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Bridge Worm (Ragdoll)
Type: Model, Addon
Tags: Scenic, Realism
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Sep 19, 2019 @ 2:07pm
Sep 20, 2019 @ 9:50am
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Bridge Worm (Ragdoll)

The bridge worm will in some cases adventure a long way from its home if the prey is difficult to find, instinctually chasing around evening time and in surrendered zones to evade disclosure. The youthful extension worm overlaps back its bogus face as it plans to sustain.

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  • Closed Bridge Worm Model
  • Openable version of the Bridge Worm
  • Eyes and Jaw bones


Resizer Tool & Joint Tool:
-Joint tool is required in order to control the skin bones. Or you can also use Advanced Bone Tool.

Other Tool for easier posing:

Due to my limited sculpting experience, the model fully doesn't visually represent the photos of the Bridge Worm by Trevor Henderson. Perhaps in the future, once I get more experience in sculpting the model will be updated!

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Wyatt The Sans
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Le Lenny Face Nov 8 @ 7:21pm 
I at didn't know what the worm looked like under the skin and i was scared shitless when i saw it on the 3d model
madkirk74 Sep 17 @ 10:30am 
it crashes my computer when I spawn it. this is the only thing doing it, this and the bridge worm SNPC.
The Cardboard Fox Aug 25 @ 5:28am 
can i port this to SFM?
GusDaner987 Jul 1 @ 10:23am 
Just a question, NOT criticism, but were the eyes like that on the actual bridge worm?
melon man Jun 26 @ 9:19pm 
@Tinky-winky if you mean the map in the first two pictures you should know these are just pictures there's no map like this, if you mean the rest of the images it's gm_construct
Father sandvich Jun 7 @ 10:38am 
whats the map name
js2927372 Apr 25 @ 5:21pm 
PLZ MAKE WITHER STORM and plz do not ban mw
Ceraview Apr 21 @ 8:13pm 
who is the bridge worm?
Hassesin Apr 20 @ 1:51pm 
Hello! Could you tell me what addon did you use for those filters? I had one but apparently it doesn't exist anymore
rudolphsardina Apr 17 @ 9:38am 
just use some napalm and this sucker won't exist anymore