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Tyranids: Hive-Fleet Grendel (WIP) (WEAPONCORE)
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Feb 20 @ 4:21am
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Tyranids: Hive-Fleet Grendel (WIP) (WEAPONCORE)


Update 18.03.2024 - Added Hiveship. Clang save us all.

After rescent AI inventions made by Engineers, the amount of mining work across the system skyrocketed. But due to the rapidly growing colonies and stations, massive space battles and usage of AI ships and drones, an insane amount of radio noise was produced into the black void beyond. And the void heard this noise. And responded. Slowly but inevitably, it crawled in the direction of our system and only now reached its goal. The flight was long. But the void is finally here, and it's hungry.

This mod introduces the one, the only, the Great Devourer, the Tyranids, a massive alien threat inspired by Battlefleet: Gothic Armada 2 game and Warhammer 40k setting. The Hive-Fleet Grendel, a fleet of organic battleships bred by the Hive Mind specifically to deal with the Space Engineers in their system, is bursting right into our worlds, feeding upon everything it can reach! The NPCs this mod adds are often very big and very difficult, requiring either a good cooperation or very powerful modded weaponry to defeat.

The mod is intended to be used with the Tyranid Weaponry mod for full functionality.

With this mod installed, you'll encounter the following enemies in your world:

Vanguard - a small solitary living voidship, occupies a scouting role in the Hive-Fleet and could often be seen at the early stages of the player progression. It's relatively weak compared to others and never spawns in groups.

Cubes: 609
Length: 108m
Mass: 0.7Mt
Main weapons: One light weapon in the mouth.
Auxilliary weapons: none

Variations: Leech, Spitter, Strangler

Drone - a small Tyranid battle voidship serving as a corvette counterpart. Not very sturdy, but has more varieties than Vanguard and may attack in packs, overwhelming the opponent with sheer numbers.

Cubes: 1371
Length: 143m
Mass: 1.9Mt
Main weapons: One light weapon in the mouth.
Auxilliary weapons: none

Variations: Corrosive, Strangler, Leech, Bio-Plasma

Kraken - the first major threat for the players, a light cruiser analogue of the Tyranids. It has only one weapon in its disposal, but in each shot this weapon concentrates all of the devastating capabilities of the whole armament of any standard ship of the similar size.

Cubes: 4422
Length: 266m
Mass: 8.5Mt
Main weapons: One medium weapon in the mouth.
Auxilliary weapons: none

Variations: Corrosive, Strangler, Clutch, Bio-Torpedo

Voidprowler - the main voidship of the Hive Fleet Grendel and one of the most dangerous foes to encounter. Voidprowlers have the widest variety of adaptations of all other bioforms and, like all heavy voidships, it takes less damage from all sources due to the heavy armor.

Cubes: 10000+
Length: 322m
Mass: 19Mt
Main weapons: One heavy weapon in the mouth.
Auxilliary weapons: 2 light weapons on each side, Spike-shooting carapace

Variations: Corrosive, Corrosive Strangler, Bio-Corrosive, Bio-Predator, Leech-Corrosive, Leech-Torpedo, Infestation, Infestation-Torpedo, Bio-Strangler, Leeching Clutch, Bio-Clutch

Razorfiend - an enormous enforcer of the Hive-Fleet Grendel, this dreadnought-sized voidship is capable of fighting a small battle groups on its own due to its many different adaptations helping this voidship in every combat situation. Razorfiend is often equally dangerous both in long-ranged and close-ranged combat thanks to the main weapon empowerment, and its flak spores won't let it be shot by the missiles and rockets so easily.

Cubes: 17000+
Length: 380m
Mass: 41.6Mt
Main weapons: One heavy weapon and 2 Feeder tentacles in the mouth
Auxilliary weapons: 4 light weapons on each side, 2 Harpy Bays, Spike-shooting carapace, flak spores emitters, small ramming spurs.

Variations: Corrosive, Bio-Corrosive, Corrosive-Plasma, Bio-Predator, Bio-Torpedo, Infestation-Torpedo, Leech-Predator

Devourer - one of the biggest living voidships of Grendel forces of all that entered the system. Its colossal mouth is always agape, and its terrific hunger is insatiable. Capable of destroying the whole fleets alone, this nightmarish foe flies straignt to the potential prey, tearing it with its teeth, breaking it with feeder tentacles and dissolving it with its stomach acid, turning even the biggest warships into the scattered remains yet to be fed upon.

Cubes: 23000+
Length: 466m
Mass: 75.3Mt
Main weapons: Devourer weaponry (depending on the class), rows of teeth, Drool cannon
Auxilliary weapons: 5 light weapons on each side, Spike-shooting carapace, flak spores emitters

Variations: Bio-Clutch, Leeching Clutch, Infestation Clutch, Bio-Strangler, Leeching Strangler, Infestation Strangler, Abomination, Bio-Abomination, Corrosive Abomination

Hiveship - When this titan of destruction enters the battle, the space itself bends before its immeasurable mass and psychic prescence. Being the flagship of the Tyranid invasion and the final foe for the engineers to defeat, Hiveship posesses a whole arsenal of incredibly lethal weaponry and abilities, allowing it to destroy fleets upon fleets upon fleets.

Corrosive Doom Hiveship carries a massive artillery that fires an enormous drone-swarmed acidic projectile. Bio-Apocalypse variant shoots a giant bio-nuclear plasma beam that splits near the target and creates a death zone with 2km diameter. World Eater Hiveship deploys its endless drone swarms from a distance and tears any ship in close proximity with enormous variant of Feeder Tentacles. Every Hiveship posesses a Psychic Scream ability, capable of disabling almost every ship in 3km radius for 10 seconds.

This boss is insanely brutal and powerful, and it's here to put an "engineer" part of every player and all mod-driven creativity of the community to a true test. Engaging this creature head-on without strategy or properly composed and engineered fleet of player-controlled or AI ships will most certainly result in quick and agonizing defeat. Only by making specialised builds and contraptions, playing dirty and exploiting weaknesses of the Hiveship one may end up victoroius in the unspeakable slaughter that will start the moment the boss GPS beacon will be triggered. Good luck.

Cubes: 44000+
Length: 566m
Mass: 125.3Mt
Main weapons: Hiveship weaponry, 6 light weapons in the mouth, 5 forward-facing light weapons on the back.
Auxilliary weapons: 2 Medium Pyro-acid cannons, 7 light weapons, 2 Ether Brood bays and 3 Harpy bays on each side; Spike-shooting carapace, flak spores emitters, Ramming spurs, Psychic Scream

Variations: Corrosive Doom, Bio-Apocalypse, World Eater


- For now, this mod is in WIP state: no particularly difficult behaviours, events or reward systems.
- This mod is BRUTAL and intended for using in big server events.
- The grids used in this mod are often big. Expect a bit of lags when one of the bigger NPC's are spawning.
- The mod may be unbalanced, so, if you have a suggestion, leave it in the comments. This will help me to improve the mod further!)

Have fun :}
MAMPF(GER) May 17 @ 10:52pm 
make ships smaller fpr server performence pls, is very good idea.
_Nazarov7576_  [author] May 16 @ 2:44am 

I don't remember them having heads at all... If you're talking about their maws — that's an intended design
syphersox May 15 @ 9:22pm 
They Seem to be loading in without a Head?
Bravo1.9 May 15 @ 6:46pm 
hello. how do you get the mothership to spawn in? is theres codes for each ship that can be used to spawn into a world ?
Meya May 11 @ 3:24pm 
This mod is so fun for someone like me who loves weapon mods and these guys are very tough :D love it, Actually lose a few battles so nice to not walk all over a threat :D
Xeon May 5 @ 1:01pm 
@_Nazarov7576_ Thank you, I will keep that in mind
_Nazarov7576_  [author] May 5 @ 10:17am 

Yes, it may be the issue
Xeon May 5 @ 7:17am 
I cant spawn a vanguard, is it because my threat score is high because of my battle cruiser?
_Nazarov7576_  [author] May 2 @ 10:34am 

The point defence is here to make sure you won't be able to shoot every NPC down with 3 long-range missile launchers so easily) The solution to this is using more launchers, cheap decoy missile launchers, warhead kamikaze ships/missiles or long-range railguns
Blitzkrieg762 May 1 @ 5:28pm 
Can you tone down the Tyranid point defense lol it gets ridiculous pretty fast.