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Retired modder.

"I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe.”

GPU: 1060 6gb
CPU: I5-6600K
RAM: 16gb
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DimDim Jun 19 @ 5:29am 
As far as I know
CaptSternn Jun 18 @ 7:32pm 
hi DimDim,

is your creation: [WOTC] Warhammer 40,000: AOTI Master File
currently functional?
Syonide Jun 11 @ 10:10am 
Hey, just found your work for Xcom - got to say they look fantastic! Thanks for the all the effort! Take care!
DimDim Jun 2 @ 7:23am 
Use alternative mod launcher
dmitriy9701 Jun 2 @ 2:58am 
Please, help, I’ve got a problem. no mod on xcom works. already changed the language, and turned on and off the dlcs. I am a huge fan of warhammer and I want to try playing with your mods, but for unknown reason no one works for me. although the launcher says that everything is fine, and all the mods are on
incognito mode Apr 18 @ 5:43pm