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Professional web developer and community contributor of many items, war paints and maps for Team Fortress 2. If you add me send some greetings and say why you did so.
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Just a collection of my own favourite creations for TF2.
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Created by - Gadget #FixTF2
Workshop Showcase
Team Fortress 2 War Paints that I've been working on.
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Created by - Gadget #FixTF2

TF2 Arms Race - Weapon Design Contest []
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My TF2 workshop items
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If you would like to contribute workshop ideas then please have a look here first:

The Importance of Concept Art
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Texturing for Team Fortress 2 []
How to make items for TF2 | How to make maps for TF2


Promotional Item Granting Utility for TF2 []
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Arms Race 3
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TF2 Arms Race: Weapon Design Contest
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♥Katia♥ Jun 9 @ 12:13pm 
Adding you in regards to sacred scouts
Brooklyn Zoo Jun 4 @ 1:26am 
Hello, I'm working on my first war paint and I'm using Necromanced as a base. I'm just about to compile and submit it, but I have a problem. For some reason, the sticker has a super low resolution on the minigun, and nothing else. I erased the right side sticker because I only need one, but your war paint is the perfect combination of traits for what I'm trying to make. I'd like to message with you about this if you have any advice or if you know how to fix this, as far as I can see the sticker looks excellent on every skin except for the minigun. I can't find anyone else on the internet with this problem, add me if you would be so kind to help me with this. Otherwise my war paint is coming along exactly as I envisioned. Thank you
Traumliebhaber May 31 @ 11:35am 
pls sign my profile
LordTwibill May 28 @ 1:37pm 
Can I DM you for using your Morning Star skin for a TF2 Classic mod?
HappyWindinkg May 24 @ 4:25am 
k May 19 @ 10:06am 
Adding about question I had when using one of your skins as a base to make my own