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[DrGBase] Trevor Henderson Creatures part 2
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Mar 10, 2020 @ 6:38pm
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[DrGBase] Trevor Henderson Creatures part 2

In 1 collection by Joelías_N1
Trevor Henderson in Gmod
31 items
_Lil Nugget:
_It can be expelled from the body of "The Lamb(Nuggets)" and "Big Charlie(Nuggets)" then of a lot time it evolve
_100 of health (easy to kill)
_It only attack ,and maybe only grab to little creatures

WARNING: a lot of Lil Nuggets can crash or make low fps to the game ,pls kill the lil nuggets

_The God Of Roadkill:
_Is Neutral ,but if you have 10 hp it can eat you ,(recommended for an car accident) ,or if you attack him it will be
_It has 10000 hp (difficult of kill)
_Recommended map (gm_fork)

_Costume Man /Mr Mascot:
_He will try to ask for help, but never help him ,is a trap
_He has 3500 of hp
_The Attack:
Only grab a body
and with that he can attack

-Breaking News V2:
Now he can regen his health, make sounds, i fix the Lil Breaking News problem, has a roar animation and diferents attacks when he fight with a giant

_Breaking News (OLD):
Due there is not much information about it, I decided to base on a creepypasta (Lo que cayo del cielo(Sr Joel ,Only in spanish))
_Completely dangerous and hostile, Breaking News for itself can devour people, but while it is attacking, it will expel
creatures with the same appearance of him, but smaller
_It is much taller than Siren Head, I recommend use maps with a large skybox since it is very large, although you can
make it smaller with the DrG Base Size Tool
_It has 20000 hp

_The Smile Room:
_He attach to the doors (the map must have doors), when it is in a door you must be very careful since its pattern to choose doors is random
_Once it eat an NPC or player, it will change its location to another door

_The Angel(NEW):
_He will search for his murderer (Dr.Breen or Gman) but will attack with the one who interrupt on his way
_Has 15000 of hp (difficult to kill)
_He has (Killer) (can kill all)

_Forgotten Baby(NEW):
_It will try to absorb all the possible life you have
_Has 6000 hp

_The Man with The Upside-Down Face(OLD):
_Name of the character in the game TMWTUDF, as it because is too long
_He can teleport nearly to Enemy
_He has 10000 hp (hard to kill)
_Like Long Horse, it will come with a version (Hostile)
_He attacks his enemies from a nearly distance

The Man with The Upside-Down Face V2 (NEW):
-10000 hp
-TMWTUDF (Insane):
-10000 hp
-Teleport speed x4
-70% damage reduction
-He can scream and then teleport nearly to enemy
-He can destroy dupes
-He can climb
-The insane version has a red glow
-Zombie Attacks
Range Attacks:
-He can wave to the enemy and make black holes (like Hole Man)
-Teleport inside to enemy

_Fully Grown(NEW):
_Content "Fully Grown(Friendly)" and "Fully Grown(Hostile)"
_When a Lil Nugget kills a creature of Trevor Henderson, it will become Fully Grown, if the monster was hostile Fully Grown will be friendly, but if the creature was friendly Fully Grown will be hostile
_His ability would be to attract enemies (like a black hole) or attack them from a long distance
_Has 5000 hp

games(in gamejolt):
_Trevor Henderson Project (i need a name ,you can help me with the game :D)(UE4)(WORING IN THAT NOW)
_Multiverse Ultra Chaos(UE4) beta:

Trevor Henderson: Images of the creatures
DragoTeryx and Roach: for DrGBase amazing NPC base :)
Joelías_N1:for the models and SNPCs

Tags: Trevor Henderson Cursed Images Unnerving Images
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if you look closley at the god of road kill he has eyes not holes
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"forgotten baby" isnt the canon name, its "the pink man"
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