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What is RimSeasoning?

This MOD adds new flavor to your RimWorld!
After installing this MOD, your colonists will use the condiments and spices with their meal if placed on the table. New flavors can be gained through trading, mining and farming.

RimSeasoning とは何ですか?



MOD Compatibles

RimSeasoning has supported these MODs. If you installed this MOD with these, you can pack some condiments into bottle for table condiments by stove, and use some spices with Mill. But this MOD don't merge the duplicated named item, so you should manage those items yourself. And I don't promise keep those compatibles forever.


* Vanilla Plants Expanded
* Vanilla Cooking Expanded
* Vanilla Cooking Expanded - Sushi
* Vanilla Events Expanded
* VGP Garden Gourmet
* PanjangDrum

Rice cultivation civilization's author released add-on for RimSeasoning. You can get it from here.
Rice cultivation civilization の作者様が RimSeasoning 用のアドオンを公開してくださりました。アドオンはこちらから入手できます。

Bug or MOD Conflict

I will not resolve MOD conflict, because I have no free time. if you want to resolve MOD conflict, you have to resolve yourself. if you want to report a bug to me, you have to give these detail. if you report without these details, I cannot fix it.

RimWorld には数多くのMODがあり、それらすべてに対応することは不可能です。なので、MODの競合があっても対応することはございません。また、不具合を発見して報告したい場合には、必ず以下の情報を提供してください。提供していただけない場合には、修正を行うことができません。ご留意ください。

* what happen? (なにが起こったのか)
* when caused it? (いつ起こったのか)
* how to cause it? (どのようにすると起こるのか)
* what record in error log? (エラーログはどうなっているのか)
* what your RimWorld's version? (RimWorldのバージョンはいくつなのか)
* used this MOD only or not? (このMODのみを使用しているのか)


Q) is this compatible for ~?
A) try check it yourself.

Q) please compatible this to ~.
A) make a patch yourself.

Q) how to use ~? how to get ~?
A) read this page all first before question.

Q) I want to report a bug!
A) read section of "Bug and MOD Conflict" first before report.

Q) what the condiment rain?
A) condiment rain give a good mood bonus to colonists under the sky, if rain's flavor is matched to him. and colonist try use condiment rain to meal as dips.

Q) how to disable condiment rain events?
A) you can disable condiment rain with MOD configuration window.

Q) how to make condiments?
A) you can convert other MOD's condiments to table condiments with stove. this MOD don't support making condiments from materials.


(c) 2020-2021 tikubonn

this MOD require Harmony.dll, it has released under the MIT License. you can read its license to About/Harmony.LICENSE.

Update History


2021/7/10 11:49(JST):
試験的に RimWorld 1.3 テスト版に対応しました。イベント制限に関連するコードを修正しました。
this MOD has supported for RimWorld 1.3 unstable experimentally. fixed DLL codes about permitting events.

I deleted irrelevant video file in texture folder.

Fixed a recipe that convert VCE mayonnaise to this MOD's mayonnaise.
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Zayceed Nov 6 @ 2:47pm 
hey guys, where to get the mustard, should it be planted as a plant or just ready to buy?
It is not on my list of plants. it is not also in the list of production on machines.
Hans Sep 15 @ 3:41pm 
Is there a way that mustard etc have more then 1 Charge? I mean a bottle kethup can be used for more then one meal
TurtleShroom Aug 25 @ 4:51pm 
Good evening. I attempted to put a Spice Mill on a custom Table, but it told me that I could only place it on... a Table. The Custom Table that I used is the Medieval Feast Table, which uses the Thing DEF of " VBYFeast_Table ". If it is possible, please consider adding this Table as a Table that you can place Spice Mills and other Rim Seasoning Mod items.

Thank you.
Rachealica Aug 19 @ 5:33pm 
I think there is a problem with the bottled mayo recipe, it takes 30 nutrition rather than 30 mayo, so theoretically, it will take 1000 mayo to pack 1 mayonnaise (0.03 X 30) rather than the 30 for say... bottled ketchup. I have a mayonnaise lover in my colony. Please fix?
Lee Meowth Aug 4 @ 10:33pm 
is there a way to collect the rain seasoning as a mean of acquiring those delicious substance, like a rain collector barrel or something.
Ashardalon Jul 30 @ 5:37pm 
sad the mustard rain doesnt increase the pain of open wounds
Harried Hal Jul 28 @ 4:16am 
oh my god this is exactly what i was wanting for the longest time. absolutely brilliant.
tikubonn  [author] Jul 14 @ 6:32pm 
thanks for telling me it.
I deleted its file and updated now.
sidfu1 Jul 14 @ 4:43pm 
its in
sidfu1 Jul 14 @ 4:37pm 
fyi you also included a 300meg video. its in one of the texture folders you may want to delete that