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Human NPCs
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Human NPCs

Human NPC's

ID - 1443404076

Human NPCs came 3rd in the 2019 ARK Mod Contest

Human NPCs add Humans to the world of Ark.
You can tame them, they like to eat most things.

Human NPC villages can be protected by X Plants, (Off by Default) - This can be turned on by adding TurretsAllowed=1 in the GUS settings under [Human_NPCs]
Some Human NPC villages can grow into towns now.

Human NPC's now send out raiding parties to attack player bases. (You can put a No NPC attack sign at your base to prevent your base from being attacked)

--GameUserSettings.ini Setup-- link

Tame NPCs can guard your land and as they patrol it or while set in turret mode
they can collect resources that are in the area as well as look after your crops.

They will look after your Forge, Campfires, Cook Meat, Put the correct stuff into Preserving Bin and Crop Plots and even catch fish.

NPCs can be set Friendly, Savage or somewhere in between
They are here to stay so you will just have to get used to them

Please respect their culture -

Wild NPCs believe
All Thieves should be killed on sight. They now can grow X Plants for protection against Players (Off by Default).
Killing children is BAD so they do not breed.

Just add the MOD and your ready to go and if you need to tune it then adjust the GameUserSettings.ini

--Latest Updates--2.41
--Change Notes-- link

--NPC Default Amounts--
The Island is set to 1000
Genesis is set to 1000
Genesis2 is set to 1000
Ragnarok is set to 1500
Valguero is set to 1500
Crystal Isles is set to 1000
ScorchedEarth is set to 1200
Extinction is set to 1000
The Center Set to 500
Aberration Set to 500
LostIsland is set to 1000

Adjust in the GameUserSettings.ini
Total_NPCs=1200 -- Set to 0 to use Defaults

Maps not listed will default to 500

If you feel like donating and showing your support click on this link
Click here To Donate[]

--GameUserSettings.ini Setup-- link

--Spawn Commands--
--Spawn Commands-- link

--Modes of Play & Waving--
--Modes of Play & Waving-- link

--Walking Tame--
--How to do Walking Tame-- link
--How to use an Emote-- link[]

This is set in the GameUserSettings.ini

No Taming
Both walking and knockout
Walking tame only
Knockout tame only

--Taming & Play Mode Information--
--Taming & Play Mode-- link

I added a short video showing how to calm the NPCs down using the wave emote
--How To Calm The NPCs Video-- link

--Resource Management--
NOTE -- Harvest Resources must be enabled

To get them to harvest go to the menu select Harvesting and enable harvest resources
Then select Send Harvesting then select the range you want them to stay around.

They will not harvest if they are set to follow.
They will start as soon as you get them to not follow.
Even if they leave the area chasing enemies they will return back to where they were told to harvest.
To get them to harvest in a new area just take them to the area and tell them to harvest again

While the NPCs are harvesting they will go to their respective storage items and deposit items and resources that they have harvested.
The NPCs will also remove made items and transfer items to where they go, Cooked Meat to Preserving Bin, Iron Ingots to Storage Box and so on.

Bow and Spear -- Guard - Turret mode or patrol - Just set them on harvest and the will protect the workers
Noweapon (Punch), Bola and Club are used to knockout dino's and will not harvest corpses

Below is what each type Harvest (Just look at what weapon they hold)
Hatchet -- will gather stone, metal, flint and more.
Sword -- will gather wood and thatch and more.
Noweapon -- will gather berries, poop and seeds,Knockout Dino's.
Bola -- will randomly instigate an attack with Moschops, Parasaurs, Phiomias and Sheep to get meat.
Club -- will gather poop, fiber and thatch,Knockout Dino's.
Bow -- will randomly instigate an attack on small dino's to get meat.
Spear -- will catch fish.

Below is what each type uses
Hatchet -- CampFire,Torches,Forge,Preserving Bin,Fridge,Storage
Sword -- CampFire,Torches,Preserving Bin,Fridge,Storage
NoWeapon -- Crop-plots,Feedtrough,Compost Bin,Preserving Bin,Fridge,Storage
Bola -- CampFire,Torches,Preserving Bin,Fridge,Storage
Club -- Compost Bin,Crop_Plots,Preserving Bin,Fridge,Storage
Bow -- CampFire,Torches,Feedtrough,Preserving Bin,Fridge,Storage
Spear -- CampFire,Torches,Feedtrough,Preserving Bin,Fridge,Storage

You can stop the NPCs using a storage box by naming it notauto
Poop no longer goes in storage boxes unless you name a storage box poopbox
then only poop will go into that storage box
Resource Harvesting is ON by default, turn it off if you want the NPCs to only patrol

--Resource Management Information--
--Resource Management-- link

I added a short video showing how to use Resource Management
--Resource Management Video-- link

--NPC's Hut Loot--
You can find loot in some of the NPC,s Huts, Keep in mind that NPC's do not like thieves and think they should be killed on sight.
There is an option to add your own items VIA the GUS.INI
--NPC's Hut Loot Setup-- link


--Join Human NPCs Discord Channel--
Click Here to join ZoneKillers Discord[]

If you feel like donating and showing your support click on this link
Click here To Donate[]

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jr Feb 28 @ 4:47pm 
Anybody have trouble with npc not raiding your base?
saberourari14 Feb 18 @ 2:39pm 
How make 1000 humains in the center becaus i need more humain not 500
LordFlamis Feb 11 @ 4:58pm 
If all base attack waves are defeated does the chance to have a whole new attack kick in immediately upon defeat of last wave or does defeat mean they wait another attack delay? I feel like my Rex is chomping hordes of these guys with no end in sight once attacks start on SP. Worried might be some kind of attack wave infinite loop - is the delay reset between attacks?

Just using your defaults.
blasterghaster321 Feb 11 @ 2:47pm 
How do you increase the spawn rate of huts? I sort of want huge villages in my map so I can hunt them down and purge them
Wolf lizard Feb 11 @ 8:13am 
If the savages could tame dinosaurs and develop themselves, and if they could use firearms, it would be like playing with multiple people in a single person
haslador Feb 9 @ 8:22am 
Oh yea them knocking me out is stupid, a few times i crossed them and they knock me out and leave, happened 6 times in a row, i dont like sitting around to play the game, cause a mod is cheesing me.
haslador Feb 9 @ 8:20am 
I have said screw your mod, reasons, half the time they ignore the dont attack me, i have to spam it. next, i tamed 1 dino near them, ps they are near spawn, and only 1 was in sight of the tame, 8 rushed my camp, after killing my dino, they keep killing me, they wont leave the area, they ignore the hand signs. ive now died 8 timed just trying to get in my house..
LordFlamis Feb 8 @ 3:15pm 
My headcanon for these guys is my survivor is violating their no training dinos religion. Such a great mod they will risk rex running to bola me and make an example lol.
Jlexa Feb 3 @ 2:07am 
please tell me, we can’t figure it out.
we can’t configure NPCs to attack our base with dinos (they attack without dinos)

Standard settings were used.




another question:
1) is it possible to prevent attacking NPCs from dropping items?
2) NPCs run into spikes and don’t break them and just hit them (is it possible to make them just break them)
3) When you hit any NPC, everyone takes 0 damage and the game starts to slow down very much, is it possible to remove this?
-Zedekiah- Feb 1 @ 5:14pm 
Hello. How does this mod do on a unofficial sever? Does anyone have first hand experience and can you fill me in with how it went?