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Human NPCs
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Human NPCs

Human NPC's v2.1

ID - 1443404076


Human NPCs add Humans to the world of Ark.
You can tame them, they like to eat most things.

Tame NPCs can guard your land and as they patrol it or while set in turret mode
they can collect resources that are in the area as well as look after your crops.

They will look after your Forge, Campfires, Cook Meat, Put the correct stuff into Perserving Bin and Crop Plots

They are only primitive at this point but as time goes on
I’m sure they will learn to do many more things such as Riding, Fishing and Trading

NPCs can be set Friendly, Savage or somewhere inbetween
They are here to stay so you will just have to get used to them

Please respect their culture -
Wild NPCs believe -
Animals that allow themselves to be ridden are evil and must be destroyed
You must walk with your animal in their presence
Anyone not from their tribe is bad!

Just add the MOD and your ready to go and if you need to tune it then adjust the GameUserSettings.ini

GameUserSettings.ini Setup

--Modes of Play--
Added 4 Modes of Play
All Hostile(No wave)
Default -- All Hostile(Until waved at)
All friendly (Unless attacked by anything)
All friendly (Unless attacked by a Player)

NOTE -- You must walk with your animal in the Wild NPCs presence
NOTE -- Even friendly wild NPCs will turn hostile if startled

StartFriendly= -1 -- (-1 = Disable Wave, 0 = Not Friendly , 1 = Friendly)
OnlyPlayersUpsets=1 -- All friendly (Unless attacked by a Player) - (Requires StartFriendly=1)
AngryCoolDown=300 - Time in seconds that they stay angry for.
OnlyPlayersUpsets= --- 0 = If any dino attacks a NPC they will also target players , 1 = They will only target players if a player hurts them

--Walking Tame--
How to do Walking Tame
When they charge at you, you need to play (Wave or Friendly Lower Hands) Emote until they calm down
Then add food to your last slot and feed them - If you dont feed them or you hurt or startle them, then they will get angry again (run away at this point) and they will need to relax before you can use the emote again.
This may take practice
How to use an Emote

Add TamingMode=0
Options (0,1,2)
0 = Both walking and knockout
1= Walking tame only
2= Knockout tame only

I added a short video showing how to calm the NPCs down using the wave emote

--Resource Management--
NOTE -- Harvest Resources must be enabled

Discussions Link

While the NPCs are harvesting they will go to their respective storage items and deposit items and resources that they have harvested.

NoWeapon -- Crop-plots,Feedtrough,Compost Bin,Preserving Bin,Storage
Spear -- Compost Bin,Crop_Plots,Preserving Bin,Storage
Hatchet -- CampFire,Forge,Preserving Bin,Storage
Sword -- CampFire,Forge,Preserving Bin,Storage
Bow -- CampFire,Preserving Bin,Storage
Bola -- CampFire,Preserving Bin,Storage
Club -- CampFire,Preserving Bin,Storage

The NPCs will also remove made items and transfer items to where they go, Cooked Meat to Preserving Bin, Iron Ingots to Storage Box and so on.

If you do not require this add NoResourceManagement=1 to the GUS.ini -- help link below
DeliveryDelay=120 - is time in seconds that they check to deposit items
StorageItemsSearchRadius=15 - (Range in meters from the start position that the NPC will look for storage items)

I added a short video showing how to use Resource Management

Added HarvestDamage=10 (0 to 100) Default is 10, the higher the number the more damage you make.

How to get them Harvesting
To get them to harvest goto the menu select Harvesting and enable harvest resources
Then select Send Harvesting then select the range you want them to stay around.

They will not harvest if they are set to follow.
They will start as soon as you get them to not follow.
Even if they leave the area chasing enemys they will return back to where they were told to harvest.

To get them to harvest in a new area just take them to the area and tell them to harvest again

Bow and Spear -- Guard - Turret mode or patrol - Just set them on harvest and the will protect the workers
Hatchet -- will gather stone, metal, flint and more.
Sword -- will gather wood and thach and more.
Noweapon -- will gather berries, poop and seeds,Knockout Dinos.
Spear -- will gather poop.
Bola -- Trap and Knockout Dinos
Club -- Trap and Knockout Dinos

NoFireArrow=0 -- (0 = Fire Arrows Allowed, 1 = No Fire Arrows Allowed)

NOTE -- The NPCs will still use Fire Arrows against Tames and Ridden Dinos

--Please Vote--
Dont forget to vote it up if your enjoying the Mod

If you feel like donating and showing your support click on this link

--Join Human NPCs Discord Channel--

For anyone that needs any assistance or would like to give assistance or just a general chat about the Human NPCs
Please join the discord

If you want to play this Mod on Extinction you will need to goto this link

--How to add Human_NPCs to Extinction--

Update v2.1
Fixed - Underwear will now be on manualy spawned NPCs when Nudity is off
Updated - Control on harvesting if they get heavy it turns off harvesting until they loose some weight

Update v2.0
Fixed - Removed slingshot from the Punch NPCs added Torp to their punch
Added - "ZKs_Club_Female_BP_C" and "ZKs_Club_Man_BP_C" to the NPCs
Fixed - Reworked the resource management code
Added - HarvestSearch=3 - the amount of cycles the NPC will take before heading to the Perserving bin and storage box.
Tuned - Behaviour code
Note - You will need to update the Extinction GAME.INI data for the new Club NPCs, Download the Update from the above link

Update v1.9
Fixed - Updated NPCs targeting

Update v1.8
Added - Gave slingshot to the Punch NPCs and added Torp to their punch
Added - "ZKs_Bola_Female_BP_C" and "ZKs_Bola_Man_BP_C" to the NPCs
Added - A clothing check
Note - You will need to update the Extinction GAME.INI data for the new Bola NPCs, Download the Update from the above link

Update v1.7
Added - They can now wear other mods armor and skins (colour still not working)
Added - A few wood houses
Added - StasisDelayTime=(Any Number) -- Time in seconds that NPCs that are set to harvest will not go into stasis when no one is around so they can harvest when your away
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ZoneKiller  [author] 47 minutes ago 
@D.Sebastião o Desejado they will always stay as villages but I intend to keep adding stuff to make them more of a challange and more reason to interact with them, a necessary pain in the ass
ZoneKiller  [author] 49 minutes ago 
@colli26i first always read the Discussions TAB you will get your answer a lot quicker

--Spawn Codes--

~^[ AngelDKnight ]^~ It seems your doing everything wrong I suggest you read and watch this

--Resource Management--
NOTE -- Harvest Resources must be enabled
colli26i 7 hours ago 
HOw do you spawn them in? admincheat commands?
ZoneKiller, are u thinking about smal tribes of humans have their own pets?, maybe in advaned mod bild defencive structures like turrets
~^[ AngelDKnight ]^~ 17 hours ago 
hmm... i already using this mod but idk how to make my npcs put/store item to storage..
how to make them put on storage? i'm using vault, maybe i must using normal chest storage instead vault? and... npcs can't take fertilizer from mod egg n poop collector ( in large composit bin and silo that mod.
lexeo123 20 hours ago 
Hey zone, its all good now i had to delete my old game and start again, yea it was picking up on a old mod but not urs.
ZoneKiller  [author] Nov 19 @ 7:16am 
@lexeo123 are you sure you have the correct mod , my humans dont have dinos
lexeo123 Nov 19 @ 4:58am 
i just got this mod but the odd thing is they cant attack other dinos they keep attacking but not hitting even their dino cant attack another dino but they cant hit me, plus the dinos they are fighting dont fight back also.
ZoneKiller  [author] Nov 18 @ 11:41pm 
My Server is up and running with Ragnarok and Human NPCs , feel free to check it out
Human NPCs Server just search for it on unofficial list
ZoneKiller  [author] Nov 18 @ 10:48pm 
@esquire1980g I tested my mod against the new ARK update that came out today before I uploaded it to steam, My server had no Issues are you sure its this mod