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Seems like you stumbled upon my profile but the question is why:hmmmx:
Trade offer!

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Whoever wrote this is retarded Aka Me
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Dont add me if you're lvl 0 or have a private profile
Silently removing me will result in a permanent block

General info
Age: Legal
Dicksize: Half an inch
Gender: Who the fuck cares mate of course im a guy
Relationship? Noone is gonna love me so whats the point of even trying #Edgy
Random info: IM generally a nice guy or at least i try to


Online: Feel free to chat dont expect an instant answer however
Away: Yeah
Offline: Yeah
In-game: Slow responses
Snooze: Yeah

Yes i do RP just if thats the first thing you say to me i will block you

Small Roleplays are alright like *Hugs you* Ect
I will do bigger roleplays when you have actually introduced yourself

Fursona: Babbu
Specie: Wolf
Age: Who knows
Tits: Bigu uwu
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Сектор Газа Nov 13 @ 11:15am 
Конченный с читами
Winter Nov 8 @ 6:07am 
Kulis Nov 5 @ 8:25am 
Accept to friends plzz
☆Wishy☆ Nov 4 @ 4:53am 
You okay hand simulator that’s close enough
Doebutt Nov 4 @ 4:25am 
Cause steam subscribes you to the thread even if u dont wanna
Dragon Nov 4 @ 4:19am 
Ayy lmao why am i still here