I only make friends with people who are 18 or older.

If I am playing a game, I am probably not feeling good. Sorry

- I am male.

- I love working out.

- I only make friends with people who are nice or deserve a friend.

- I am always happy to talk to a friend, and I make time to do so.

- Hate seeing friends sad.

I like making jokes with meanings behind them, so that I get my point across in the most fun way possible. I normally joke around, but I can be serious, no jokes until the problem is at least a little better.
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7 Years by Lukas Graham
Trauma by NF
Another Love by Tom Odell
Numb Little Bug by Em Beihold
Happy Home by Hedegaard ft. Lukas Graham
Happy by NF (Audio)
Lissie covering Pursuit of Happiness (Live at Brighton Great Escape 2010)
Real Friends by Camila Cabello
Simple Man by Shinedown
The Search by NF
In this Shirt by The Irrepressibles
Hot on the Trail by Steam Powered Giraffe
Way Less Sad by AJR
Logic ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid - 1-800-273-8255 Live
The Chicken by Bo Burnham(From the Inside Outtakes)
That Funny Feeling by Bo Burnham
I'll Be Good by James Young
Try by P!nk (Official Video)
Karma by AJR
Luxury by Jon Bellion

~I wanted to attempt to tell a personal story using music.

* Whilst seeking help can be difficult, it's always good to try.
* Opening up to people can be a double-edged sword, but mental health workers are "generally" a safer bet. Normal, everyday people can care, family can care, but everyone has their own troubles they're struggling through, and at times it can cloud one's judgement.
* Don't go into things ill-prepared, and don't go well beyond your means lightly, you'll likely just inflict the burdens of extra stresses and struggles onto yourself.
* Be safe and smart, pace yourself, and have some self compassion. The best you can do is to simply try your best.
* Dax Dear Alcohol (Mega Remix) ft. Many talented individuals.
* Maybe Man by AJR
* Better Days by NEFFEX
* Hold on by Chord Overstreet
~Buy a sheep, name it Relation. You now have a Relationsheep~

I'm almost always in a terrible mood, you'll hardly ever know it though because I don't make it a habit of mine to use people as punching bags. I don't take my issues out on you, you do NOT get to take yours out on me. I'm always happy to talk and listen, but as soon as you try to direct your anger at me, I'm done talking.

Ontop of that if you're racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-theist or anti-atheist (Etc...) We likely won't get along. You can be all of those things, but unless you're willing to be respectful, civil, and mature when actually interacting with people, or at the very least, when talking to me about people - we won't get along.

If you can't find love in your heart, and you live your life being excessively hateful, you'll quickly find that people won't want anything to do with you. When that happens you'll have no right to be surprised.

~Side Note~

[1:01:35 AM] Friend: My phones next to me
[1:01:41 AM] Zev: So the secrets out
[1:01:43 AM] Friend: Its just buzzing all the time xD
[1:01:48 AM] Zev: You do sleep with your phone =w=
[1:01:55 AM] Zev: Motherofgawd
[1:02:06 AM] Friend: Its on a table next to me >.>
[1:02:16 AM] Zev: Just remember
[1:02:21 AM] Zev: Condoms are your friend
[1:02:25 AM] Friend: Anyway, im gonna sleep, dont msg me till tomorrow
[1:02:30 AM] Zev: Hay! I finally found out your sexuality!
[1:02:44 AM] Zev: Pan-techno-err phone-sexual~!
[1:02:49 AM] Zev: NAILED IT!
[1:03:01 AM] Zev: I'm the new Sherlock Holmes
[1:03:09 AM] Zev: Now all I need is a Watson
[1:03:28 AM] Zev: Hey dude, I'll look past the whole phone sex thing if you'll be my Watson
[1:03:58 AM] Zev: You're not a doctor though
[1:04:03 AM] Zev: Well you write like one
[1:04:08 AM] Zev: CLOSE ENOUGH
[1:04:13 AM] Zev: :D
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1,807 Hours played
This game's a gem.

-If you'd like a free game, wherein you could have a thoroughly fulfilling experience, without the need to spend any money if you really didn't want to.
I'd recommend Warframe

-If you'd like a game with a very satisfying gameplay-loop, supplemented with a plethora of interesting mechanics and features that'd synergise well to fit specific or even relatively niche playstyles.
I'd recommend Warframe

-If you'd like a game that manages to maintain a unique style, blending various aesthetics from multiple genres and styles in a cohesive, and mostly believable way; whilst also enabling you to exercise your creativity, using a polished system for designing and decorating your characters and player-homes. I'd recommend Warframe

-If you're a fan of deep and expansive narratives, compelling characters, and a surprisingly nuanced take on subjects as they're tackled in storytelling and character development; and/or you have an appreciation for beautifully composed musical pieces and soundtracks.
I'd recommend Warframe.

-You can design builds for your characters, pets, ships, and weapons.
-You can design the looks of your characters, pets, ships, weapons, and player-homes.
-You can make music using numerous types of instruments in the game, with one playable character even being based around it.
-You can play games within the game using an in-game arcade machine.
-You can go to open-world areas and simply relax and spearfish, or go on missions with dedicated objectives, that'll evolve on occasion.
-You can be inundated with a comprehensive and expansive video game universe, and many polished'n refined systems and features to accompany it.
-You can be stealthy, or forgo stealth entirely.
-You can be a themed space ninja, and you can choose weapons ranging from katanas and kunai to chainsaws and railguns.
-Cat person? YOU CAN PET THAT TOO.
-Want a robot instead of an animal? PET IT.

It's a pretty solid experience.
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I've been a fan of this goofy game series for quite a long while now.
My Father and I used to play Kingdom Rush and it's sequels pretty often, and chat about missions and builds.
This series will always be special to me for being *just* casual and easy enough to pick up and play, that him and I could both enjoy it.

It was always really nice hearing the music, and dialogue from characters coming from his computer.
I like to think he would have enjoyed Iron Marines as well.
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This guide will help you ascend to the strength of the god emperor! Made for my own reasons of getting in shape, I figured the rest of the community could try it out too. Helps make working out fun, and adds a bit of competitiveness and comradery to team p
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