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Simple Spawners
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Feb 9 @ 7:27am
Jul 7 @ 9:58am
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Simple Spawners

This mod:
- Adds creature spawners that spawn creatures (including modded ones!) in an area.
- Adds placeable nests that will spawn eggs from any nearby creatures.
- Adds a beacon and loot crate spawner that spawn any loot crates you want in an area.
- Adds a gun that can send commands to the spawners, and copy settings between spawners.
- Adds items you can place anywhere: Charge Node, Wild Plant Species Z, Gas Vein, Water Vein, Oil Vein, and Obelisk Terminal.
- Adds a No build Zone, which prevents anyone but admins to build in an area.

Mod Id: 1295978823
Mod is clean and stackable.

Other Info
- Works on ANY map!
- All of the items in this mod are optional. For example: if you only want to set up a unicorn spawn in an area all you need to do is place one "Base Simple Spawner".
- Any items you want to use in this mod must be spawned in and set up by an admin.
- The spawners have almost any option you could ask for.


-Detailed Spawner Creature Lists-

-Additional Mod Information and FAQ-

-Report Bugs or give Feedback-


Mods Officially supported by Simple Spawners:

Wyvern Nests Plus

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Need help keeping Spawns under control.
Aug 4 @ 7:11pm
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darklore  [author] Aug 14 @ 10:39am 
They get ported back every respawn.
ST6_Crimson Aug 14 @ 10:06am 
@darklore, is it possible that u can add the option to expand the time, when a spawned creature outside the spawnzone will be ported back? they get ported back really quick.
darklore  [author] Aug 14 @ 8:00am 
You can set it to max of 1, and respawn also set at 1. Despawn timer can be set at whatever time you want it to despawn after spawn. But if it's dead or tamed or despawned, it will respawn at the next respawn interval.

The next update will change the way the despawn timer works, it will be more reliable and will allow you to set it for longer than the respawn time.
ST6_Crimson Aug 9 @ 6:39am 
then your not logged in (enablecheats)? singleplayer? if not admin you cant interact with it
Rob Eastwood Aug 9 @ 6:03am 
@ST6_Crimson yes is spwanded over admincheat when i placed the Spawner after few seconds i can´t changed nothing on the spawner ?
ST6_Crimson Aug 9 @ 5:15am 
@Rob Eastwood, you have to get a spawner via cheat, so you need "enablecheates..." before then you place it and select the species you want that spawn, the count command in the config shows you how many of the selected have spawned, that are the basics.
Rob Eastwood Aug 9 @ 3:29am 
hello I have a short question how do I edit the spawner, I would have to select the desired dinos? sorry I do not understand it right now :(
darklore  [author] Aug 7 @ 1:13pm 
As a matter of fact the next update will help you with that.
ST6_Crimson Aug 7 @ 1:09pm 
is it possible that u can do something to spawn AB Ressources like Element Ore, Gems and so on? i cant find a mod to get this all, (CrossAberration sucks XD)
darklore  [author] Aug 5 @ 4:08pm 
@Tigg3r00: I've been working on a custom UI to set the settings instead of the Multi-use wheel. Unfortunately, it won't be done for a while.