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Dual Arms - Two Primary Weapons
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Mar 17, 2018 @ 6:16pm
Mar 24, 2018 @ 2:11pm
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Dual Arms - Two Primary Weapons

Reuploads of this mod on Steam Workshop / Armaholic / PlayWithSix are not allowed. I provide methods to override code if use is needed for servers.

Dual Arms mod allows most weapons to be stored in the launcher slot of your character. The weapons go into your launcher and are classed as a launcher. You have to swap your current weapon with the stored weapon to use it. I have made it pretty fluid to swap and add weapons, via addaction or inventory buttons.

Addactions are disabled by default currently - bind useraction 16 to swap weapons via hoykey.

This mod makes use of the following eventhandlers:

If you are looking to run this on a server with persistance I would suggest looking at this post I made here:
Even if you do not run Exile it has good examples and code you need to make saving pointers work and overrides if it does not work out of the box.

If your mod or server makes use of these I would suggest integrating them into one file. I will not help with this but you can still override my files.

How does it work and what does it look like?

How is this different from the other scripts I might have seen? This does not use attachTo or onEachFrame to work. Your weapon goes into the launcher slot, saves correctly in gamemodes without much additional editing. It works in MP for jip and regular play as it simply is a weapon in your second slot. No mods were repackaged or are needed as dependencies. If they are loaded and supported it will work, if not it will simply not allow it.

All weapons have their oirginal weights so if fatigue is enabled your character will be affected by it

Arma is dumb.

You cannot actually have a non launcher type weapon in your second slot unless you fully have source files, which I don't have nor did I want to rip anything from people who made awesome mods. So this mod uses a mirror of the main weapon that you put on your back originally. If you somehow try to create a secondary weapon when the main mod isn't loaded it will be invisible.

If you inspect my files you will see that all weapons are just an mirror of the main weapons, you can unload and load mods with no dependencies except for base Arma3. If the main mod is loaded in my mod then it will allow you to put it on your back. If not there will be a message saying that its not supported.
Your character has an addaction to add a weapon to your back or swap weapons if available. This can be configured and turned off via configs.
You can also customize if the second weapon will be dropped on death or not and you can block weapons from going on your back via classname.

All weapons also retain their original weight values so your overall weight will be affected.

Mods currently supported:
NIArms :
Project Infinite :
Exile Mod :
ADR-97 Weapon Pack :
Operation: TREBUCHET :
Cup Weapons :
NATO_Rus_Weapons :
Specialist Military Arms (SMA) :
The_Unsung_Vietnam_War_Mod :
FFAA Mod :
2035: Russian Armed Forces :
FHQ Firearms :
BWMod :
SFP: Swedish Forces Pack :
3CB BAF Weapons :
Faces of war :
Arma 3 Aegis (Beta) :

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