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Didn't know Olmec from Legends of the Hidden Temple was in Gotham City.
You never know what internal struggles someone is going through. Be kind. Always

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100% Completed Games
:cupdown: Achievement Printer Part 1
:cupup: Adam Wolfe
:thoughts: AdVenture Capitalist
:cupdown: Airon Ball
:cupdown: Alchemyland
:thoughts: Alien Hostage
:cupup: Another World
:cupup: A Bird Story
:cupup: Bejeweled 3
:cupup: Beyond Gravity
:cupup: Binding of Isaac
:cupup: Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
:cupup: Blaite
:cupdown:Catacomb Explorers
:cupdown: Club of Fighters
:cupup: Contraption Maker
:thoughts: CPU Invaders
:cupup: Crazy Taxi
:cupdown: Creature Clicker - Capture,Train, Ascend
:cupup: Deadly Premonition
:cupup: Deep Space Waifu
:thoughts: Disco Time 80s VR
:thoughts:Discouraged Workers Demo
:cupup:Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition
:cupup: Duke Nukem 3D 20th Anniversary World Tour
:cupup: El Ninja
:cupdown: Escape This
:cupdown: Fluffy Creatures vs the world
:thoughts: Freebie
:thoughts: Free to Play
:cupdown: Fruit Arranger
:cupup: Gelu
:cupup: Golf With Your Friends
:cupdown: Goocublets
:cupdown:GooCublets 2
:cupdown: GooCublets OCD
:cupdown:GooCublets The algorithm
:cupdown:GooCublets The Void
:cupup: Hell Yeah!
:cupup: Her Story
:cupup: Highway Blossoms
:cupup: Indie Game:The Movie
:cupup: Jazzpunk Directors cut
:cupup: Karakara
:cupdown: Laseronium: The Line
:cupup: Life is Strange
:cupdown: Loading Screen Simulator
:thoughts: Loot Hero DX
:thoughts: Luke Sidewalker
:cupdown: Make it Indie
:cupup: Mind Spheres
:cupdown: Moon Colonization Project
:thoughts: My Name is Mayo
:cupup: Oik
:cupup: Oik 2
:cupup: On A Roll 3D
:cupup: Pac-Man:Championship edition DX+
:cupdown: Paintpool
:cupup: Party Hard
:cupdown: Planets of War
:cupup: Poker Night 2
:cupup: Puzzle Agent 2
:cupup: Qora
:cupdown: Raccoon Hero: Under the Sea
:cupdown:Rage Parking Simulator 2016
:thoughts: Redactem
:thoughts: Relax Walk VR
:cupup: Resident Evil 4
:cupup: Score a Goal Physical Football
:cupup: Scream Collector
:cupup: Scribblenauts: Unlimited
:cupup: Shadow Warrior Classic Redux
:cupdown: Shake your money Simulator 2016
:cupdown:Sleengster 2
:cupup: Space Beret
:cupup: Space Pilgrim Episode 1: Alpha Centauri
:cupdown: Starushko Lub
:cupup: Streets of Rogue
:thoughts: Tap Heroes
:cupup: The Plan
:cupup: The Silent Age
:cupdown: The Thirst of Hearts
:cupup: The Walking Dead
:cupup: The Walking Dead Season 2
:cupup: The Wolf Among Us
:cupup: Theres Poop in my Soup
:cupdown:They Came From the Moon
:cupup: To the Moon
:cupdown: Tomb Joe
:cupdown:Torch Cave
:cupdown:Torch Cave 2
:cupdown:Torch Cave 3
:thoughts: Trick and Treat - Visual Novel
:cupdown: Turn Around
:cupup: Vox Populi Vox Dei 2
:thoughts: Voxelized
:cupdown: ZRoll
:cupup: Zup!
:cupup: Zup! 2
:cupup: Zup! 3
:cupup: Zup! 4
:cupup: Zup! 5
:cupup: Zup! 6
:cupup: Zup! 7
:cupup: Zup! 8
:cupup: Zup! X
:cupup: Zup! Zero

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Snake武士道 Feb 3 @ 3:01pm 
+Rep,very good person,thx you very much for gift.:prolBingbong::trophy::king::crown1:
Breezado Jul 24, 2017 @ 7:13am 
i love you guy <3 :p2wheatley:
V2YPR Mar 8, 2017 @ 4:34am 
Nice to meet you
Breezado Feb 14, 2015 @ 1:54pm 
this man and a great person :happyTom:
Brick Jan 4, 2015 @ 11:18am 
Super awesome person. Period. I was waiting to get my hands on this game called 'Nuclear Throne', for a very long time. I got a copy of 'PAC-MAN™ Championship Edition DX+' recently, and was waiting for someone, with an extra copy of Nuclear Throne, who would be willing to trade it for my copy of PAC-MAN...

...and then, Lou comes out and says, "Hey! I already have PAC-MAN. Here's a free copy of Nuclear Throne."

I mean, WOW! Thanks again, Lou! You're awesome. :)
sullii Dec 28, 2014 @ 9:47am 
thank you so much for the game again. uwu you're still the sweetest steam bud i've got. <3 is there anything you want? i feel like i need to get you something. ; u;