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Pirates, Bugs and lots of losses
Latest they added the cross platform support for XBOX. Since then I was not able to load my player profile on the official EU Servers. Loading bar gets somewhere stuck in PrimalGameData_BP. This amazing feature was implemented from Oct 1st-8th. I thought afterwards it will be running again. To bridge my time I turned back to ARK Survival evolved. Somehow I realized the differencies between the two games.

1. ARK seems to be a quite fair Survival game in a very limited map size. I don't need 256 quadrants + border loading to have a vivid world with many interesting discoveries. All those huge tameable dinosaurs fit into a less than 100 square kilometers map. The food drain in Atlas is incredible high and progresses especially in offline time. It's even worse if you must rely on 4 different vitamins. In ARK you just could eat some berries or steaks or at least stop working. Especially the food supply for tamed animals and NPCs becomes a gamebreaker in Atlas. Because of that you are forced to play further each second day to refill feeding trogs or silos + gold payment for the NPCs. Do devs don't know about holiday times ?
2. The Atlas graphics are amazing. Devs seem to have focussed all their time on ocean wave animation, more than anything else. There are also different biomes like deserts or ice tundra with the corresponding rocks and vegetations. ARK on the other hand is not bad but I have sometimes screen flickering while turning around. Building objects look way improved in ATLAS and you don't have to learn for each sloped wall an extra engram. It's already integrated into the build modifier.
3. ARK has tameable Dinosaurs of all kind. Missing some flysaurs here because only ship building is the one big thing in Atlas. Ships are pricy and the techtree needs lots of skill points altogether before you are able to build the nearby invincable vessels.
4. The concept of blueprints is in ARK as it should be. But in Atlas it gets crazy. Ususally if you have a blueprint found you shouldn't have to learn the skill for it. But in Atlas somehow it is still required for that (but why?). Higher quality blueprints need you to gather multiple types of the same material at once. That's insane. As if someone would travel to another climate zone to gather some other wood or fiber just to build some random mastercrafted thatch platform. (who really does that?) So you will get flooded of many useless blueprints if you go for NPC ships hunt or treasure quests. What a waste of time.
5. Clan (company) management in Atlas is also a mess and leaving a clan can cause a total loss of all of your ships and buildings . It becomes a fraud to play wih unrelieable players who kick you out of the clan overnight and then you are trapped on your own ship because "it belongs to the stranger clan" now. Dev does nothing about that.
6. Ships keep on sinking like flies. Dangers are everywhere (underwater rocks / sector border NPC boat ambushes / whale diveups / cyclones) You don't really know whether it is intended by the devs to make this game extra hard or it is still unfinished.
7. The main quests / boss fights are at the moment just for secondary interest. Ofc you can try them but have to read lots of guides and extra information to get a hint what to do at all. Mostly you are just distracted by struggle of life and resource gathering or holding island claims with daily gold fees and defend base building. And this is just PvE.
8. The game wiki is unfinished and unrelieable. Sector resource locations are not explaind enough or wrong. And many discovery coordinates are just empty (what is bad on 2.400 of them)

After 500 hours of gameplay Atlas always gave me harsh times. The purpose of playing seems to be just some joy for ultra hardcore struggle of life. You are loosing everthing many many times. There's no consistency of gameplay. But it seems to be just some dull repetive map exploring and dying for each of the lowest reasons like food drain / over eating / heatwave / cold phase / hammerhead sharks / fighting controls / jumping lions or other buggy s.h.i.t.

I don't want to get back into this game as long as they fix the rejoin or implement some interesting achievements. It's not really worth my time.
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