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The Hermit
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Apr 1, 2023 @ 11:40am
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The Hermit

A lone undead gunslinger from a far away place.
Haunted by the inescapable specter of the past.

The Hermit is a fully fleshed-out custom class that aims to do something fresh, yet familiar and flow seamlessly with the game's base content.

Features of the class:
  • 75 cards, with all-new artwork and beta art.
  • 14 new relics.
  • 3 new potions.
  • Splash and Ending artwork by the talented @Chaoclypse
  • Dead On: Cards with this keyword provide extra effects from the center of your hand.
  • Curse Synergy: Learn the many ways to reap the benefits of your curses.
  • It's High Noon: An archetype centered on your Strikes and Defends.

Localization Credits: Russian - Jedi515, Korean - 물꼬기, Chinese - OldDrivers, Rita-B, French - AdmiralRazorbeard, Brazilian Portuguese - bear_the_dice, German - AlexMdle

Special Thanks to Vex, Mari, Alchyr, Micheal Mayhem, Kiooeht and all the other cool people in #modding, as well as to BulletNick, BulletDuDe and Flan for testing and helping with beta art.

If you play this mod and decide "These guys seem like they know a thing or two about video games", check out Star of Providence, a game we made/published!

Any feedback or bug reports are appreciated. We'll try to sort them out when we can.
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Translation Resources
ecliptichowl Apr 13 @ 11:35pm 
I love this character so much. By FAR my favorite character. I really hope the one/people who created it read this and feel appreciated. Thanks for this addition.
fabmaster1969 Mar 30 @ 10:31am 
Bro the Hermit is so strong wth
literally easy mode
blossom Mar 11 @ 1:05pm 
@Ofey If all you want to do is throw money at them, buy their game called Star of Providence. And if you like twin stick shooters, hey, you get a good game out of it too.
Ofey Mar 11 @ 10:55am 
Do you have patron or fanbox? Take my money plz
Cigoto Indomable Feb 19 @ 10:59am 
Why would you translate to the second most spoken language in the world, no, better translate to german -.-
UnrealExpert2023 Feb 11 @ 11:13pm 
Does anyone know if the Hermit has a Sensory Stone? I imagine that he and his wife got killed, but I don't really understand the context.
The Bringer of Har Feb 10 @ 8:31am 
Is it just me or does the Hermit really struggle at 3 energy? Vanilla characters all have access to reliable energy generation and/or low-energy strategies for when you don't get an energy boss relic or choose not to take one. I don't really see such options here. Eternal Form is a powerful energy generator, but it's a rare card that you're not guaranteed to see. Showdown can play all your Strikes for 1 cost - very useful in hallway fights but good luck making it work against the Heart. Eye of the Storm is nice with several copies of Coalesce in your deck or Pyramid, but being an exhausting card, it's not quite enough in longer fights, without retain it's almost dead draw.

Only at 5 energy does Hermit start to feel comfortable, especially in a Dead-On deck, since you might have to play more cards to make the important ones actually Dead-On, particularly with Combo in play. Is there something I'm not seeing? I'm not saying Hermit is bad necessarily, just sharing my observations.
B.W.S Feb 9 @ 7:35am 
To be fair, the heart is deliberately designed to require very specific builds with all vanilla characters (Which is why barely anybody I know cares about beating it more than once since going for the heart rather than just finishing act 3 just absolutely destroys player choice and build variety in this game)
But yeah, this problem's worse with Hermit imo, agreed.
I cant freaking beat the heart with this character. I have succeeded with all characters; but this one seems to require such a specific setup against the heart that it may take forever to succeed.
A lot of cards seem to be absolutely useless or underwhelming, making potential builds quite limited.
FatRefrigerator Feb 8 @ 3:16pm 
Have to agree with Skoll, Hermit used to be pretty fun but good lord he's just a slog to try and make work now.