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Destinations: Music, Cannons, and More
New Content
We are adding three new Destinations to the default shipped set:
Jam Session: Play the guitar, drums, and marimba with friends in this Liverpool inspired bar.
Tower Bridge: Explore the bank of Thames River next to London’s famous Tower Bridge.
Cannon Wars: Destroy your opponent’s fortifications before they destroy yours – your cannon fires cannonballs, mines, or anything else you throw in (beach balls, pumpkins, cake…)

In addition, we’re adding more unlockable props and a new avatar – explore the new content and the Destinations Workshop to unlock them all! (Prop support is only available for players with motion controllers)

New User Interface
We’ve added new features to the user interface to make it easier to find content and hang out with friends in Destinations. A new dashboard makes it simpler to see where you are, what you can do, and what’s new. This updated interface also allows players to browse popular Destinations from the Workshop and subscribe to them in the menu. In addition, the UI has been tweaked to make it easier to host a room, join a room, and quickly see who the host of the room is.

From the Workshop
The Destinations Workshop continues to grow, and as always we are impressed with what the community has created in 3D or captured with photogrammetry. Special callout to Jane Ng of Campo Santo for her Firewatch Destination – it has quickly become one of the most popular Destinations in the Workshop, and offers a unique opportunity to enter a game world in VR. Other notable additions to the Workshop include ianl’s The Banquet, and ATAT_Carleton’s multiple UK Heritage Site photogrammetry captures.

For Creators
This update also includes additional hooks for content creators and scripters. We won’t get into the details here, but it boils down to making it simpler to set hand attachments and trigger interactions with hands. For more info on these changes, check out the change notes for this update. We’ve also updated the Destinations Wiki with more documentation and tutorials about using Destinations Workshop Tools.

Destinations is available for free on Steam, and is compatible with any HMD that is supported by OpenVR, including the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Let us know what you think in the Destinations forums.

SteamVR Beta Updated (1461861470)
  • Added support for skinning controller and base station (or camera) models. Skins can be downloaded from the workshop. They will work in the dashboard and in any application that uses the default controller models.
  • Added automatic firmware recovery for controllers and wireless receivers. Recovery will initiate when SteamVR starts and detects a malfunctioning device connected over USB.

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