Condensed Turtle Flesh
sicc halo memes for sicc halo teens

If you want to add me, state a reason. Getting a bit hard to scroll through my friends list, nothing personal.

i do shite modding to compensate on the fact that im actually broken on the inside
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Lord_Poncho57 Sep 20 @ 9:41am 
Awesome, thanks.
Condensed Turtle Flesh Sep 20 @ 2:18am 
If you’re capable then yes, although in the future I might make my own version. So go ahead.
Lord_Poncho57 Sep 19 @ 8:19pm 
Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but I was curious if you'd be okay with me using your Clone Trooper rigs. I'd like to expand upon your original WOTC Clone armor pack with some of the missing troopers like Comet, and armor variants like ARF and AT-RT driver.
Condensed Turtle Flesh Aug 26 @ 6:41pm 
Thanks, you too fam
Kravis Aug 26 @ 4:53pm 
Hey, you. Have a wonderful day.
Reverse Blue Aug 20 @ 10:53am 
how can i download xcom2