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Trade Operators Coalition
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Apr 23, 2023 @ 2:11pm
May 7, 2023 @ 6:58pm
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Trade Operators Coalition

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Trade Operators Coalition adds several Economy-Driven Neutral NPC Grid Encounters to your game. This includes Space and Planetary Cargo Ships, and Planetary Installations.

Encounter Information

This table provides information about what to expect with the encounters in this mod. Please note the following may not apply to every encounter. For more information on the attributes, click on the attribute name to view more information on the Modular Encounters Systems Wiki.

★☆☆☆☆ - No Challenge
Grid Difficulty[]
★☆☆☆☆ - No Challenge
Space, Atmosphere, Gravity
Encounter Types[]
Space Cargo Ship, Planetary Cargo Ship, Random Encounter, Planetary Installation
Special Abilities[]
Merchant Equipment

About Trade Operators Coalition

The Trade Operators Coalition is a group of merchants that organized into a formidable economic force in several systems. Their stations can be found on many planets and in outer space. Each station operates in its own territory, so it is uncommon to find multiple stations grouped together in a small area. The stations feature a variety of services, including buying and selling of goods, refueling, shipyard services, and Suit Upgrade Modules.

Merchant ships can often be found wandering various areas. These ships can be approached and they will stop so you may browse the items they have for sale. Cargo Ships also appear near the stations, and will try to deliver additional stock for the station stores - however, pirates sometimes try to attack these ships as well. Defending these cargo ships will often be in your best interest.

Shipyard Services

The stations in this mod offer new economy features in the form of Shipyard Services. This allows players to sell grids that they have majority ownership of for a fraction of their current total credit value. It also offers the ability to repair and construct existing grids (repairs damage / builds projected blocks). And finally, if you have a grid that you've captured with non-majority ownership, you can pay to have the grid fully converted to your ownership. All grids interacting with the Shipyard Services must be within close proximity of the station to utilize these features.

Suit Upgrades

Another unique economy feature introduced via this mod is Suit Upgrades! This allows you to purchase permanent upgrades for your character that offer a variety of advantages. These upgrades include varying levels of immunity to the various Inhibitor blocks that some NPC mods use, passive suit energy recharge while in direct sunlight, and an overall damage reduction modifier.

These upgrades come with a catch though. In addition to be very expensive, they also require special Research Points. These points can be found by infiltrating various NPC ships and stations belonging to Imber, Parallax, Incon, and perhaps others. The Research Points can be downloaded from special terminals found on those grids.

Known Issues

- If trying to scrap-sell a grid with subgrids (connected by rotor, piston, connector, landing gear, etc), I strongly recommend disconnecting those subgrids before processing the sale. Sometimes these grids will despawn with the sale of the parent grid. This is something I'm looking into, and hope to have a more permanent solution for in the future. MES Update 2.69.13 should fix this issue.

- Contract blocks present in stations are not activated at this time. I am hoping at some point keen released some better ModAPI control over contracts like they did with the store blocks in 1.202, which would allow me to do more interesting things with them.

- Some are reporting that the TRADE faction is starting as hostile, which would not be intentional. Keep in mind if you attack TRADE owned ships, your reputation will decrease and you will eventually become hostile (intended behavior). However, if the faction started as hostile for you, try using the following chat command (its not a URL, steam seems to think it is, just copy/paste it) . MES Update 2.69.12 should fix this issue.

Special Thanks

Huge thanks to all the station designers who allowed me to use their designs in this mod! These folks built some awesome looking stations for that Economy Station contest Keen ran a few years ago, and I'm grateful I get to put a spotlight on them with this project!

- The Deedle
- Spaceweasel
- Delta606
- The Kraken
- SlimSumo
- UnagiKing
- AGentleTree

And another huge thanks to AutoMcD for making the Suit Upgrade station block!

Restrictions Regarding Republishing This Mod:

Please refrain from republishing this mod on the workshop or anywhere else. Unauthorized copies will be removed from the workshop.


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Meridius_IX / Lucas
Spectral_Ace Apr 8 @ 2:39pm 
I know the mod description says that the contracts blocks are disabled, but the store's are completely empty on stations for me. Wandering traders are fine, but did something break with stations? I am running basically just base MES stuff and some graphical mods so that shouldn't be the problem.
Hadies_Alchemist Apr 3 @ 5:24pm 
hey i can't sell/repair/change ownership of any ships through the trade station. it doesn't give any ships in the area a value
JohnJ44 Mar 29 @ 10:18am 
@FunkWolfie Thank you
FunkWolfie Mar 29 @ 9:41am 
@[AiR] Le0_gAiR its a known issue between hostile takeover and this mod dont listen to FartyParty
@JohnJ44 same thing
JohnJ44 Mar 13 @ 7:08am 
Why sabotage his own stations?
FartyParty Mar 12 @ 11:47pm 
Le0_gAiR, that was Meridius' joke to the community--he sabotaged his own stations before signing off--surprise!
[AiR] Le0_gAiR Mar 6 @ 12:23pm 
i think i found a bug... when connected via connector, the trade station hijacks my connector...
KLEYDOX Mar 6 @ 5:04am 
hi, how can i add/set research point to inventory? have command or add item id....?
Yinan Feb 28 @ 4:09am 
So, looking at the Discussion Threads... is GTXGaming as a host still breaking this mod? Or is it working as intended with that host?
ryangoslinglover306 Feb 22 @ 4:03am 
add mid save?