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The "Definitive Collection" review (Version 1.16):
TBD (this review isn't even finished yet why am I showcasing this on my profile!?)

I recommend this version of doom 3 because it allows you to easily play doom I and doom II in higher resolution along with achievements.

NOTE: To change controls, you have to go into Doom 3 and change the key bindings (and graphical settings) there which in turn change the keybindings of doom 1 and 2.

I recommend these keybindings:
Forward: W
Sprint: LSHIFT
Other settings can be kept as default.

Add these to your steam launch options: +set com_allowconsole 0 +set com_skipintrovideos 1

Other settings:
Disable fullscreen and use the Borderless Gaming app (available on github or steam) to run DOOM in borderless windowed mode (enable the slower window detection mode in the borderless gaming app to reduce CPU usage).
NOTE: Borderless Gaming may have issues if you launch it before launching Doom 3 BFG. I recommend launching Doom 3 first, wait until the main menu appears, then launch borderless gaming afterwards

The BFG collection does not include Final Doom and Master Levels for Doom 2, so you are not getting the "definitive collection" but it's close enough. For the ultimate doom experience I would recommend buying both Doom 3 BFG and Doom Classic Complete. There is also another reason to get Doom Classic Complete (see the MODDING section below).

The Doom games (1 and 2) are such good games to play on the go because you don't even need to use a mouse, you can just use the left and right arrows to aim.


Doom is a game where you shoot a bunch of demons, some of which pose quite a challenge. It is quite fun and the gunplay is satisfying. Exploring each map is rewarding as you can find secrets which can give you more ammo or make your character even more overpowered. I would recommend this if you're looking for a challenging and rewarding FPS game.

Episode 1 - If you're playing with a mouse, definitely play on ultra-violence. Ultra-violence difficulty is quite playable with keyboard-only controls as well. Episode 1 is the most fun episode in Doom 1 IMO.

Episode 2 - If you found ultra-violence to be difficult in episode 1, I'd suggest toning down the difficulty a bit in this episode. Ammo is scarce and some monsters are quite bullet-spongey in ultra-violence difficulty in this episode. The maps are more complex in this episode compared to the 1st one. Also, I feel like in this episode the risk to reward ratio isn't very high. There is little incentive to exploring secret areas in this episode because you end up losing ammo more often than gaining it (in Ultra Violence difficulty), this is one of the reasons why I suggest toning down the difficulty.

Episode 3 - The BFG 9000 is pretty epic. Pretty similar to Episode 2 in terms of difficulty with more hell-ish level design.

DOOM 1's shotgun felt weak and under powered in the later episodes (particularly with the Baron of Hell enemies). The double barrel shotgun in DOOM 2 fixes those issues and is the most fun gun in the game. Aside from the shotgun, Doom 2 isn't that much different to Doom 1 in terms of gameplay and the levels appear to be smaller in Doom 2 compared to Doom 1.


NOTE: I cannot guarantee that the below modifications will work for every level. As of writing this I have yet to do a full play-through using the below configuration, and I haven't tested the secret levels. Take my advice with a grain of salt.

Doom 3 contains modified BFG versions of the DOOM I and II WAD files. If you have the original unmodified versions of Doom 1 and 2, you can get them to work in Doom 3 BFG:
0. Backup your WAD files from base/wads folder.
1. Get the .WAD file from your "Ultimate Doom" installation
2. Copy it over to your Doom 3 BFG installation (overwrite the existing WAD file)
3. ???
4. Voilà you're running the original doom at a higher resolution and with achievements.

One thing to note is that since Doom 3 BFG has different menu options, when you run with the Ultimate Doom WAD file you can't change the settings and quitting the game results in Doom 3 BFG crashing rather than going to the game selection screen.

If you want to change settings, simply run the BFG WAD file, adjust some settings, close the game, then run the normal Doom WAD file again following the above instructions...
If you have lost your original WAD files, you can always verify game file integrity from steam to get those files back.

If you don't want to bother with steam achievements, check out "Classic RBDOOM 3 BFG".
Alternatively to Doom 3 BFG, you can use GZDoom to run Doom 1 and 2. This has the advantage of also working on Mac, while Doom 3 BFG is windows-only.

I intend to update this review sometime in the future with a guide for mods installation.
Note to self: Test RBDOOM 3 BFG and include a brief installation guide with alternative methods. I might make a backup of the review before I rewrite. Consider using steam text formatting

If you want Steam to count your playtime while playing mods, it is possible to do so.
I looked up "Steam Change Executable" on Google and there appears to be a three methods of doing so:

1. (best method) Copy the game files to a seperate folder outside of the steam folder. Create symbolic links to link the exe in the steam folder to a different exe in the external folder using the mklink command in command prompt. One advantage of doing this is that you don't have to worry about your game automatically updating (this prevents save games from being corrupted if an update were to break your mods - at worst you would have to make the
symlink again).
NOTE: I haven't tested this out yet as of writing this. Back up your files before trying this!

Source (I am not including the URL directly because in the future the website could be deleted or changed):
Comments from youtube watch?v=CEIKMCFsUfI
Maketecheasier create-symbolic-links-windows10

2. Rename the mod's .exe file to the same name as the original .exe file.
E.g. On Skyrim you can rename "SKSE" to "SkyrimLauncher" and open it on steam. I imagine the process would be the same for most games.
Source: steam community discussions/forum/1/43099721856043414/

3. Use steam command line arguments. Apparently you can change the executable to launch by using some trickery. Some file editing may also be necessary.
Source: custom-executables-in-steam by adminswerk de.

Note: If you have issues with the above methods, disabling steam overlay and disabling automatic updates for the game may help.

Extra info:
Main differences between normal Doom I and II WAD file and BFG version include:

1. Options are different, BFG version has more sensitivity options and has a fullscreen toggle
2. "Quit" menu is different, BFG has a menu where you can either cancel, go back to Doom 3 BFG game selection screen, or quit the game entirely. Normal Doom has a Y/N option, and running normal doom in BFG results in a crash as soon as you press "quit".
3. Censorship. Doom II BFG has quite a lot of textures that are changed to be more appropriate for a worldwide release. Doom I BFG has minor changes in this regard.

If you want to mod the GOG version of the game, make sure gog galaxy is closed and then edit the "gogame-xxxxxxxxxx.info" in the game's install directory and replace the name of the exe file with the exe file you want to open near the top of the document. This should work with almost any game on GOG.

Note: Similar to the Steam version, to improve compatibility, disabling GOG Galaxy overlay and disabling automatic updates may help.

Note 2: Of course, this is subject to change over time. Some modifications may not work as well as they used to.

DOOM 3 Review:

I'll update this once I actually play the 'Doom 3' part of Doom 3 BFG.

I have reached my character limit so I might write this part of the review as a separate comment :P
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