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Human NPC's
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Human NPC's

Human NPCs v1.5

ID - 1443404076

Human NPCs add Humans to the world of Ark.
Unfortunately that are not very friendly at all.
You can tame them, they like to eat most things.

Tames NPCs can guard your land and as they patrol it or while set in turret mode
they can collect resources that are in the area as well as look after crops.

They will look after your Forge, Campfires, Cook Meat, Put the correct stuff into Perserving Bin and Crop Plots

They are only primitive at this point but as time goes on
I’m sure they will learn to do many more things such as Riding and Fishing.

NPCs can be set Friendly, Savage or somewhere inbetween

In the future some villages may trade, who know with these guys.

They are here to stay so you will just have to get used to them.

Please respect their culture -
Wild NPCs believe -
Animals that allow themselves to be ridden are evil and must be destroyed
You must walk with your animal in their presence
Anyone not from their tribe is bad!

--Modes of Play--
Added 4 Modes of Play
All Hostile(No wave)
Default -- All Hostile(Until waved at)
All friendly (Unless attacked by anything)
All friendly (Unless attacked by a Player)

NOTE -- You must walk with your animal in the Wild NPCs presence
NOTE -- Even friendly wild NPCs will turn hostile if startled

StartFriendly= -1 -- (-1 = Disable Wave, 0 = Not Friendly , 1 = Friendly)
OnlyPlayersUpsets=1 -- All friendly (Unless attacked by a Player) - (Requires StartFriendly=1)
AngryCoolDown=300 - Time in seconds that they stay angry for.
OnlyPlayersUpsets= --- 0 = If any dino attacks a NPC they will also target players , 1 = They will only target players if a player hurts them

AngryCoolDown= -- Time in seconds that it takes them to calm down again

--Walking Tame--
How to do Walking Tame
When they charge at you, you need to play (Wave or Friendly Lower Hands) Emote until they calm down
Then add food to your last slot and feed them - If you dont feed them or you hurt or startle them, then they will get angry again (run away at this point) and they will need to relax before you can use the emote again.
This may take practice
How to use an Emote

Add TamingMode=0
Options (0,1,2)
0 = Both walking and knockout
1= Walking tame only
2= Knockout tame only

I added a short video showing how to calm the NPCs down using the wave emote

--Resource Management--
Discussions Link

While the NPCs are harvesting they will go to their respective storage items and deposit items and resources that they have harvested.

Punch -- Crop-plots,Feedtrough,Compost Bin,Preserving Bin,Storage
Spear -- Compost Bin,Crop_Plots,Preserving Bin,Storage
Hatchet -- CampFire,Forge,Preserving Bin,Storage
Sword -- CampFire,Forge,Preserving Bin,Storage
Bow -- CampFire,Preserving Bin,Storage

The NPCs will also remove made items and transfer items to where they go, Cooked Meat to Preserving Bin, Iron Ingots to Storage Box and so on.

If you do not require this add NoResourceManagement=1 to the GUS.ini -- help link below
DeliveryDelay=120 - is time in seconds that they check to deposit items

I added a short video showing how to use Resource Management

Added HarvestDamage=10 (0 to 100) Default is 10, the higher the number the more damage you make.

How to get them Harvesting
To get them to harvest goto the menu select Harvesting and enable harvest resources
Then select Send Harvesting then select the range you want them to stay around.

They will not harvest if they are set to follow.
They will start as soon as you get them to not follow.
Even if they leave the area chasing enemys they will return back to where they were told to harvest.

To get them to harvest in a new area just take them to the area and tell them to harvest again

Bow and Spear -- Guard - Turret mode or patrol - Just set them on harvest and the will protect the workers
Hatchet -- will gather stone, metal, flint and more.
Sword -- will gather wood and thach and more.
Punch -- will gather berries, poop and seeds.
Spear -- will gather poop.

NoFireArrow=0 -- (0 = Fire Arrows Allowed, 1 = No Fire Arrows Allowed)

NOTE -- The NPCs will still use Fire Arrows against Tames and Ridden Dinos


GameUserSettings.ini Setup


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Update v1.5
Updated and Tuned Code

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ec.elitecommando 1 hour ago 
Can I spawn them or their little huts?
Scott_hn 4 hours ago 
@Chicken Dipper: I've had 1 or 2 run up to my outside wall and hit it a couple of times, but after a bit they just stand there or wander around. No raiding per se, unfortunately... something I'd love to see, especially for my solo games.
Chicken Dipper 8 hours ago 
Hi all, anyone know if they NPCs will currently try to raid player bases?
BUGUS 8 hours ago 
Great!, good job!
ZoneKiller  [author] 16 hours ago 
@BUGUS maybe after I do a rewrite of the whole clothing system
ZoneKiller  [author] 16 hours ago 
@GamerXDevision they already have names

Name --- DinoNameTags
ZKs_Bow_Female_BP_C --- Archer
ZKs_Bow_Man_BP_C --- Bowman
ZKs_Hatchet_Female_BP_C --- Hacker
ZKs_Hatchet_Man_BP_C --- Chopper
ZKs_Punch_Female_BP_C --- Scrapper
ZKs_Punch_Man_BP_C --- Brawler
ZKs_Spear_Female_BP_C --- Huntress
ZKs_Spear_Man_BP_C --- Hunter
ZKs_Sword_Female_BP_C --- Sentry
ZKs_Sword_Man_BP_C --- Guard
BUGUS 17 hours ago 
ZoneKiller, can you make this mod compatible with utiliskins for use on NPC's?
GamerXDevision 20 hours ago 
@ZoneKiller i think that Grant means by name is like if tames are disabled is there a way to give them names like bandit raider so forth so wild ones will be like "raider" with a axe or "bandit" uses a sword and shield is way im translating this i could be wrong maybe he is asking if there is a way with ini settings to change the wild ones names into bandit raider so forth
ZoneKiller  [author] Sep 18 @ 4:45pm 
@Reigdaer I hope to be able to get them to climp ladders soon ish -- have you tried the whistle command move-- that may not help with the ladder but may help in other places.

@Grant yes you can disable tames
GameUserSettings.ini Setup
and to change the mob type name - im not sure I know what you mean - they have names like brawler, scrapper ect

@PurpleEarth maybe I may do something in the future but the thatch hut fits in with the mod - metal houses dont.

@Lenta Ludio Thank You
Lenta Ludio Sep 18 @ 2:30pm 
ZoneKiller. Thank you for your mod. I like it. Don't give up.