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Project injury Reaction (PiR)
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Feb 24 @ 5:15am
Apr 13 @ 9:52am
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Project injury Reaction (PiR)

This project adds different types of reaction on getting hit.
As well as the ability to first aid and dragging the wounded.
All this works for player and AI.

Types of reaction:
  • Knocking out weapon
  • Knocking down helmet
  • Cramps
  • Crawls
  • Loss of consciousness
Also possible transitions from one state to another.

Description of the mod's mechanics for the player:
If you are wounded and you can crawl, or if your weapon has been knocked out, then you need to move a certain distance, or wait a certain time to go to the next state.
Help as well as dragging can be done only when the player is in a state of unconscious. This condition is the end for any injury.

All setting you can find in CBA mod menu
Not compatible with ACE3 medical system. Not planning at all. 200% out of 100% guys.
Stop asking pls, thank you.

In case of using this mode with ACE3 you need to delete all medical .pbo files from ACE3.
Or you can turn off medicine for AI in ACE3, and turn off injuries for players in PiR.
Then injuries will work for AI.

Mod discussion:

Это система, добавляющая различные типы реакций на попадания в юнита.
А также возможность оказания помощи и оттаскивания раненных.
Всё это работает и для игроков и для ИИ.

Варианты реакций:
  • Выбивание оружия
  • Сбивание шлема
  • Судороги
  • Переползания
  • Потеря сознания
Так же возможны переходы из одного состояния в другое.

Описание механики мода для игрока:
Если вас ранили и вы можете ползти либо если у вас выбили оружие, то нужно переместиться на определённое расстояние, либо выждать определённое время, для перехода в следующее состояние.
Перетаскивать или оказывать помощь можно только тогда, когда игрок находится в состоянии некондиции. Это состояние является конечным для любого ранения.

В меню CBA имеются настройки мода.
Не совместимо с ACE3 медициной. Совместимости в планах нет.
Работает с ACE3'ом если удалить все файлы .pbo связанные с медициной ACE3.
Или вы можете отключить медицину для ИИ в ACE3 и отключить ранения для игрока в PiR.
Тогда ранения будут работать только для ИИ.

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Firmament Apr 20 @ 8:45am 
@BlackMamba That's great, thanks!
BlackMamba Apr 20 @ 5:04am 
@Firmament I can confirm that Vcom works alongside PIR. Been playing Random Infantry Skirmish with both for the past week and I'm loving it. This mod really adds more immersion on an SP game
Firmament Apr 19 @ 7:09am 
Is it compatible with VCOM AI and its quite average injury reactions (for AI only)? Basically, i'd like to use VCOM for what it does, I hear improve the AI, and your mod for the nice injuries reaction available for both AI and player. I'm just wondering if these two mods can work together, I hear without having to modify default mods settings or to edit the files in any way.
Elite Apr 17 @ 3:09pm 
This mod makes combat a great deal more realistic. I love your modification, it feels very real and makes the firefights more ambient. The only thing I see a bit sceptical is the injury on the player, with the screen in blood et cetera. Sometimes I dislike, that you don't have any chance to take influence on your healing status. For example, if I stay still trying to reduce the bleeding or get rest, often it just lets me die. A bit more possibility of using your medical supplies would be cool. BUT the mod itself is great, really liking it a lot in single player. :steamhappy:
Izhevsk M44 Apr 14 @ 2:08pm 
Ok, I guess I'll turn player injuries back on then. Because it's removing ifaks from AI who aren't dead or inured either. It's removing ifaks from living AI and they in turn do not heal teammates. I haven't seen AI drag their buddies to safety or heal them since the update.
Cucumber  [author] Apr 14 @ 9:17am 
@Izhevsk M44
ok, then it works as it should be
if injuries for player disabled, then AI's ifaks removes on hit.
Shiver Me Timbers Apr 13 @ 3:32pm 
Hey when a unit gets scared and gets in the prone with his hands over his head they just stay like that, great mod!
Izhevsk M44 Apr 13 @ 1:30pm 
No, I've turned off the player injuries. I have custom squad setups were everyone has 2-4 ifaks and after checking dead bodies, about %95 of the time, they have no ifaks in the inventory.
Cucumber  [author] Apr 13 @ 9:50am 
@Izhevsk M44
are injuries for player enabled?
Izhevsk M44 Apr 11 @ 9:44pm 
The update made it work much better, but I'm still seeing ifaks disappearing from dead and inured AI. Also, alot of the time AI will not heal eachother. They leave their guys laying on the ground screaming after the fight is over.