod such as this, and what is required.

I'm mainly just curious to see if it is in the future for you? Thanks again Eco!
JackGenesisX Jun 13 @ 10:20am 
eco  [author] Jun 13 @ 9:44am 
Any required DLC is listed on the right of the mod page.
JackGenesisX Jun 13 @ 7:08am 
all the DLC must be downloaded or only the center?
JackGenesisX Jun 13 @ 7:06am 
echo what improvement does that mantis mount with swords give you?
eco  [author] May 31 @ 11:10am 
Some of them do. If it requires it's always listed on the right.
JackGenesisX May 31 @ 10:39am 
why other mods of yours don't require the center?
JackGenesisX May 31 @ 10:36am 
I mean I can play with this mod on any map but I only need the center for it to work well?
eco  [author] May 31 @ 10:19am 
From the FAQs:

Why do your mod and other mods require The Center DLC?
Using textures from the Center Map actually saves a lot of modders and mappers tons of space within their own mods. Including just just a few of those textures into a mod could add 100mb+ to a mod. The Center is a free DLC. You do NOT have to run on this mod map on The Center Map but just have it installed. It allows a wealth of beautiful textures that can be used to enrich mods and maps across the ARK workshop.