I'm a professional web developer and I create TF2 items and maps in my spare free time. If you add me send some greetings and say why you did so. Private profiles and Steam level 0 will be ignored due to scamming attempts.
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Make sure to come back every now and then to find the latest submissions for the new TF2 Medieval Community Project [].
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If you would like to contribute workshop ideas then have a look here first, please:

The Importance of Concept Art
Art Tutorial []
Texturing for Team Fortress 2 []
How to make items for TF2 | How to make maps for TF2


Promotional Item Granting Utility for TF2 []

Don't bother asking me for any trades or free items.
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wolfalberto 20 de Jul às 11:19 
Greeting sir! Me and some folks are grouping up for next year saxxy awards and we are scouting for talented modelers! If you'd like to know more please accept my friend request, thanks! c:
Kreacher 15 de Jul às 17:22 
MaartenS11 | TF2Classic 14 de Jul às 5:21 
Thx I'll check it out
Gadget 13 de Jul às 11:52 
Try this That was the last version for testing. I believe it had different final bases for RED and BLU since I wanted to see which one plays better.
MaartenS11 | TF2Classic 13 de Jul às 6:13 
Is there a download for cp_warefare anywhere? I found the thread on tf2maps but I cant find a download for it.
Freak4ever2000™ 11 de Jul às 7:51 
Interested in your fan o war