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1. several community bans for 1 week (Manga / Hentai VNs no nude patch)
2. over 40 perfect games lost due to fake games (demos) exclusion

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Killing Floor 2
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"Teamwork over personal skills"

*** Last Update: Feb 2017 ***

Killing Floor 2 has been released
Since Oct 2016 KF2 is officially released and out of the EA phase. That means you'll get finally
an impression of the main game concept and further addings / adjustments will not change it
entirely anymore. It's also a good reason to update my review at that I got a copy and enjoy
playing not only on the free weekends I played so far. I also be proud of to have encountered
the very successful beta launch. It was one of the best moments in my life, even if I lost all of
my progress from beta perk upleveling.

I think the discussion about microtransactions has been normalized and can be ignored. Since you get sometimes supply crates or encrypted USBstick drops which are all pretty much worthless on the market (4 Cents).
I just wanna to say those so-called microtransactions are not real ones. Neither you have a P2W model nor the gameplay is affected at all. It's rather the crate/key concept (already known from other games) with just cosmetical items and even random free drops. But I still do not support this in order to let the ppl not get used to an overated market and a gambling zone around honestly worthless key items (-)

Killing Floor 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to Killing Floor. I have in Killing Floor 1 over 2k playtime hours and it is still a great game with a huge fanbase. As you can imagine the devs tried basically to keep this successful concept but also to polishup their graphics, introduce new perks and mechanics, add new 3D models, bosses and maps at the same time. All things the devs said / promised you can easily checkup in the official trailers and making-of videos. (+)

Graphics / Sound
It's a so called Unreal 3.5 Engine means a pimpedup Unreal3 Engine to max to visualize what the devs couldn't do in KF1. The graphics are just brilliant. If you have seen them once you don't wanna go back to KF1. It has a legacy to mess with actual titles like Evolve and is even superperformant on some older PCs since the first minute of playing. The new Zed-time, the 3D animations of Zeds and weapons, the maps and even the MP characters are state of the art and brilliant implemented. The Metal soundtrack by Zyntetic / Demon Hunter fits perfectly into a picture of a great game (++)

The gameplay is still totally different to KF1. Ofc you still have the waves and the "weapon-buy-earn-dosh-through-killing" concept. The devs said they wanted the game at least to become more kiteable. But in fact camping in "turtle strategy" brings mostly the success on higher difficulties. Partly it's a degrading of perk autonomy into a roleplaying game. Zerk always blocks in frontline. Other perks hideout behind him in a tight place. The good old times when a zerk was able to kite a sc/fp or an entire wave on his own are gone (it is still possible but looks now totally different). Zeds are waiting for you at door entrances. There are unfair mass spawns like 4 sirens altogether. I have also seen many teams running around like crazy fighters with no concept or healing at all. At least the standard Clot grabbing (QTE) can now be disabled in the options menu. (- -)

The new maps look interesting and you'll find fastly new favourites (mostly for the nice visuals). Ofc they are somehow linked to the "old" maps. Burning Paris should be London, Hostile Grounds like Filthscross and Infernal Realms like Hell. But not even the Blackforest is unlimited to walk everywhere like Mountainpass. It seems most of the levels are tubelevels which causes Zed blocks on many places which no alternatives of escaping. So some modders even decided to rebuild some of the KF1 maps like Mountainpass, Cube or Minecraft.

The 3D models were all redesigned. Now they look more scary and dangerous except the new child Clot (lol?). Basically they look wider and blocky. During Gameplay they can even block your way at all places, they spawn and shortcut around you and surround you instantly. The Zeds got new animations and mechanics. All Zeds have extended fightmodes on sui/hoe and also a perma run/rage mode. Looks like a gorefast can strike you 4 times in a row if you don't parry his attacks. Also Zed bodies have become more bulletspongey. Because of more hitboxes you have to do several shots before they go down. That means you better have to concentrate on headshots all the time. (-)
Since the "Sharpshoot Update" they added more interesting Zeds like the Master Clot (white skin) which can enchant surrounding mobs to be more dangerous, Master Crawler (white) which explode in a bloatbile cloud if not headshot and Gorefriend (black skin) which is basically a Gorefast with two blades and a new deadly spinning attack. These new Zeds make the game even more challenging. (+)

Bossfights are insanely hard and long. The bosses are very resistant. Each boss has 3 phases of surviving before you can knock him down. Mostly you loose your teammates before the last phasis is reached. Hans Volter has even an invulnerability in his intermediate lifesucking phasis. The Patriarch keeps on being invisible most of the time. Needs a certain strategy and almost more than a load of full magazines of each teammate to beat the boss in the end. Also nervewracking is a new running mode of your character (not only on bossfights). So you keep on running on bossfights for about a quarter til a half hour. But sometimes it's possible to hunt bosses down before healing phase and get them killed more fastly as usual. (-)

What is new that there are levelperks now. Each 5th level you will get an extra perk ability. 25 levels per perk, 10 different perks.Mostly it turnsout the best abilities you'll only get on the highest level (25). So it's absolutely necessary to uplevel all of you perks.
The devs said they wanted to reduce the uplevel perk grinding. They barely did it. It still take ages to uplevel. Even if there are no more cross-perk weapon use punishments. Actually you levelup your weapons for using them and gain also xp for total damage. They also added achievements for each levelperk which shows that fast perkleveling has become the new aim. I think it's still a big mess of grinding. Especially the new perks like Swat (which is a submachine gun commando) or Survivalist (which can be a mixture of all perks) makes no sense in this game. Otherwise the Sharpshooter is highly welcome. Ofc the weapons must fit into the new gameplay means "headshooter weapons" required for each perk. (-)

Weapons are the essential part of the game. The devs wanted them to be more realistic, great feeling and handling during gameplay and engaged even Pro RL shooters for fast magazine exchanges recorded by motion capturing. Though p.e. the Commando Bullhup got improved and feels way more decent, other weapons seem more unprecisely or bulletconsuming due to more detailed Zed-animation / dodging and own accurancy while running / turning around. Some weapons got even miniaturized / lowpowered like pipebombs and the flying sawblade which doesn't make it easier. Positive are all new medic weapons and also the firebug has a smashing microwave device. Demolition has only 1 shot magazine weapons. The best weapon of the game is ofc the Sharpshooter M14 EBR. (+)

Conclusion (temporarly)
You can enjoy these brandnew exciting graphics and proceed on some maps. Some new stuff is still coming in. But for the moment I feel a bit disappointed that I cannot play as used through the maps. Seems I need to learn a gameconcept that doesn't feel comfortable to me.
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