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Better Inventory
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Apr 8, 2022 @ 5:59pm
Apr 19, 2022 @ 7:26am
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Better Inventory

Are you also annoyed to switch between Uniform, Vest and Backpack?
Here is the solution to this madness.

- Changed Inventory Layout
- Contents of Uniform, Vest and Backpack are visible at the same time.
- Clientside Mod. The Mod only needs to be whitelisted on the Server and have CBA installed.

Build-in Compatibility:
- Ace
- Dual Arms - Two Primary Weapons
- ExileMod

- Should be compatible with every other mod/mission that doesn't drastically changes the Inventory.

Currently incompatible with:

Possible Features in the Future:
- Item Stack Moving
- Compatibility for more Mods
- CBA Settings
- CBA setting to scale down item size to make them thinner for more overview.

Known Bugs:
- When you drag a Item to the Vest or Backpack Container Box (Not Icons) the Item will be deleted if there isn't enough space in the target container.
- When you clicked the Vest or Backpack Icon, you can not drag items in to the Uniform Container Box until you clicked the Uniform Icon.
- When Vest or Backpack is selected and have no space for a Item you cant move the Item in the Uniform.

Bug Reporting:
- Please provide your video resolution and interface size settings as part of your bug report if your report is ui related.
- Try to reproduce the bug with all other mods except CBA disabled.
- You can still report bugs only happening in combination with other mods but please try to provide as much information as possible. If possible share your modlist with me or even better the exact mod if you can identify it yourself.

Repacking/Reupload of the Mod:
- You are allowed to repack this mod as long as its not bundled into a public mod on the steam workshop or somewhere else online.
- Private (aka friends only) mods on the workshop or somewhere else are allowed.
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Oct 28, 2022 @ 4:17pm
Suggestion: Move items in stacks / bulk / 5 at a time ....
Overlord Zorn
< >
Warrior Sep 20 @ 12:31am 
Hello, sorry for my very bad English I am French-speaking Belgian, is there a way to select a whole group of items in the inventory to place it for example in a vehicle or a container or a crate instead of emptying its inventory piece by piece, let me explain, I have three types of ammunition in my backpack, 17 magazines of HK17, 15 of Barrette M104 and 6 of MP7, is it possible to slide a whole group from the bag to a storage location or do you have to do it one by one? We are really looking for a way to be able to select a group of items to save a little time when we build bases or when we loot missions on Arma3 Exile

Thank you for your answers and again sorry for my bad English
BK Aug 24 @ 3:59pm 
That’s understandable. Thank you for your work.
[Phönix] Xaneas  [author] Aug 24 @ 10:44am 
Item Stack Moving is NOT in the Mod at the moment.
I haven't been playing arma much lately, but I'll look into it when I find the time.
BK Aug 24 @ 6:00am 
Hello, "Item Stack Moving" are in the mod or no ?
Moving entire item stacks around would start to be great.
nanner (Knightin) May 20 @ 8:43am 
Thisod would be 100% no brainer the best if we could see armor values in the inventory, similar to this mod:
R3tro- May 7 @ 9:17pm 
some mods neglect to add inventory icons
R3tro- May 7 @ 9:17pm 
for people having problems thats from other mods not this
floagard May 3 @ 9:26am 
Hey, the mod doesn't seem to be rendering "&" correctly, realized this when viewing one of the H&K:s from NIArsenal.
Nothing major, but just giving you the heads up that it seems that any Ampersands don't show in the inventory.
WtFKilla Apr 13 @ 7:12am 
i tried yesterday again, and now it worked, maybe problems with GGE Core and GGE Weapon Swap