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Basically Dababy May 19 @ 1:15am 
-rep death to Germany
NUT Apr 22 @ 11:44pm 
+rep death to Albania
ZachyCena Apr 20 @ 9:38pm 
happy 4/20! Green day. not his Geburtstag oder birthday I mean :steamhappy:
ZachyCena Apr 7 @ 8:22pm 
08:46 :)
NUT Mar 31 @ 8:56pm 
Oh you got an ass on you alright
So that's what he's talking about
Spread your ass open dude
You could do the rum shaker huh
The thug shaker
Give me the thug shaker dude
Shake your ass
Take your hands off and shake that ♥♥♥♥
Pull your shirt up
I know you can shake it
Shake it
Yeah that's some thug ass right there
Aw yeah that will work
You got the booty dude
Look good bro
Yeah nice huh
Alright that will work for
ZachyCena Mar 19 @ 4:57pm 
Bro this man does God's work bro! This man realized I was on welfare and super poor and like i can't afford like meals and stuff and this man blessed me with a skin. This man is a descendant from God himself bro. Definition of bro is this bro right here bro. I was dealing with depression and death of my grandma, uncle, dog, and cousin, and teacher, and this man gave me a skin man. A real bro right here, he give back to the community bro, this man is a saint bro. I dont know what I'd do without him bro. Thanks bro, this man only deserves good bro, u do u bro this man is good bro.