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Zoning Adjuster 1.2.2
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Zoning Adjuster 1.2.2

A tool to adjust and fine-tune zoning grids
New in 1.2:
  • Option to show/hide settings panel by default when road menu is visible
  • Option to disable all automatic zoning
  • Option to force zoning (for roads that don't normally have it)
  • Option to toggle single-side zoning (hold Alt key when clicking with Zoning Adjuster tool)
  • Allow negative setbacks of up to -4m
  • Zoning tool hotkey (default Alt-Z)

Key features:
  • Aligns grids of 8m and 24m wide roads with standard road grids
  • Can be set to disable or force enable zoning on any road, even roads that don't normally support zoning.
  • Includes a zoning tool that can be used to add, reset, and remove zoning for ANY ROAD (including those with no zoning by default), and toggle zoning on one side of the road only (hold down Alt key when clicking to toggle single-sided/both-sided zoning)
  • Optional variable zoning setbacks, including negative setbacks, to add a gap between the road edge and the zoning grid
  • Optional zoning grid precedence by age to ensure that zoning grids attached to newer roads don't disrupt zoning attached to older (pre-existing) roads

Zoning tool
Activated by clicking the button to the left of the road options panel (towards the lower-left of the screen).

Left-click a road segment with this tool to add new zoning to that segment with the current zoning settings. Any existing zoning will be deleted and then new zoning created - note that this means that any existing zoning will be cleared!

Right-click a road segment with this tool to remove zoning attached to that segment.

Zoning tool settings panel
This will appear when the roads tool panel is visible, by default just above the tool button at the lower-right of the screen (can be dragged anywhere). It includes a slider to set variable zoning setback (0 to 8 meters) and a checkbox to select whether or not zoning grids attached to older roads take priority over those attached to newer roads (and a second checkbox for the reverse).

These settings take immediate effect for any zoning created afterwards (either through use of the zoning tool or by normal road construction).

Aligns grids of 8m and 24m wide roads with standard road grids
Enables matching alignment of zoning grids for right-angled road connections using 8- and 24m-wide roads (in addition to the standard 16/32m). This means that you can have (right-angled!) junctions between roads of all of these road widths with a single, continuous zoning grid aligned to all roads.

Replaces the Network Extensions Project 2's 'tiny road zoning', as well as working for 24m-wide and standard road widths out-of-the-box.

Zoning start offset
Also includes an additional function to offset the zoning start along a road by 4m; hold down the modifier key (Shift by default, can be changed in the mod's options panel settings) when placing/upgrading/toggling roads to apply this offset. This is useful for forcing zoning alignment between mismatched road types.

Note on zoning alignment
Getting good zoning matches can still be tricky, because the game (including functionality like 'snap to grid') is designed only for 16/32m roads, and the game will offset zoning grids at the slightest provocation.

It's therefore VERY IMPORTANT to make sure that your road placment lines up nicely with the grid (the game will NOT do this by default for 24m roads in particular) to ensure that the zoning for both roads CAN align in the first place.

Sometimes it might take a couple of attempts to get things right (don't forget to experiment with the zoning offset modifier function as well). If you find that you have trouble placing 24m roads at the correct spot, try placing an 8m road and then upgrading to the desired 24m road (some people find that placing the 8m roads works a bit more easily with the game's UI for them than placing 24m roads).

Also, remember that messing with zoning in the game in ANY MANNER (with this mod, with other mods, or with just the standard in-game tools) where there are existing buildings on that zoning can lead to those buildings despawning (especially if the simulation is still running while you're doing it). There's nothing special about this mod in that regard; it's how the game has always worked with zoning, so take appropriate care.

Note on zoning priority
Zoning blocks 'remember' the priority that was set when they were created, and will keep that priority. Overlapping blocks with different priorities will lead to inconsistent results - where necessary, using the tool to recreate zone blocks with the desired priorities as needed.

Conflicting mods
  • Network Extensions 2 - NExt2 overwrites zoning code and doesn't let other mods work with it
  • Zone It - can't have two mods trying to do different things with the same function

Road collections
Road collections containing roads with 8m and 24m widths that work with this mod include (this is not a complete list, just a small sampling):

Can be safely removed at any time (any zoning placed when using the mod will be retained by the game even after the mod is removed, although priorities for overlapping zones will revert to game defaults).

This mod uses Harmony[] version 2.0 by Andreas Pardeike via the Cities Harmony mod by boformer.

Source available on GitHub[].
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algernon  [author] 7 minutes ago 
Version 1.2.2 hotfix:
- Fix settings panel controls not working for some players
algernon  [author] 27 minutes ago 
Wow... fastest response to call for output logs ever! Thanks to those who provided logs via DM, issue has been identified and hotfix is incoming shortly.
algernon  [author] 1 hour ago 
@mxrvinfrmbpt @Bp101697 @ias @3r1u5 Would love to fix whatever is going on, but since it's only happening to a small number of people, I can't do anything until someone with the issue provides me with an output log .

Remember all: if reporting an issue, I need your output log! Otherwise I can't do anything.
PYRO 1 hour ago 
Question: those with this issue, are you guys subbed to Network Extensions 2 ?
PYRO 1 hour ago 
I see many are having issues with the control panel. No problem here, she is working just fine, I wonder if it has to do with some specific mod you all have in common that is causing the prob. IDK just a thought.
mxrvinfrmbpt 8 hours ago 
yo boss i cant use the control panel after the update. hopefully you guys fix the mod asap
Bp101697 9 hours ago 
Cannot select anything in panel after the update.
ias 11 hours ago 
adding to previous comment, the settings panel can no longer be clicked on, no settings can be changed or made. Moving it around etc. still works. Thank you for this wonderful tool, and I hope you'll get it fixed as soon as you can!
3r1u5 11 hours ago 
latest update broke the settings panel, hope it gets solved soon, love this mod thanks for keeping it updated!!
algernon  [author] Sep 16 @ 5:30pm 
Version 1.2.1 update:
- Dynamically resize settings panel to accomodate longer translation strings