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Better Inventory
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Apr 8, 2022 @ 5:59pm
Dec 24, 2023 @ 2:41pm
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Better Inventory

Christmas Update 22.12.2023
I wish everyone happy Holidays and have fun with Stack Moving and fixes.

Are you also annoyed to switch between Uniform, Vest and Backpack?
Here is the solution to this madness.

- Changed Inventory Layout
- Contents of Uniform, Vest and Backpack are visible at the same time.
- Clientside Mod. The Mod only needs to be whitelisted on the Server and have CBA installed.
- Stack Moving. Move many Items/Magazines at the same Time.
- Task Force Radio Buttons to open the settings of equipped Radios.

Stack Moving:
- Hold Shift while moving Items to move 5 Items at the same time.
- Hold Ctrl to move as many items as possible.
- The Key Bindings can be changed under "Options-->Controls-->Better Inventory".
- When you stack move a Magazine that has not Full Ammo, it will only move other Magazines that have not Full Ammo, the same goes for Full Magazines.

- Only Items and Magazines can be Stack Moved.
- Not Weapons or Containers like Uniforms.
- Not from Containers(Boxes/Vehicles) to Ground.

- The Limitations are because of the hardcoded nature of the Arma 3 Inventory and limited scripting possibilities for that.

The Mod has Build-in Compatibility with the following Mods.
- Ace
- Dual Arms - Two Primary Weapons
- ExileMod
- Should be compatible with every other mod/mission that doesn't drastically changes the Inventory.

Possible Features in the Future:
- CBA Settings
- Ui customization (colors etc.)
- Support for custom Inventory picture.
- Compatibility for more Mods.
- Setting to customize Stack Moving amount.

Known Bugs/Problems:
- When you stack move magazines from a container with many (1000 or so) Magazines, the game lags for a second. This is because you can not move Magazines in Arma 3 with a script, so the mod needs to delete and readd all Magazines. I try to fix/ease this problem in the next update.

Bug Reporting:
- Please provide your video resolution and interface size settings as part of your bug report if your report is ui related.
- Try to reproduce the bug with all other mods except CBA disabled.
- You can still report bugs only happening in combination with other mods but please try to provide as much information as possible. If possible share your modlist with me or even better the exact mod if you can identify it yourself.

Repacking/Reupload of the Mod:
- You are allowed to repack this mod as long as its not bundled into a public mod on the steam workshop or somewhere else online.
- Private (aka friends only) mods on the workshop or somewhere else are allowed.

Want to thank me and support my work with a Donation?

Popular Discussions View All (3)
Dec 25, 2023 @ 9:48pm
Items activated from the inventory (backpack, vest) can no longer be used.
Jun 14 @ 2:43am
Feature Request: Move sidearms to the left and launchers to the right
Komodo Jun 13 @ 1:33pm 
hi X, removing 5/All mags/items works for the player but doesn't when u switch to another AI playable unit, ty
Carl Jun 4 @ 11:43am 
is it possible for you to add a script for server side preventing stack moving? current unit im in has issues with people stack moving causing whoever is in the inventory of that item to crash
[Phönix] Xaneas  [author] May 15 @ 10:14am 
Never heard of a problem with my mod that you can't equip a Uniform.
Remember that you can only equip Uniforms from the same faction you are in without mods.
So you can't equip Opfor Uniforms as Bluefor Soldier.

Yes you are right about that.
I had to make the (Uniform/Vest/Backpack) not selectable because of a bug that deleted items.
Because the Inventory isn't build to have multiple containers (Uniform/Vest/Backpack) open at the same time, I spent many many hours bypassing the problems that comes with it.

@[+| CL rautamiekka
The code is definitely a mess at this point, because of the try and error i had to do to make everything work.
Maybe it would have been a good idea to simply remove the inventory and make a complete new one and use another GUI Control. I dunno.
Also there was a massive lack of scripting commands for this.
It's working and should not affect the performance of the game.
At the moment i don't find time to clean my code up.
[+| CL rautamiekka May 15 @ 5:52am 
Much of the whole code use a lotta optimizing, too.
[+| CL rautamiekka May 15 @ 5:49am 

Hmm, as far as I can tell from the code, there's no such feature. Which, ngl, is a massive shame.
Pat1ence May 14 @ 4:52pm 
Maybe i'm dumb, but can we not right click items into specific containers by clicking it first? For example, clicking my backpack first, which will then allow me to right click items on the ground making them go straight to my backpack? I can only get things to right click into my first open inventory space which is usually my uniform then vest then backpack. Am i doing something wrong? Thanks for the cool mod!:gordon:
Taco.Truck May 13 @ 7:32pm 
I cant equip uniforms, it just won't let me I have both mods downloaded. When I try to move uniforms to a backpack or anything it just completely disepears.
darlak97 May 8 @ 2:29am 
You right.
sorry for the trouble, I didn't test properly before asking.
Thanks for the support.
[Phönix] Xaneas  [author] May 7 @ 1:31am 
I downloaded both mods and everything works for me.
You can try for yourself to only activate these mods and Better Inventory.
Maybe you have another Mod activated that also changes inventory stuff and is not compatible with my mod or breaks the cba function.
Have you maybe "Drongo's DYEL" installed? When not correctly configured that mod can deactivate the cba double click.
darlak97 May 6 @ 1:51pm 
Ok, so Im misinformed.
I have the problem in two mods:
With the "Overdrive" item from the "Android Ascension" mod
With the "Tripwire Spool" item from the "Taro Tripwire" mod