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Realistic Rain v3.8
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Jun 30, 2019 @ 12:26pm
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Realistic Rain v3.8

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Realistic Rain Mod - By Darkcaptain
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This mod does not modify the duration or probability of rain (game options you have for it)
This mod does not modify the fog, weather or sky textures.
You will find rains of different intensities that are controlled by the game or Weathers mods (not by this Mod)

  • Improved textures of raindrops from inside cabin (windshield & windows)
  • Greater amount of raindrops from inside cabin (windshield & windows)
  • Improved textures of rain
  • Better windshield effects
  • Improved water particles/spray of the wheels (Truck and AI Traffic)
  • Realistic rain sounds from inside cabin & outside view
  • Realistic & High quality thunders sounds
  • Greater variety of thunder sounds (more than 15 different thunders sounds)

Note: Thunders will be heard in an interval between 1.5 to 5 seconds when seeing the 'flash' (lightning), simulating as IRL

The number of drops on windows will vary depending on the intensity and the direction of the rain


- 1.37.x - 1.38.x - 1.39.x (Fmod Support)
- No errors in game log
- Compatible with All DLC's and it should work with Mods Maps
- It should work fine with other Weathers/Graphics Mods, But remember put RR above in priority.

*Note: If you use Realistic Rain with Realistic Graphics Mod (by Frkn64) i recommend use this addon


- Must have high priority in Mod Manager. Realistic Rain ABOVE/ON TOP of Weathers/Graphics, Maps and Sound mods.

No support for Multiplayer

This mod affect perfomance - fps?
Rain in the game is usually affected in fps. In my case, I have not noticed big differences with Mod and without mod. If you have many AI traffic modifications and Mods Maps it may be affected.

SCS forum link
The SCS Forum link for Realistic Rain holds official download links and can be used to give feedback or any question.
Official SCS Forum Link here[]


Author: Darkcaptain
Thanks for support & feedback: Antoniopua, Stropher, Nebo Designs, silberfuchs
Thanks for the help with FMOD Tool: Robinicus
Thanks for the help in previous versions: Cip, Frkn64, AlexeyP

Click here for ATS version
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Give it a try, Realistic Rain should work with any Map Mod :)
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@DarkCaptain: Would that mod work with Grand Utopia map or would there be issues in any way ? Thanks in advance. Awesome Mod !!!!
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windscreen wiper doesnt work making this mod unusable, any fix for it?
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