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Vanilla Events Expanded
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Dec 16, 2019 @ 10:08am
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Vanilla Events Expanded

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Vanilla Expanded
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After playing the game for a long amount of time, you’re not really looking forward to events anymore - they become boring. We have decided to come up with a reason to once again get excited when a colourful pop-up shows up in the right corner of your screen.

Vanilla Events Expanded adds several new events to the game, all in line with vanilla events - nothing too drastic. A new tier of events is added - Purple events. Instead of having strict negative or positive effects, purple events force players to adapt as they last significantly longer than events like Toxic Fallout or Volcanic Winter.

Purple events are extremely rare, and can only occur after 3 ingame years pass. They can last between 15 days and 120 days. Their minimum time before repeat is 300 days. Favorability is VeryBad. Chance is 0.04 (⅓ chance of a Volcanic Winter, which has the lowest chance in vanilla game). Category is Big Threat.

This mod also allows you to disable events added by this mod and any other mod, so feel free to use it to get rid of events you dislike!

Removing the mod whilst any event is active will break the event. Please use the menu in the Mod Options ingame to turn off the events.

Weapons cargo pods sometimes drop Turret-Tops, which will disappear as soon as they are picked up. We are looking into fixing this.

There shouldn’t be any other incompatibilities or issues, but in case anything pops up, report issues in the comments.

Q: Can this mod be added to an existing save?
A: Yes it can!

Q: I don’t like a particular event. How do I disable it?
A: We have added a mod options menu that allows you to disable any and all events if you so desire.

Q: Can I suggest a feature?
A: Absolutely, leave a comment down below!

Q: Will you keep updating the mod with new events?
A: Yes, that is part of our plan. Periodically, we will add new, interesting events - both local events and world map events!

Q: Can you add any world map events?
A: We are looking into potential options, yes.

Q: These events are super OP!
A: Bear in mind we tweaked the occurrence chance of the events according to how big of an impact it can have. We will constantly tweak the values, so be sure to leave us some feedback!

Q: CE compatible?
A: yes.

Q: Can I disable specific event?
A: Yes! In mod options you can alter the chance for events to appear - even lowering them to 0!

Graphics are created by me, Oskar Potocki.

Code work created by Kikohi.

Ideas gained from Helixien.

Rimworld is owned by Tynan Sylvester.

(CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)[creativecommons.org]


Every dollar donated allows us to spend more time refining the mods and creating new content. If you’re feeling generous, even the smallest donation is always welcome!


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Kitsune Jako Nov 30 @ 7:07pm 
search steam workshop folder for PurpleEvents and change permanent setting with text editor, psychic rain is available not sure why ice age / global warming isn't by default without going into the file, probably bc it's game changing but thats the point of setting it to be permanent, now imma go enjoy playing the coldest little moon with a planet destroyer coming in 5 years on 500%
Kitsune Jako Nov 30 @ 5:41pm 
How do I make the Ice Age event permanent?
Ranikai Nov 26 @ 2:12pm 
To clarify on my previous post, I reloaded my game to a point where the hunting party hadnt reached their targets. I devmode "Destroy"ed them and the issue seemed to resolve so I imagine the issue is more reliant on the pawns and their activities.
Ranikai Nov 26 @ 2:08pm 
Might not be adding much of value but I am also experiencing game crash during hunting party. Specifically, the most recent crash I experienced was when the hunting party ignited a Caribou Revenge event and as soon as the caribou made contact (with their antlers) with the hunting party, the game crashed.
Kilo181 Nov 26 @ 1:56pm 
I got the hunting party crash too. Another thing is I'm still getting transport pod crashes even though I disabled them in the mod settings.
TaM_tHe_JaM Nov 23 @ 6:34am 
Excuse me, but how much colder does the ice age make the map? Does it only make every biome colder or does it also give a fix decrease in temperature?
Kikohi  [author] Nov 23 @ 4:13am 
Still looking into the crash issue.

@dreamseizer24 This shouldn't be the case
dreamseizer24 Nov 23 @ 1:39am 
I'm about 80% certain that this mod prevents sanguophage events from occurring.
Brigadier Pickles Nov 22 @ 1:25pm 
Hunting parties crash the game once they down all their targets and go to collect the bodies.
foxxy Nov 21 @ 10:26am 
Hunting party crashed my game. Thank f for the autosave.