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Trevor Henderson in Gmod
[GMOD] Trevor Henderson Complete Collection
this has all trevor henderson creatures pack and other cursed creatures in the multiverse
Joelías_N1: Trevor Henderson SNPCs series
Trevor Henderson SNPCs parts
-Cartoon Cat
-Siren Head
-Bridge Worm
-Long Horse
-part 1 to 8 (part 1-4 released)
-Siren Head Extension (more variants of siren head)
-Extension Pack (more variants of different monsters)
Items (18)
[DrGBase] Siren Head SNPC
Created by Joelías_N1
Siren Head is a long, mummified entity which, as it's name suggests, has a head composed of a large piece of wood which acts as a "neck" to support it's two sirens attached to the near ends of said "neck." It is around 40 feet tall and seems to suffer from...
[DrGBase] Cartoon Cat SNPCs
Created by Joelías_N1
Cartoon Cat appears to be heavily inspired by old cartoon characters like Felix the Cat and Mickey Mouse. It has large, soulless eyes bulging out of his head, all black fur, white gloves with three black darts, and a mouth with bloody flesh exposed and gum...
Bridge Worm (Ragdoll)
Created by jqueary
The bridge worm will in some cases adventure a long way from its home if the prey is difficult to find, instinctually chasing around evening time and in surrendered zones to evade disclosure. The youthful extension worm overlaps back its bogus face as it p...
Siren Head (Ragdoll/PM)
Created by jqueary
SFM Version:

Siren Head is a 40 feet tall figure, its head resembles speakers that let out peculiar music, incorporate scraps of dialogue, and angrily shouted words and numbers. When it is sleeping, it plays...
Siren Head (Ragdoll)
Created by birb.
Siren Head has come from the world of Trevor Henderson to invade Gmod, now everyone's favorite (of the two) monsters is here to scare all.

-Siren Head (Ragdoll)

NOTE: The model is small, if you want him to be bigger use the [url=h...
[DrGBase] Long Horse SNPC
Created by Joelías_N1
Long Horse is a long and lengthy Bony creature, It's head appears to be a old horse skull that is connected to a long bony neck. The end of it's neck always seems to be out of sight from the observer, a long black mane runs down and up the neck of Long Hor...
[DrGBase] Bridge Worm SNPC
Created by Joelías_N1
At first glance the Bridge Worm seems relatively harmless and even a little sad, but don't be fooled, the Bridge Worm is very cruel in nature. The Bridge Worm is a long white creature with two arms and with hands that look very crooked. On top of that, the...
DrGBase | Nextbot Base
Created by Dragoteryx

DrGBase is built on top of the default nextbot base to add stuff that you usually have to code yourself when creating a nextbot, such as AI behaviour or a relationship system. It also comes with a built-in poss...
[DrGBase] Trevor Henderson Creatures part 1
Created by Joelías_N1
_Big Charlie
_Ghost Chicken / Chicken Ghost / God of chickens
_Country Road Creature
_The Lamb

[DrGBase] Trevor Henderson creatures pack 2:

games(in gamejolt)...
[DrGBase] Trevor Henderson Creatures part 2
Created by Joelías_N1
_Lil Nugget:
_It can be expelled from the body of "The Lamb(Nuggets)" and "Big Charlie(Nuggets)" then of a lot time it evolve
_100 of health (easy to kill)
_It only attack ,and maybe only grab to little creatures

WARNING: a lot of Lil...
[DrGBase] Trevor Henderson Extension Pack
Created by Joelías_N1
_Cartoon Dog phase 1 and 2
New Theme
It has Leap Attack
It has 8000 hp
It has new Fatalities and taunts
It has 8000 hp
It takes you 160 of damage because is this is the faltal damaged version of carto...
{DrGBase} Trevor Henderson Creatures part 3 (REUPLOAD) AND (FIX)
Anxious Dog:
_Has 7500 of hp
_It has a Killer version for the NPCs battles
_It isnt Hostile, well, but if you have 10 of hp it will eat you, this is the first SNPC(of the trevor henderson creatures) in eat the torso of the body(for now only va...
Trevor Henderson Creatures Pill Pack (Update 3.5!)

- Cartoon Cat
- Cartoon Dog
- Cartoon Dog 2
- Bridge Worm
- Ghost Pig

Working on right now...

- Siren Head


- Big Charlie
- Ghost Chicken / Chicken Ghost / God of chickens
- Siren Head
- Country Road Creature
- Bon...
[DrGBase] The Siren Head Extension SNPCs
Created by Joelías_N1
map used in the pictures: gm_constructcity

I have created this addon to celebrate that "[DrGBase] Siren Head SNPCs" reached 100k downloads :D
all npcs in this addon use the Siren Head as a base therefore they contain Plus features to differentiate it
The Siren Head Extension Pill Pack

siren head(blood)

siren head(dark)

siren head(ice)

siren head(shadow)

siren head(wood)
i have permission to make this
[DrGBase] Trevor Henderson Creatures Part 4
Created by Joelías_N1

-Has 7800 hp.
-It is fast as Siren Head(Game).
-Milkwalker Ambassador
-Milkwalker (...
Assorted Coins!
Created by Steven :D
A bunch of coins of various colors.

Credit to Nayrbarr for the original coin model....
CSGO Chicken Ragdoll
Created by Sirgibsalot
The Chicken from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ragdolled for Garry's Mod usage. Includes all needed content, you don't need any other games mounted.

Has 3 different skins. Use the E...
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