The only thing necessary for the triumph
of evil is good men doing nothing...
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252 Hours played
This game is fantastic and the developers are very active. Ready or Not has given me some of the most intense gaming moments that I've had for years. Granted, the NPCs you can play with is like trying to conduct a search warrant with a school of blind baby dolphins armed with forks, but if you add friends to the mix and some or all of you have some weapon- and tactics training in real life this game becomes really spicy, because real tactics work.

If you liked SWAT 4 you will like Ready or Not. If you like dangerous tactical FPS games where one bulllet = death, this game is for you. No bunny hopping. No building staircases into the sky. Just you, your MP5 and the gritty innards of a slum villa where methed up ladies in night gowns comes out of the closets to stab you in the neck with kitchen knives.

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The nightclub-scenario in Ready or Not is giving me some serious heeby jeebys. Dead civilians, phones ringing but no one answering them :/