I'm a professional web developer and I create TF2 items and maps in my spare free time. If you add me send some greetings and say why you did so. Private profiles and Steam level 0 will be ignored due to scamming attempts.
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Make sure to come back every now and then to find the latest submissions for the new TF2 Medieval Community Project [].

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If you would like to contribute workshop ideas then have a look here first, please:

The Importance of Concept Art
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How to make items for TF2 | How to make maps for TF2


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Don't bother asking me for any trades or free items.
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Meet the Artillery Sentry
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Jhejh poT | No Alt Accs 7 nov. à 12h11 
Rip, no Jevil Spy for us
Renousim 7 nov. à 11h52 
Ah, that sucks. Thanks for the response though!
Gadget 7 nov. à 9h04 
They don't seem to allow any more updates like that. Only bugfixes. So, it's probably not going to happen, sorry.
Renousim 6 nov. à 13h39 
As far as I know for TF2, Valve allows cosmetic updates for hats to be applied to more classes. Is it possible for the Pestering Jester to be updated to be allowed for the Spy?
HoroKono 24 oct. à 15h46 
damn look at all of those self made's
weathers 22 oct. à 23h17 
hey dude want to add you for some questions about how war paints are made