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Intersection Marking Tool 1.14.3
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Jun 24, 2020 @ 6:59am
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Intersection Marking Tool 1.14.3


    This mod allows you to quickly create road markings at intersections.

  • This is for detailing and aesthetics ONLY and WILL NOT tell your traffic where to go. If you want to control traffic, please see Traffic Manager: President Edition.

  • Harmony 2.0 is required for the mod to work.

  • You can move and adjust the intersection with Move It! and will not need to redraw your lines. They automatically redraw themselves.

  • There is no impact to Game Limits since the markings are not considered objects by the game.

  • There is little to no performance impact which can vary based on each user's system.

  • This tool can be disabled or unsubscribed at any time without breaking save games.

What’s Included
  • ALL MARKING OPTIONS can be colored with either a color palette or RGBA color numbers and sliders.

  • Create customized Templates[] and set and change the default you wish to use for each style in each category.

  • 4 categories for different road marking scenarios each with a variety of styles to choose from.

  • Template and Line grouping options

Any questions?

If you have any problems with mod or errors occur, you should describe your problem as much detailed as possible, comments like “mod does not work” will be ignored.
Also, you should provide the game log, comments about errors without game log will be ignored too. Read here how to share log.

Although, the best way to solve problems is joining to my discord and write to #Support channel, unfortunately, steam comments is very useless for conversation.

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Aug 24 @ 6:50am
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Sep 18 @ 9:53pm
its not showing up and i am subsribed to it and the requirmented mods
< >
ne0n Sep 10 @ 6:41am 
Hey and thank you for the game changing mod, I use it a lot :D

With the usage come some issues, ofc. I'm trying to add a prop instead of a line, but some props are displayed, and some aren't. It's obviously that some aren't compatible with IMT, but is there a way to know which ones before subbing? Also, if I make a prop myself, what should I pay attention to, to make sure it's compatible with IMT?

Thanks in advance!
Vinny Sep 5 @ 5:01pm 
Hello! Do Terrain conforming props not work? I am trying to place terrain conforming props as a Prop line.
Sean Sep 1 @ 7:50am 
its not working for me help
Jass Aug 31 @ 12:28pm 
I love it, but for some reason it keeps crashing my game just mid use allot.
Eddi Aug 25 @ 12:44pm 
create an invisible line along the sidewalk?
Siasur Aug 25 @ 10:51am 
How can I prevent the filler from overlapping the sidewalk?
John McCreedy Aug 25 @ 5:28am 
How do I delete a specific filler template, please? I saved one, then saved an adjusted one under the same name but it duplicated it rather than overwrite it.
Eddi Aug 17 @ 4:51pm 
@El Presidente

try the beta version of this mod, that one works for me.
Hayran Aug 17 @ 12:52pm 
Can someone experienced in this mod tell me something? I want to copy-paste in one time instead of selecting each sector between nodes every time. I want to put barriers on the highways in my city, and doing that, sector by sector, will take a lot of time. Is it possible for me to select several sectors and paste them all at once? (Like we do with files with Shift in Windows or Move It mod) Thanks.
El Presidente Aug 16 @ 8:34pm 
The Linux version of Cities Skylines does not work with this mode. I will unsubscribe it. Sorry but it not compatible with all versions of Cities Skylines.