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Knuckles DV: What's New
By Lawrence
Learn what's new with Knuckles DV
It’s been three months since we shipped Knuckles EV3 prototypes out to developers. As with last time, we’ve seen great engagement and received a bunch of feedback from VR developers around the world. In the meantime the team has continued making improvements and polishing the design - and we’re happy to announce that the Knuckles DV dev-kits are now available. Knuckles DV improves on the EV3 design with improvements to cap sense, trigger feel, and more.

Updates to Knuckles DV
Knuckles DV is the result of iterating and improving on the EV3 prototype - based on our own internal testing, as well as feedback from developers. DV has improvements built into it across the board - from fit and finish, to usability improvements, to tweaks under the hood.

Cap Sense
• Capacitive sensors have been rearranged to accommodate more hand sizes
• Firmware has been updated to take advantage of the new sensors

• Trigger spring strength increased
• Trigger click feel improved

• Increased durability of strap adjustment connector
• Strap adjust feel improved

• Fast charging improved
• Fixed pairing bugs
• Improved stability

• Thumbstick feel improved
• Force sensor variation reduced
• LED light leakage minimized
• Improved fit and finish
• Improved reliability

As a reminder - to adjust the strap on Knuckles, first push the strap adjustment in, then move it to a different setting.

Knuckles DV Distribution
As with previous builds, we will be sending Knuckles DV kits out to developers. We look forward to hearing feedback as developers make their existing and future content take advantage of the unique features of the Knuckles controllers.

To request a Knuckles DV kit, please log into the Steamworks Partner Site and look for the Request Beta Hardware link on your landing page.

While we have Knuckles DV kits available in quantity, we will be unable to fulfill all requests. The team will hold on to dev-kit requests and developer information for any future releases.

Knuckles Developer Resources
Below are a list of resources for Knuckles Developers including documentation, plugins, and source files to pick apart and examine.

Knuckles Discussion Boards
It has been great to see the feedback, engagement, and collaboration from Knuckles developers in the Knuckles discussion boards. This has been a great tool for the developer community, and will only make Knuckles better. Access the Knuckles Developers Forums here
You must be a Knuckles developer to access these discussions. If you see an error message when visiting the link, make sure you are logged into Steam with the account that you are using Knuckles with.

SteamVR Input
SteamVR Input allows developers to adapt their games more easily to diverse controllers, and also allows users to build binding configurations for their favorite games.
Skeletal Input
The Skeletal Input system allows controller makers to capture the pose of the user’s hand as accurately as their sensors are able, and provide it as a stream of animation data to the running app. App developers can then use this stream to animate the hands of the user’s avatar on its own or in combination with their own animations.
  • Skeletal Input Overview - If you aren’t already familiar with Skeletal input, get a primer here
  • Recent updates - Read about the most recent updates to Skeletal Input and what it means for developers

SteamVR Interaction System: Unity
Since it was originally launched, work has continued and updates have been churning out - please keep the feedback coming!
  • Overview - Learn more about the SteamVR Interaction System
  • GitHub link[] - Download the SteamVR Interaction System for Unity

SteamVR Interaction System: Unreal
A quick update on this, since we know there are a bunch of Unreal developers who are itching to start developing with Knuckles. We are actively working on a SteamVR plugin for Unreal - we know this is blocking folks and it’s important to us to get it out there soon. More news as we get closer to shipping this plugin.

Moondust Source
Looking at source code is one of the best ways for developers to learn how things are built and put together. This is especially important since Knuckles, SteamVR Input, Skeletal Input, and the SteamVR Interaction System are all completely new to developers. This being the case, we've made the source files for SteamVR Knuckles Tech Demos available for developers to explore and pick apart.
  • GitHub Link[] - Download the source files for Moondust (Unity)
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