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Bio-Annihilation II
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Bio-Annihilation II

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“Also shall be qualified as attempted murder the employment which may be made by any person of substances which, without causing actual death, produce a state of lethargy more or less prolonged. If, after the administering of such substances, the person has been buried, the act shall be considered murder no matter what result follows.”
– Haitian Criminal Code, Article 246

Bio-Annihilation II is the zombie mod to end all zombie mods – it provides the greatest; most versatile; most dangerous zombie nextbots to ever outbreak on the Steam Workshop. Spread a deadly bio-weapon across the map that warps its victims into mindless, man-eating monsters, and work to send them back to the dirt with thrilling, strategic action.

Zombies are the tried and true force of evil; a device of villainy and storytelling. Bio-Annihilation II offers only the villains; the devices; the tools to write a story of your very own. Will you be the star of a heroic tale, cutting through an infinite horde like a lawnmower through grass? Will you be the sole survivor of abaddon, fighting for your life amid the hostile world and those it slew? Will you be the unlikely perpetrator, responsible for unleashing God’s worst creation into an unsuspecting populace? Or will you just noclip into the air and revel in the orgy of destruction you rain below? It’s all your decision to make.

Key Features
  • The Bio-Virus: An extremely deadly, rapidly spreading pathogen hits the entire map hard. Symptoms progress into coughing, internal bleeding, osteoporosis, pale skin, and coma. In the terminal stages of the disease, massive neurological alteration occurs, severing higher functions, inducing extreme aggression, and triggering an insatiable hunger for human flesh.
  • Infected NPCs: The infected are back and deadlier than ever, with updated visuals and combat mechanics to their name. Aim for the head to end their suffering. Aim for the limbs to cripple their damage or mobility. Cling to hope as they break down the door. Wrest yourself from their desperate grasp as they close in. Don’t let them surround you, or you will join them shortly.
  • Very Optimized: Performance is a key focus of this sequel. Under ideal conditions, up to 60 zombies can be active at once while still maintaining 60fps!
  • Entities: As before, this mod isn't just about zombies. You can start or help contain outbreaks with numerous devices at your disposal, including barrels of biohazardous waste, gas masks for use in the resulting environments, and a replacement atmosphere that ravages the surface of Earth. Each has, of course, also received a fresh coat of red paint.
  • Highly Configurable: Walker. Runner. Romero. Boyle. Whatever style of zombie sits with you, Bio-Annihilation II has you covered. Server owners can customize their movement speed, fragility, danger, and even appearance to their heart’s content.
  • External Mod API: Are you a fellow modder who dreams of an OP virus nuke? No problem! BA2 provides a small API to assist in making add-ons for the add-on.
  • Other Goodies: Including full NPC and VJ Base support, an automated mapwide spawner, dynamic zombie sounds based on model, home-made sound assets, easter eggs, and lots of violence!

Half-Life 2: Episode One and Team Fortress 2 content is required for some sound effects. The mod won't kill itself if you don't have them, but some things won't make sounds.

Recommended Companions
All of these addons are accessible in the All Companions collection above.
  • Infected Citizens: A great choice for the custom model feature.
  • Wreakhavok: More interesting (and sometimes comical) ragdoll deaths.
  • Crunchy's Subscriber Blood Overhaul: Better blood for both you and them.
  • View Model Stains: Even more grit. Awesome.
  • Simple Prop Damage: Allows zombies to break normally indestructible props!
  • Kill Feed Disabler: Get the spam out of your face during your killing spree.
  • gm_hartseer: A large, thematic, open, and well-optimized map. Good for playing with large numbers of zombies.
  • Arctic’s Radial Binds: You can use “say” commands to bind gas mask commands to the radial!
  • ArcCW: Need some modern weapons to go with your modern zombies? ArcCW is your best bet!
  • Infinite Ammo: Sick of spawning in ammo all the time? Me too.
  • Dynamic Kicking: A way to shove zombies away with weapons that don’t have a bash feature.
  • Horde: A highly configurable wave survival gamemode. You can make it use BA2’s zombies!
  • Background NPCs: Chaos

  • Gauss: One-man team
  • Zet0r: BO3 animation ports
  • Valve: Sound assets from Left 4 Dead 2
  • Bethesda: Models from Fallout 4
  • Dpotatoman and crew: Gas mask model
  • GammaWhiskey: Code contributions from Bio-Annihilation II: Gamma Edition
  • Arctic’s Shack of Memes: Putting up with my bul👌t
  • filz0: The original Bio-Annihilation, and forgiveness for stealing it
  • Kevin MacLeod, Andrew Hulshult: Trailer music
  • Testers: Mr John Bruh, oranchepopsicle, Robotfrommars
  • You: Being awesome
Enjoying this mod? Hate it? Have any concerns? Speak your mind in the comments below, maybe before the zombies eat it. ☣
Or, come pay the GitHub a visit![]

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