I'm a professional web developer and I create TF2 items and maps in my spare free time. If you add me send some greetings and say why you did so. Private profiles and Steam level 0 will be ignored due to scamming attempts.
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Make sure to come back every now and then to find the latest submissions for the new TF2 Medieval Community Project [].
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Make sure to check out the

TF2 Arms Race - Weapon Design Contest []

TF2 Medieval Project / Ye Olde Workshoppe [][/h1]


My TF2 workshop items

Arms Race 3 Collection

Ye Olde Workshoppe Collection



If you would like to contribute workshop ideas then have a look here first, please:

The Importance of Concept Art
Art Tutorial []
Texturing for Team Fortress 2 []
How to make items for TF2 | How to make maps for TF2


Promotional Item Granting Utility for TF2 []

Don't bother asking me for any trades or free items.
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The Marxman 👾 16 août à 12h18 
Hey dude! I would love to make some SFM art of your workshop items, please talk to me if you want :vsnake:
playerttc 13 août à 14h26 
hey Gadget i would like to give you a idea for a taunt mind if i tell you.:steamhappy:
Harris junior 12 août à 6h38 
gadget,your idea is brillant,and i am sure,many people likes your newst Creation
Gadget 12 août à 0h32 
I'm glad you like my work! Unfortunately I don't have the time to convert my models to Gmod or SFM. Some of them have been uploaded by other people, though.
Aussie Kat 11 août à 23h55 
Hey gadget, i was curious if you ever thought about importing some of your tf2 modles and workshop idems to gmod. They're very wonderful and i would love to see/use them in gmod for making pictures or sets ect. I would very much enjoy it if you did import a few of them, and if not, I understand.
Name Pending 11 août à 12h20
Cant wait for the update ;)

I love your workshop :steamhappy: