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Favorite Quote's
An idiot doesn't become a sage just because someone else is more insane.

Every person dies 3 times. 1. when you die, 2. when your photo evidence is gone, and 3rd when everyone forgets about you. - vsauce

Hear me out a soulsborne game called Retail where the bosses are all based on the types of awful people you encounter while working retail - CaptainPodock

Elden Ring is the equivalent of shoving your finger into a light socket just to see what happens and getting addicted to the feeling because it gets more enjoyable the longer you do it. - CD_Media

Game Collection Cases Info
Case #1 - Games that I keep forgetting that I bought and should try.

Case #2 - Mix bag of games that I keep ignoring for various reasons or games that I intend to do a run of at some point.

Case #3 - Collection of Atelier games that I've been playing since my PS3 days that I NEED to do a run through.

( う-´)づ︻╦̵̵̿╤── \(˚☐˚”)/
Stream Chat Highlights
Vol. 1
Halodudette: Women often just stand and stare at walls in this game lol

Joemalik22: @halodudette I go outside and see the same thing

Vol. 2
akupepe: My adhd brain is like "trauma bonding, trauma bonding, drama bonding ..wait what"

Vol. 3
Metal__Beard: If you're going to pull out your worm on stream, you need to switch to Just Chatting

Vol. 4
CocomoCrazy: take off your skin

Tld4991: You will adjust, the metamorphosis takes time

Largonaut: Losing 200 lb after 40 means you kinda live in a blanket of old 'you'.

twotonteuton: Relax, kick up your feet, take off that false skin buddy.

sustainablemarco: when u realize u have a whole ass skeleton inside u

Kappeeesh: he's a gopher dont trust him chat


Carjax777: thats something a CARPENTER ANT WOULD SAY

thanks_reagan: @AceKitties Security is comprmised Gophers are in the chat

Shadechill: I offer my skin to overlord

GoldenGirls97: @twotonteuton it will come with a free hag skin

Vol. 5

uchunoyamada: Surgeon students be like "can I do a quadruple bypass on you for funsies"

VanityOfViolet: @uchunoyamada brain surgeon students be like can I give you a lobotomy for fun
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Wulfess™ Jun 10 @ 2:35am 
Thank you for the add again! ☮ I'm sorry what happened to you back then, I hope we can build a cozy and comfy friendship yet again. :DOGEPAW:
Also, it's the start of the week! Use this week respectively. :dustpan:
Jill of Trades Oct 16, 2023 @ 9:18am 
Hi Panda. I cannot delete your astats profile on my end, but I can disable it. I disabled your profile just now.
Teh Bun Aug 25, 2023 @ 2:38am 
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KarisxmatikO Jan 1, 2023 @ 4:08am 
:tga_trophy: Happy New Year, may this new year Steam bring you many naughty and lewd games :tga_trophy:
KarisxmatikO Aug 24, 2022 @ 6:38am 
Cool friend :laughingnerith: