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Harvest Organs Post Mortem
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Nov 18, 2017 @ 8:51am
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Harvest Organs Post Mortem

Harvest Organs Post Mortem (HOPM) is now available in 1.0.

NB! The A Dog Said patch is no longer needed as per 3.0 it is merged with the main mod.

The Mod now supports Portuguese Brazilian translation.

Note that the mod require a hugslib 1.0 version.

Update 4.0:
- Balanced autopsy cost.
- Adjustments to B19.

How the mod works:
After you have researched basic autopsy, you are able to perform such autopsies from the autopsy table. If within the time limit (see below), you will recieve organs. With more advanced autopsy, you have a higher chance of organ drop, and a longer time limit.

How the different autopsies function:
Basic Autopsy: 40% chance of organ drop (40% is upper limit after skill and room factor. 0% bionic organ drop. Can be performed at butchers table and autopsy table). 3 hour time limit.
Advanced Autopsy: 80% chance of organ drop. 40% bionic organ drop (remember, your pawn still needs to have the bionic organ). Can be performed at autopsy table. 6 hour time limit.
Glitterworld Autopsy: 95% chance of organ drop. 80% bionic organ drop. Can be performed at autopsy table. 12 hour time limit. Requires medicine to perform this particular surgery.

The time limit decides whether you will recieve organs or not from the autopsy. Bionic organs can be harvested until the bodies are rotten.

NB! You can alter these drop chances and more in the Mod settings.

A lot of you will wonder if it is compatible with a lot of mods, and in most cases, yes it will be. EPOE for instance should work just fine. If you are curious about another mod compatibility, ask away.

If you find a bug, mod conflict or any other issue, please submit it in the bugs discussion.

Regarding saves:
This mod should be save compatible, and you should be able to uninstall the previous mod and install this mod without much problem. If you do encounter an issue, please let me know.

One issue that can arise is that your butcher table wont accept new bills. In which case you can simply deconstruct it and build a new one.

Q: I don't get anything from the bills, why is that?
A: The corpses have a time limit before the organs are unusable. The time limit varies between what bill you are using. The time limit can be temporarely stopped by freezing the corpse. Also, the bills have a percentage chance of body part drops.

Q: It says I don't have the materials, why?
A: It can be a couple of things. Firstly, the material (corpse) can't be used if it is rotten. Regarding the glitterworld procedure, you need glitterworld medicine.

Non-Steam Link (Here you can find B18):

A17 Link:
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Aaronthelemon Nov 28 @ 5:38pm 
It doesnt conflict with Epoe.

Use debug mode to spawn and kill a pawn infront of the table and perform an autopsy straight away with a high skill doctor use debug mode to get a perfect one aswell.

See if the issue persists.
Shadow Seeker Nov 28 @ 5:20pm 
I have the same problem as Bobbybrown15. Fresh corpse not three hours old and all I get is clothes and part of a body. No organs(100% chance in mod settings). No error message. I've moved this mod up and down on my mod list trying to get it to work again. Not sure why it's no longer working. Does this mod conflict with the EPOE mod?
Aaronthelemon Nov 10 @ 5:15pm 
You're doing it too slowly.
bobbybrown15 Nov 10 @ 4:32pm 
So i am not sure whats going on, but in my latest game i finally got to making the autopsy table, and now whenever i butcher or harvest from them, i get nothing, it just drops their clothes and emptied body, but not a single organ, are there any mod conflicts that you know of up to this point? I have a lot of mods active so not much idea what would be causing the problem as i am not even getting an error message.
bearhiderug Oct 29 @ 1:59pm 
When giving pawns the custom disection medical bill, they still do doctoring and implant jobs
Smuffle  [author] Oct 23 @ 10:07pm 
@Mycroft previous player(s) have reported that it doesn't work with medical dissection, so either it was a single bug on their part, or the medicial dissection mod have been updated. Etiher, glad it works.

@Vampbladder No, most races should work as normal if they use normal organs, but some don't, or if their corpse is treated like a foreign object of some kind.
Vampblader Oct 23 @ 2:32pm 
Is there a compability patch for custom races? Because it seems not to work with the Kijin for example and it won't use their corpses whatsoever.
Mycroft Oct 21 @ 10:06pm 
i just read the part where it says "does not work with medical dissection" and i'm confused, i've been using them both together for ages with no issues whatsoever.

fluke maybe?
Aaronthelemon Oct 7 @ 4:43am 
Is there no easier way to manage Human corpse stockpiles.
Like it says possible to harvest yes but they're actually expired timewise.
Zaiyan Sep 28 @ 5:13am 
@Lexa486 Use OgreStack or something similar, and set everything else to vanilla.