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Old-school gamer since the early 80s. Besides playing and collecting I enjoy talking or writing about games just as much.

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"The rantings of a dead gamer"
"Every second spent with an awful game is a second lost!"

I don't care if a game is Indie or AAA - as long as it is good.

"Some people own too many games"

It is impossible to play more than a few thousand games over a lifetime.

"All online games will die one day"

Each game that requires online servers to be playable will be unplayable one day. Each game that needs external servers for parts of its functionality will loose this functionality one day. External servers will be turned off. It is not a question IF, but only WHEN.

When Gamespy closed its doors, hundreds of games lost their multiplayer functionality. EA turns off multiplayer servers of its games sometimes 2 years after release . When activation servers are turned off, games become unstartable. Single Player games that require a permanent internet connection are the best of the bunch...

Some of my now worthless boxed games: Age of Empires Online, BattleForge, Darkspore, Battlefield 2142, Hellgate: London and a lot MMOs...

"DRM is bad!"

When Steam turns off its servers, your game collection is gone. And no, there won't be a way to still download or even play them.

I already hated those copy protected floppies from the 80s, I hated copy protected CDs and DVDs from the last decade (with systems like Starforce, TAGES, SafeDisc and SecuROM... ), and I hate todays account-bound rental games, where the paying customer is completely depending on the publisher (who can retire or change a game at any time) and the DRM-client provider (like Valve).

Games Republic, Gamesrocket, Gametap, Get Games, Desura, Indie Royale,, Bundle in a Box, Shiny Loot, Gamefly, Direct2Drive and Impulse are just a few closed clients/resellers, often taking their downloads with them. How long will Valve last?

"Don´t preorder."

You buy a product that is not yet finished. It can be good or it can be a complete dud.

"Don´t buy games at release."

A year later you get the GOTY edition with all DLCs, patched and for -75%. The only reason to buy a game at release might be if you want to join multiplayer, which has generally the highest population close after release.

"Older games can be fun, too."

The quality of a game does not always correlate with its release date. While widescreen or 4k screen support, XBox Controller, cloud saves and high-end graphics are good, games without any of those can be fun as well.

"Not every steam friend is a real friend."

You only find out when you need him.

"Games exist to be played, not to help you collect useless digital stuff like trading cards, badges and achievements."

It certainly is fun to receive an achievement (or 100% of them) in a game you enjoy, but for me this will never be the reason I play a game. I have not found a use for badges or Steam levels so far as well.

"Perfect Games"

Replaying a game I initially finished without cheating using a 100% achievement guide is kind of strange for me. I mostly play games for the fun of playing...

all quotes are from Ungi (RIP) and commented by me
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Review by Gaming Masterpieces - The greatest games of all time on Steam.

Is this game a masterpiece? Yes, if you dream of becoming a delivery driver like Jason Statham in "The Transporter", then this is the right game for you. Working for an illegal delivery company called Cloudpunk, your job is to pick up parcels and deliver them to their destination. Don't ask questions, don't take too long, never open a parcel, don't ruin your hovercraft on the way. Cloudpunk takes place in a large, multilayered and interconnected futuristic city goverened by a rich corporate elite. You are a young girl coming from the countryside trying to escape poverty, and starting your job at Cloudpunk. Obviously noone has told you that most delivery drivers don't work there longer than... one day.

Guided by the friendly company dispatcher you receive your assignments, pick up the stuff to deliver and transport it wherever requested. Your navigational system helps you to find your way through the city, highways allow fast speed, the traffic is not that bad (probably because hovercars just fly over most traffic jams...) and searching for parking space near your destinations is also not so difficult... most of the time. You have to hand out all parcels personally and by foot. While walking around you can buy food or drugs, clothing, car improvements, find stuff lying around, talk to other (often strange) inhabitants... kind of open-world, although the main delivery missions that are required to advance the story are scripted. Side-quests include talking to an elevator that eats humans or finding items for other people. Anyway, never forget where you have parked your car, or it becomes embrassing.

You deliver a parcel that goes tick-tack... your dispatcher reminds you to make haste and after the delivery there is a large explosion... of course completely unrelated to the delivery you just made, as your nice dispatcher reminds you. Or you deliver a parcel that talks to you... or one that smells rather strong... anyway, never open it. Successful deliveries bring you money (like selling stuff you find or exploring the city), and you can improve your little apartment with nice things. You had to sell the body of your dog, but his AI finds a new home in your car, so you can talk to your dog-car.

Controller and ultrawidescreen work fine.

Fly around a cyberpunk megacity to deliver parcels and follow the story... while finishing many side-quests and also changing the city forever. Not much action, but an interesting story and a cool city to explore.
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