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I am just so godly you can't even imagine   United States
"You are good son, real good; Maybe even the best." - Rick May (1940-2020)
Average male gamer
Hello everyone my name is Smug Rebellion
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daily routine
2:00 am- Wake up

2.05am-Cold shower

2.15am-breakfast,almonds, breast milk bought off Facebook, 50mg adderall

2:30am- begin workout,incline bench 2 plates,12x12 with 30 seconds of rest, no warmup.

2:45am-edging,4hrs (for disipline)

6:45am-cold shower

7:00am-begin sprint to work

8:00am-arrive at work

8:05am-get called into boss' office

8:06am-get fired from job for "repeated inappropriate comments" and "predatory behaviour"

8:10am-sprint back home

9:10am- lunch-raw cod, berries foraged on the way home, small pebbles (for digestion),50mg of adderal

9:10am-edging(as punishment)

3:00pm- bed time

👏🏻Hello there, welcome to my profile. I trade quite often or whenever I get the chance.👏🏻

When trading with me I only do in-game offers and will only accept in-game items.

❌I will not go on any website that you request me to go on.❌

👍🏻I am always down to trade items so don’t be afraid to ask me what I am willing to trade.👍🏻

⚡️When offering me a trade offer I do not accept it if you do not talk to me about your offer!⚡️

I do not have PayPal so do not offer me money. If you do I will not accept the trade offer and will unfriend you entirely!

‼️If you are paying in items I will do a 15% item overpay.‼️

Remeber I do NOT have a second account this is my only account that I own and will discuss on for trading!
If you get added by a fake account trying to impersonate pls give me the account ID so they can be reported. If you get scammed by a fake account impersonating I will not be taken accountable for. This is all on you if you get scammed by an impersonator!

Trading Offer URL: URL:
Discord: Smug Rebellion#4995
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Finnegan <3 Jan 13 @ 5:52pm 
Added you to discuss trading for an item :)
trollface (rulebreaker) Dec 4, 2021 @ 7:32am 
nvm they just got reset
trollface (rulebreaker) Dec 4, 2021 @ 7:31am 
hey dude the servers are being attacked/are freezing while alot of people are playing on them, could you restart them?
Cheems Gaming Nov 27, 2021 @ 9:19pm 
OfficalBalloony459 Nov 19, 2021 @ 1:05pm 
poppy joe
WUPAKU! Oct 25, 2021 @ 9:06pm 
🦎 +rep good player🦎