Condensed Turtle Flesh
sicc halo memes for sicc halo teens

If you want to add me, state a reason. Getting a bit hard to scroll through my friends list, nothing personal.

i do shite modding to compensate on the fact that im actually broken on the inside
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ScreaM Jul 1 @ 4:14am 
Hello mister Turtle ! I want to talk with u in pm, about something important, after that you can delete me from ur friendlist !
eggnoG Jun 30 @ 1:02am 
added cuz we played in payday
Jora May 21 @ 10:18pm 
Hey, I wanted to say that I love all your work, and I'd love to donate to you if you accept it. Let me know!
U.B. May 3 @ 4:25pm 
Hey there, I didn't mean to add you. all I wanted to say is thank you for the mods you've done for XCOM 2.

The fact that I get to play as best clone Tup is a dream come true, bless you man :Currency:
Condensed Turtle Flesh May 3 @ 6:09am 
What reach model?
Hello, Bezdar May 2 @ 1:30pm 
Hey bro, Can you help me with Halo Reach models?